Monday, October 10, 2016

Infinity Dreams Tag

Though you may know Alexa from Summer Snowflakes, she also posts for a book review blog called Verbosity Reviews, and on it she tagged me for the Infinity Dreams Award! And though you may know Victoria from Endless Oceans of My Mind… I don’t think she has  another blog. She ALSO tagged me for the Infinity Dreams Award! Thanks, ladies!
  • thank the blogger who nominated you
  • list 11 facts about yourself
  • answer your nominator’s questions
  • nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them

I have brown hair. | I have hazel eyes. | But my eyes used to be blue. | I wear black glasses. | My ears are pierced. | My earrings are usually the turquoise. | I have other earrings, too. | I have some red and purple and skull ones in my room. | I have a rounder head than my sisters. | I have the nose from my dad’s side of the family. | You’re welcome, police sketch artists. 

Alexa’s Questions

1. If you could pick one character to portray you in the movie of your life, who would that person be? | Franz Argentblum. We are different in appearance but alike in spirit.

2. Pick one character from any movie, show, or book, and pick a candy to describe them. What candy would they be? | Ron Weasley would be Reese’s Peanut Butter cups because I’m allergic.

3. What’s your favorite album? | All Things Bright and Beautiful by Owl City

4. What’s your favorite soundtrack? | That for Firefly.

5. Do you use character reference pictures? | No, that’s always felt immoral to me.

6. Do you prefer a lot of descriptions in stories or just a taste of setting so your imagine can build up the rest? | Tastes of a setting spark my imagination better than the hellish info-dump.

7. If you had to choose and could only have one or the other, would you choose a brilliant plot and awful characters or brilliant charries and an awful plot? | Brilliant characters, awful plot. I’m a charaholic.

8. Do you feel like your personality type changes when you write? | Nope… I’m pretty standardly me when I’m writing.

9. Do you adore discovering MBTI types? | Rarely. They are less fun for real people and more fun for fictional characters because then they don't hurt anybody.

10. Since I’m on a roll, what’s your MBTI type? | ISTJ.

11. What’s your favorite gif/meme/pinterest post? | Simba.


Victoria’s Questions

1. Who is your favorite superhero and why? | Captain America or Thor—they just have the best values in the MCU, I think.

2. If you had a whole day to yourself to do whatever you wanted, what would you do? | College, homework, many television shows. Pretty much what I do every day.

3. What was your favorite book of 2015? | Good news—I actually narrowed it down to my top 15!

4. If you could live anywhere outside of your country, where would you live? | Key word being could. I could live anywhere. But I don’t want to.

5. Is there a specific piece of clothing you wear all the time/often? | Yes. All of my clothes. All the time.

6. Which genre do you write in the most? | Speculative—different kinds of fantasy, mostly.

7. What’s your favorite way to spend your evenings? | Watching Castle or Supernatural or Elementary or Leverage or Firefly or any of my favorite TV shows.

8. Which accomplishment are you most proud of? | I hate getting this question because the concept of accomplishments is dumb.

9. If you could travel back in time, when and where would you go? | Probably to the year I was born or something. Maybe the year my parents were born. Stalking my family members/baby me sounds like the most amusing way to do it.

10. Briefly describe a usual day for you. | wake up-Internet-homework-homework-homework-Internet-dinner-write-TV-read-sleep again.

11. Who is your favorite fictional character? | If Franz is not available because I already said him, Carlisle Cullen or MCU’s Loki.

I’m not tagging anybody this round, but you’re welcome to steal any of the above questions if you so choose!


  1. Heather, you are such a question answering rebel. Like 'I wear all of my clothes. All the time'. Fun fact: when I was ages about 8-10, I had some clothes I liked more than others. But I thought if I wore some too often then the neglected ones would feel bad so I tried to give them all equal time (being worn by me was apparently the best thing a piece of clothing could hope for). My answer to that question now would be this greenish hoodie with black flowers on it which I love a lot, even though it is slowly acquiring more holes.
    So you don't like Ron Weasley? or you don't like peanut butter? I'm somewhat confused. I do not have any piercings (I got scared at the wrong time when I was about 9, and since then I have enjoyed the uniqueness of this feature) I do not have glasses (technically I do but I don't seem to need them any more) and now I know you do.

    1. That's how you do it, yo. XD Your clothing must have worshiped the ground you walked on, other wise they wouldn't have enjoyed being on the floor so much, eh? But it's not that I don't have favorite clothes, but also I don't want to make a big deal out of them.

      I don't really like Ron, haha. But hey, no glasses and no piercings works too. :)

  2. How far along are you into Supernatural? I LOVE that show...
    At the moment, my favorite superhero is probably Daredevil. He's got good values, plus a big helping of good ol' Catholic guilt. And college, homework, TV shows...that's pretty much my life right now, too.

    1. I'm just beginning Season 6! And I've heard good things about that show, but never seen it myself. But yeah... overwhelmingness, hahahahaha.

  3. Do you mean you don't like Ron Weasley? Well, when I used to read Harry Potter I didn't mind him but now that I look back on him, he was a douche, man. And I hated Ronmoine. Still do :/

    ISTJ... I think I've heard of that personality type but I don't remember the personality traits *googles*

    The plot and character question is hard... did Alexa mean permanently or for just one book?

    1. Happened to see your question as I was commenting... um, I honestly didn't think about it? But permanently makes the stakes higher, so we'll go with that. :)


    2. Not really. I dunno. They were cute in TCC but I just feel like I don't know what to do with his character anymore.

      Stick in the mud, pretty much.

      Well, Alexa answered for you. :)

  4. lol, that last fact though.

    Yeah, I'm more into characters too. They're just the most fascinating and beautiful part of the story to me.

    Haha, that is a good gif!

    SUPERNATURAL THOUGH!!! (I'm on season 5) And Cap, Thor, and Loki are definitely amazing in their own ways and some of my favorite MCU characters. <3 Gotta love Marvel. :D

    Thanks for doing the tag!


    1. RIGHT? Yay characters!

      I like that GIF too.

      I am on Season 6 and they are so sweet, right? And yes, they are also nice. Marvel is okay, although sometimes it is difficult with their certain policies.

      Thanks for tagging me!

  5. Ha, do you ever properly answer the questions, Heather? "All my clothes. All the time." Well, thanks for narrowing that one down ;)

    And while I agree that Cap and Thor have the best values in the MCU, I also kind of find Thor boring? He just doesn't have enough internal conflict (or internal conflict I can relate to) to make me like him. (Probably why I like Black Widow so much.)


    1. NOPE.

      He has family values though! And relationships! And loyalty to his country versus loyalty to his girlfriend! CARE ETHICS VICTORIA! Black Widow is less interesting to me precisely because she has none of that. XD

      *hives back*

  6. I love that Owl City album! I also love his short one with "Beautiful Times" and "This isn't the End." Owl City is the best. ^ ^

    1. The Beautiful Times EP was pretty good, I agree. :)

  7. this seems like such an interesting tag, I might do it on my own blog! x

    1. Thanks. I hope you enjoy doing it!


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