Monday, August 29, 2016

My Favorite Fictional Writers

Writer's Block... Why bother...
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I have a secret grudge against fictional writers.

Well, maybe not so secret. I feel certain I’ve whined about at least on here somewhere. Sometimes it is simply the drama that follows these writers, other times I hate them. They are too silly for me to admire them.

I’ve always wondered why. If we are writers, shouldn’t we have a good concept of our work? Apparently not. I think many writers tend to glamorize the profession or allow the fictional character to experience the career he or she always wanted. Fiction is their place to explore publishing pipe dreams. It doesn’t usually make good reading. However, there are a few times when writers manage to pinpoint what the writer’s experience looks like (from my experience, anyway). They might just be better pipe dreams.

Ponyboy from The Outsiders—Ponyboy doesn’t lie about why he writes his book. He wants to pass a class at school. The Outsiders is his homework. My own interest in writing started in homework assignments, so his story feels familiar. In addition, while Ponyboy acknowledges that he is the writer, his story isn’t about writing. It’s about what is true and what is gold. That is even better than writing.

The Leverage Crew from The Bestseller Job—I love the scenario in this book precisely because it’s so absurd. To complete a con, the team writes a 100,000 word book in one day so that they can rope their opponent into the deal. I’ve never been under that kind of pressure, but the scene still hit on a few key ideas. First drafts aren’t meant to be pretty, they’re just meant to be there and semi-coherent and that’s what they get. Also, the soul-sucking and the junk food and the glazed eyes were too real.

Rick Castle from Castle—okay, if we’re calling out fictional writers for being gray imaginings representing nothing similar to real life, then let’s call out Castle. No one is a writer the way Castle is a writer. Of this I am 95% sure. But that’s not the point. The point is that he’s a person. He has a family and relationships and an interest in murder mysteries and justice. Like before, his story isn’t about being a writer. It’s about being something bigger. And being bigger than a writer... it means a lot.

There are other decent fictional writers, but these are the ones I’ve devoted most of my time to. I certainly haven’t found anyone better. They make me smile. They have something important to say. I think I can learn something from them. Also, sometimes it is good to have small lists.

Who is one of your favorite fictional writers?


  1. The Outsiders is a brilliant read, isn't it? It is just an excellent example of superb writing and an amazing book.

    (P.S - I've tagged you for something on my blog!)

    1. Yes, yes it is! I love that book. Love it, love it, love it.

      Thanks, I'll have to check it out!

  2. Oh I totally agree about fictional writers being annoying sometimes because of how unrealistically easily their publishing life comes. >_> Like I read this story about a 16yo writer, and she literally wrote a book and got it published a few months later. LIKE WUT. That never happens!! (I mean, people get published at 16, but there's a thing called revising...hmm.) Anyway. I'm trying to think of other fictional writers I've read...ohhh, Cath from Fangirl! I think she was very realistic as a writer! And she got critiqued and wasn't perfect and didn't end up published with a bazillion dollars, so that was great. ;D
    And I totally forgot Ponyboy was really a writer. hehe.
    And I did like Clark from The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson, but he was like 19 and a mega-famous fantasy writer so. Again. Not very realistic. Although he did have writers' block which I'll give him points for.😂

    1. Yeah, I don't think that is anything for real. *shakes head because FOR SHAME FOR SHAME* (It definitely takes a couple months, plus I think it might take a little while longer than just revising because publication involves submitting it to agents and then publishers and as far as I am aware that can take quite a bit longer than a few months.)

      Ooh. I haven't read Fangirl (I am reading Carry On right now though, hahaha) and that makes me glad that she is a realistic writer! One of the things that made me sad was that this list is made of guys and so a girl writer I like would be sweet. :)

      He really is. XD

      Ooh, I haven't heard of that one. Sounds a little interesting, if not realistic.

  3. I want to read more fictional writers! My favourite is definitely Sophia from A Breif History of Montmaray, who is a impoverished, clich-breaking princess who writes a journal. I also love Dashti from book of a thousand days, who also writes a journal, though I'm struggling to think of novelists...Oh, I loved Clarke in The Unexpected Everything! I haven't read the other too, but Ponyboy is fabulous (in a really really sad way)

    1. Huh, that sounds really interesting! I like the sound of a princess who breaks cliches. Even if they don't write novels, journaling is an important part of the writing process, and I can appreciate that too.

      Ponyboy just makes me sad, but happy, but sad. Nothing gold can stay, amiright?

  4. I misread this. I thought you wrote FICTION writers. Welp, as for me... I don't know. As for now, my mind is clear from any.

    1. A simple mistake! And if you find you can't think of any, these three are a pretty good place to start. :)


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