Monday, April 18, 2016

Five of My Favorite Writers

Lists like these are dumb because I will inevitably leave out somebody important, but life isn’t fair and we’d all better get used to it so we’re going to go through with this post anyway. And this post, if the title didn’t clue you in, is going to be about my five favorite writers. Or at least five of them. Please stop expecting great things from me, the ultimate is unbearable.

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Anyway. List:

1. Mark Walden

This goes without saying. There is no way I can say that his is the best writing I’ve ever read, but it is among the most important. The H.I.V.E. series set the stage for how I would come to explore and define morality during my teenage years. It’s a big deal to me. Also, his words haunt my thoughts every day and I can’t help but latch on to writers who do that to me. I’d love to be a writer who could do that to someone else.

2. Neal Shusterman

This is the best writing I’ve ever read. I feel semi-regretful in saying that because I am about to finish my first full year of college and it’s introduced me to a bunch of amazing, incredible writers, but I can’t be a Shusterman snob today. More than any other writer I’ve read, Shusterman captures the teenager’s human experience. He makes me laugh. He makes me cry. He is the only writer who has genuinely made me feel what it might be like to want to kill someone. I’m going to leave my teenage years behind soon, but I want to remember that these books resonated with me and that they knew me. It just seems important. For now and for later.

3. George O’Connor

I feel like I’ve been talking about O’Connor all the time lately, but whatever. Whenever a new Olympians novel comes out, I get it, because I know it will be awesome. What I admire most in his writing is that he managed to convince me to see things from a side I’d never considered before—in fact, he does that in almost every one of his books I’ve read. To bring out the side we don’t see is such an important task, and it’s something I’d like to do myself. It can blow your mind, and it can make everything different. It is awesome.

4. Stephenie Meyer

FINE OKAY YES I LIKE TWILIGHT WE’VE GONE OVER THIS AT LEAST FIFTEEN TIMES. But still, she has to make this list. Sometimes I’m afraid that I’m going to return to Twilight and find that the magic has gone away or that the part of me that loved it is going to have died with my maturation. It hasn’t happened so far, and so far I still find the magic in the same things: death, life, morality, significance, service, love, family, and sacrifice. She addresses the fear of death and of change in such a way that makes sense to me, and I love that.

5. Ludwig Bemelmans

I am putting this down on the list on a whim—it would break my heart too much to choose between the next two runner-ups, so. I’m guessing this isn’t a name you recognized on sight, but if you know the book Madeline (In an old house in Paris all covered with vines…) then you have read his work. The only reason I can think to put him down is that we have the copy in my living room, with all the other children’s books. Whenever I have nothing to do in there, I pull it out and reread Madeline. Again and again. I know the story. Sooner or later I’m going to have that book memorized. And it’s not many pages at all! And yet I keep returning to the story. WHY? I don’t know. But a writer who keeps drawing me in like that is impressive. And worth exploring later.

These are definitely five of my favorite writers. Not the top five, maybe. I don’t know. I hate picking favorites. I thought I could do it and I couldn’t. Oh well. They’re good thoughts on the five I wrote down, anyway.

And in the end, the things I admire in them are also the things I want to emulate, too. I’d like to be the kind of writer who matters to somebody and resonates with them. So excuse me while I reread everything they’ve ever written to figure out where they get their magnets.

Who are some writers you want to be like?


  1. Neal Shusterman is AMAZING. Most assuredly. *nods* I've only read Unwind and Brusier...oh wait, and Challenger Deep. And they were all INCREDIBLE and I just want to read all his books of ever. I mean, I have no reason that I haven't yet...eeep. I need to get onto this. ;D

    Some writers I want to be like...I definitely look up to Maggie Stiefvater, Cassandra Clare, and Holly Black. They are like the paranormal QUEENS. #goals I also can't get enough of Sally Green and her incredibly emotional writing style. ๐Ÿ˜

    1. He is so amazing. I haven't read Brusier, though. Considering his record of fantasticness I really need to check that one out!

