Monday, September 5, 2016

I Messed Up Book Tag

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Shall we do a tag?

I was not tagged and am not tagging, but I stole the I Messed Up tag from Kourtni at Kourtni Reads. FYI.

a character’s appearance you misread or imagined differently | you know Daisy’s friend Jordan in The Great Gatsby? She plays tennis. Since the only tennis player I know is Serena Williams, I pictured Jordan as a black woman. Which is awkward since Daisy’s husband is a white supremacist.

a character name you’ve been pronouncing incorrectly | Franz Argentblum is among my favorite characters in the H.I.V.E. series, but I’ve said the G in his name like “gentleman” although it turns out it’s supposed to be “guh” like goat.

an overused trope that is your guilty pleasure | bad boys. Bad boys like Ignifex and the Darkling and Victor Vale and Artemis Fowl and all of the others because they are so lovely and so bad.

a cliché character type you enjoy viewing on screen, but not reading | I don’t think I ever enjoy clichés that I hate, but there are elements of rom-coms that I cannot stand in books but I could suffer through in a movie, maybe.

a word/phrase you learned because of its use in a book | Expecto patronum! Or, you know, whatever.

have you ever not read/completed a required book for school? | absolutely not. You disgust me, tag question—how dare you impugn my honor!

have you ever [wanted to] skip a chapter from the POV of a character you weren’t interested in? | actually, yes. I didn’t realize how Marissa Meyer would add POVs with each new book in The Lunar Chronicles so I wanted to skip over this lame Scarlet person and get back to Cinder because that’s who I was reading for. But I didn’t because I know who I am and I am not a POV-skipper.

have you ever cancelled social plans to read a book? | no, but I don’t make social plans lightly.

All in all, I don’t think I’ve messed up quite so badly. Maybe. Maybe?

Tell me two ways that you have messed up with books in the comments!


  1. OHhh this is an epic tag (can I steal it from you? hehe) And I could like write a 9ft long list of names I've mispronounced. Generally I don't even know I'm saying it wrong until I randomly watch an author interview and I'm like "Wait...who are you talking about?" or listen to an audiobook. Like the ENTIRE CAST OF SIX OF CROWS I was apparently pronouncing wrong. Except for Kaz. Go me and my marvellous skills. xD
    *whispers* I totally have skipped required reading. bahahh. I'm a horrible bookworm.

    1. Absolutely steal it from me! :D For me it is usually not author interviews but my own parents and/or best friend who are like, "Hello, you have been saying this thing wrong your entire life." Fortunately Kaz is the main character so his name is easy, I guess. XD

      Well, perhaps you just have different values. :) And that is okay!

  2. Rom coms in general work better as movies, at least for me. I also went through a pretty long period where I pronounced Hermione from Harry Potter's name as "Her-MIN-oin" (?!). My personal guilty pleasure trope is probably the jerk with a heart of gold. I can't get enough of it, even though most of the jerks I've met in real life (sadly) don't have a heart of gold.

    1. Yeah, it sounds like a lot of people had Hermione's name confused at first. By the time I started reading the series I'd heard her name enough to know how to read it, but it's interesting.

      Jerks with a heart of gold are so beautiful except for they don't exist. But we can wish they did!

  3. I can't believe you like bad boys *cries*

    I'm surprised you imagined Jordan Baker as a black woman. Interesting...

    I randomly mention when asked who my favourite book character is and I usually write Nick Hidaka even though I keep changing the image of him in my mind.

    1. Sorry not sorry. ;)

      Yeah. It was weird. I didn't even think about how the racial element would play in until much later.

      Hey, a good character is good regardless of what his face looks like.

  4. I pronounced it with a soft g, too. Just makes sense to me, lol

    And ah, yes. I don't like all of them for sure, but some bad boys can definitely be a beautiful kind of bad.



      Yeah... *sighs happily* Beautiful.

  5. i don't really know about messing up things in term of books in in the ways that you've mentioned, but once I borrowed a book from a friend and when i returned it, it as torn halfway through and with the cover tor up as well. i said sorry to her of course, but she doesn't really let me live that down!x

    1. *winces* Yeah, that sounds like a really big way to mess up! Still, it sounds like even if she won't let you live it down, she's forgiven you a little. :)


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