Friday, April 1, 2016

WBI: Kevin, Stuart, and Bob (Minions)

I realized too late that today is April Fool’s Day and I didn’t have time to come up with some awesome prank. But so what? It doesn’t matter because we are talking about Minions instead! (I am eight on the inside. That’s why.)

Give it up for Stuart, Kevin, and Bob!


WBI Profile

Classification :: Θγ34567#&
Role :: Henchmen (serve evil leaders); Body (represent minion population)
Motivation :: insanity/psychology (evolved to serve evil), insubordination (perpetual minions), lifestyle (seek out said service), desperation (life is meaningless without a boss), personal/material gain (a new boss)
Bonus :: minions (I guess?), family ties (each other)


Their Significance To…

other minions—Kevin, Stuart, and Bob set out to find a new boss for their tribe after years of unemployment. Without work, their lives are meaningless. They set out to create meaning.

each other—though Stuart and Bob aren’t the companions Kevin envisioned having, they are all the family they have on this expedition, and thus are the only source of ingenuity, strength, and friendship to rely upon amidst the struggle.

Scarlet and Herb Overkill—the minions initially hope to be meaningful to this (adorable) supervillain couple; unfortunately, they keep getting in their way. In that way, they are both the Overkills’ greatest allies and enemies.

the English—they take over England for a few days, and mess all the things up for a while. Royalty, panic, drama. I’m sure it was a confusing set of days.

Gru—and, ultimately, they find the employment and meaning they were looking for in the first place with Gru, a young supervillain they will follow into a lucrative movie franchise.


Notable Actions

seek a boss—the minions serve the most evil person they can find, which means Kevin, Stuart, and Bob’s quest fulfills their evolutionary destiny, as it were.

take over England—as mentioned, they invade England for a couple days, which is not so much important because Queen Elizabeth II is booted from the throne, but because they prevent Scarlet from achieving her own dreams of taking over England. It angers her.

hinder Scarlet—and, on that note, getting in Scarlet’s way is the typical result of the minions’ good intentions. They do whatever they can to serve her, but they are also prone to accidents that prevent her from achieving all that she wants to. That angers her, too.


Big Idea

teamwork—there are no solitary minions. The minions are very much a body, and the fact that Stuart, Bob, and Kevin operate as a little body while they are out and about rather exemplifies the importance of their combined efforts. Minions are links in a chain, a single unit. It’s what makes them so potent, win or lose.

basically toddlers—they are so cute. Seriously, this movie had me laughing a lot, and while part of that came from the more complex dialogue, some of it was just the way that the minions responded to the world around them and their priorities. Their dialogue is simple, their desires are few. They’re like little yellow happy overalls boys. And their cuteness is part of their charm.

no evil motivation—the real kicker here, though, is the fact that the minions aren’t motivated by evil. The minions like playing on torture devices like playground equipment, cuddling with teddy bears, and watching TV. What’s interesting about the minions is that despite their innate drive to serve evil, they themselves aren’t evil. They’re actually really nice and cute, and it is ultimately their commitment to service that defines them as characters more than any truly evil character traits we might expect from your average henchmen. I think that’s also why they can be admired by children and accepted by parents. Our entertainment comes from who they are and not what they do.


“And that is how the Minions found their new boss! He was cunning! He was evil! He was perfect! He was... despicable!” –Minions, Narrator

Have you seen Minions? What do you think of the idea of “cute villains”?


  1. I HAVE seen minions (I was, admittedly, babysitting) and I found it funny but really rather ridiculous. I especially like your description of minions as a body- it's very accurate and something I haven't really thought about. I was also intrigued by your observation about their non-evil intent, while they serve evil. It seems to me that this is evil of a sort, just disguised by their actions, because they choose to do things for evil that are technically 'wrong' I don't think I agree with you. I loved WBI as usual :)

    1. For me the ridiculousness made it the best part. LIKE THE HAIR REFERENCE? Oh I still can't get over that. It does seem like it is kind of evil, I guess, but then I think it is also very hard to be so judgemental because they are also genuinely good people. So. Thanks for reading, Shar!

  2. Awesome post! I haven't seen Minions, but I have watched the first Despicable Me, so I know how adorable they are. <3 Minions are cool.


    1. They are indeed adorable. And I am highly susceptible to sophomoric humor, haha.


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