      Oh yes, paranormal queens! That is a high praise, I think. I NEED TO READ Sally Green though and it's worse because I actually own the first book of her trilogy and I just haven't read it yet because I am a bad person.

  2. OMG I LOVE Madeline. I can't remember where I read them but she is so awesome and the rhyming is beautiful and to the tiger in the zoo madeline just says 'pooh-pooh' Have you read the one with the guillotine and the spainish boy next door? I DIED (not literally obviously) I didn't mind the first H.I.V.E book, but I can't say I was crazy about it, and the same goes for the only shusterman book I've read, Unwind. It was definitely creepy though *nods* I'm just not going to talk about Stephenie Meyer right now. *goes to class instead*

    1. I know, the Madeline books were great. And yes, the one with the Spanish boy was funny, but a little weird, in my opinion. I think the first H.I.V.E. book is the worst, just because it's like... the introduction book, so the real awesome stuff happens in the later books. But then, I love the first one, too. Although I do think the first Unwind book was of superior quality. That was just me, though.

  3. God, you're going to hate me.....I don't like Twilight *dodges the angry fangirls*
    HOWEVER, I think this is more to do with me watching the movie before I read the books (I know, I know...a rookie mistake).
    Let's see.....writers, writers....Obviously Cassandra Clare because TMI is one of my favourite series of all time. And of course Rowling, because my heart will always belong to Harry Potter. Also, Sally Gardener is amazing because of The Red Necklace (amazing, highly recommend you read that one) and Patrick Ness. I loved the Chaos Walking trilogy, and A Monster Calls. Amazing books, amazing writers, all together? Pretty amazing.

    1. Well of the two of us, I'd have to think that you're the normal one. Most hardcore bookworms are rather disagreeable when it comes to Twilight! (Although I love the movies, too. Again, I'm the weird one.)

      I've only read Rowling of those. Still, I'm glad you have many great authors to look up to!

  4. I've only read Neal Shusterman and Ludwig Bemelmans (Madeline was a favourite when I was a kid!!) out of these authors :) I did start reading a little bit of H.I.V.E, but I can't get my hands of the first book, which is frustrating :/

    1. Madeline is just awesome. :) And yeah, you should really get your hands on the first book; it sucks that you can't find it! D:

  5. Love reading other writers' writers! I've been thinking about it recently, the writers who've shaped me.

    The only ones on here I've read are Meyer and Walden, and I have to say I hold the popular opinion about Twilight, and never finished HIVE ... sorry! I really liked those books, but the library didn't have them all, and ... finishing series is hard? Ugh. It's a very inadequate excuse. I really hate admitting to people I've not finished their favourite series, because I know how I feel when people brush off my faves, and I always want to stand over them with a cleaver forcing them to read the books, so ... yeah. Maybe I should return to HIVE.

    I am desperate to get into Shusterman, because everyone LOVES HIM SO MUCH.

    Mine: Rowling; Stiefvater; George RR Martin; Shakespeare (obvious one but yeah); Ted Hughes; Lewis; Tolkien; Donna Tartt; Markus Zusak.

    1. Yeah, I am kind of the weirdo about Twilight in these parts. :P And it's too bad about the library—since it's my favorite series I always pay extra for them to show up, but whatever. Still, it's nice you gave them a try!

      Also, yes. Shusterman is necessary.

      Lovely! I think of those Shakespeare is the only one I'd consider a writing mentor, but I've read several of those writers and they are pretty good.

  6. I don't know any of those authors. I've watched Madeline on tv but I haven't read the book. "We love our bread, we love our butter... but most of all, we love each other..."

    Here are the writers I like:

    Holly Smale- author of the Geek Girl series

    Markus Zusak

    Harper Lee

    and others...

    1. It's a really short read (like literally this book has to be less than 30 pages) so if you're into reliving your childhood, I'd recommend it.

      Of those, I have really enjoyed Harper Lee. :) Nice picks!


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