Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Tag of Randomocity

Guess what? Alex at Third Star to the Right tagged me for the Tag of Randomocity! Thanks, Alex!

And now, for some randomocity.

The Rules:

  • Paste the button onto your blog post.
  • Leave a new list of questions (or just pass on the question list you answered) and tag a few people of your random choice (and say why you tagged them, if you have time!) (Be original and nonsensical and disastrously random!)
  • Write down three facts about you – one of them is WRONG. Let your commenters guess in the comments which one is wrong (and tell them in the comments after a while)
  • Answer the questions of the person who tagged you – make it all super random and interesting.

Three Facts About Me: 

I once used the codename Karl with my friends. | I was a Girl Scout for seven years. | My first concert was to Sidewalk Prophets.

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What is one food that you can (do?) eat mountains of because you love it so? 

Strawberries. Strawberries, or ice cream, or cake, or bread. Any of these things.

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If you were a Traveler Without Roots, would your home be a train car, an RV, a hot air balloon, a boat, or just a pack on your back? Or maybe another option completely? 

I would not be a Traveler Without Roots. I would ask if I could live with someone else and then stay inside and never go anywhere all day.

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Name a celebrity you wish you could spend one day with. 

NONE OF THEM. I don’t know any of them. Do you think we would just automatically like each other because I liked them pretending to be someone else? There’s no guarantee that I’d have any kind of fun, and it would probably be better if we just exchanged Christmas cards for the rest of forever instead. Except I hate Christmas cards.

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What fictional character’s house would you like to have as your own?

I could live with Will’s cottage in Ranger’s Apprentice. Wouldn’t have to pay rent. Do stuff on my own time. Be awesome and cloak-y.

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If you could take a class in ANYTHING what would it be? 

Maybe a comic book class. Or a superhero class. Analysis of the best films of the twentieth century. James Bond training.

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Name a childhood obsession. TV show, stuffed animal, book, food, pastime—anything. 

Barney was pretty big for me. The Magic Treehouse books were big. Cyberchase. I still know everything about Arthur—maybe that should count?

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What do you think would be an awesome theme for a party?

Loner party. You live in a house by yourself and make yourself a cake and eat it by yourself and watch a movie by yourself and then read a book by yourself and then go to sleep at a reasonable time and don’t get hungover in the morning. It would be the best party ever.

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Have you been in any clubs/groups in your lifetime?

Sadly, yes. Out of the kindness of my heart, I will not describe any of those sad days and bring further grief to your day.

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What’s something you have to buy all the time that you wish you could just have an endless supply of (Something that’s always the same thing—no books or movies!)?

The phrase “too much of a good thing” comes to mind. However, I do have an affinity for notebooks, and just love to buy them in all their different designs and fantabulousness.

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What park (national/amusement/theme/etc) would you choose to visit? 

I wouldn’t mind camping in Rocky Mountain National Park again.

Thanks, Alex!

I hereby tag Ashley, Precious, R.M., and Alexa, because they are lovely commenters and good bloggers, and I would like to see what they have to say!

I think it’s pretty obvious I would throw a terrible party. Why don’t you tell me some of your own party ideas that are much cooler than mine?


  1. oh oh oh but there are LOADS of great party ideas on Tumblr. There is the Hobbit themed party where you split into various groups and arrive unannounced at someone's house and there's the LOTR themed party where you insult half the guests and vanish into the air and there are Shakespeare themed parties for just about every single play.

    But then again, a loner party sounds quite nice too.

    1. Ahahahahahaahaha gotta love those themed parties :'D :'D

    2. That would be awesome! Except if it happened to me I would bolt all the doors or maybe just leave my house because I got mad and then sue them all later. Just kidding, I don't have that kind of money. Loner party suits my interests best, I think. XD

  2. So glad you did this! Probably some of the coolest party ideas I've seen online have been Peter Pan-themed--though I've also seen pictures on Pinterest of a Star Wars themed wedding where the bride and groom dressed up as Han and Lea. Also, Peter Rabbit-themed parties, because I'm a dork and still love Beatrix Potter :)
    And you can NEVER have too many notebooks :)

    1. Oh, those sound cool, especially the wedding! I think that would be super fun, and Leia even wears white! :D And of course you can't have too many notebooks—can you have too many thoughts?

  3. So I answer the same questions you did? Just clarifying...and thanks for the compliment! I also love RA.

    1. Yes! You just copy the questions and answer them for yourself. You're welcome!

  4. My favourite food is toast. Some people think this is ridiculous, but I get to eat my favourite food every morning. Strawberries and cake and muffins and tarts are good too though. I have too many notebooks. They all have a very specific purpose (like my list notebook) and they are really fun. My favourite one is the sunflower patterned one. My least favourite is the pink elephant. I'm in a Newspaper club (I'm the co editor) which is kind of the most fun thing ever. and I also go to this thing called tribe where we talk about things that come to our mind, and it's awesome. The Magic Treehouse books were awesome. And there were also these excellent Roman spy kid gang books that I liked, but I can't remember their names.

    1. TOAST IS GREAT THOUGH? The people you know are ridiculous. You have great taste in food, from what I've seen so far. Your notebooks totally sound fun, though, although I'm sorry your pink elephant one doesn't suit you. Newspaper club sounds so awesome! :D I'm glad you get to do those things. Also, I think I read the Roman Mysteries too, if that's what you're talking about?

  5. I love your loner party idea. It actually kind of sounds like me, since I make my own birthday cakes and ring in the New Year by myself or with my sister. Reading a book alone, eating all the ice cream in the house alone, watching horror films alone and no longer feeling alone...good times.

    As for your three facts, I'm going to go with the girl scout one being the false one. Yeah... *twiddles thumbs* *waits impatiently to hear the answer*

    And I totally get you on the celebrity thing. Oftentimes I avoid any info about actors in movies I love, because I don't want my knowledge of their actual personality to ruin my perception of the characters they portray. Yeah, I guess I'm a horrible person, but hey. It's a valid question--why would I want to be friends with someone who's so good at pretending to be someone they're not? Okay, that's harsh--I guess I mean that, I shoudln't want to be friends with someone based on a persona alone. I'm sure many of them have great personalities, but yeah....

    Anyway, I could eat mountains of ice cream, especially mint chocolate chip and Vienna mocha. And I could drink gallons of coffee--but you already knew that. :P I also have a notebook fetish as well.

    1. Being alone is the best, right? I'm glad I have someone who has such experience in this. Maybe we should have a loner party on the same day sometime.

      Nope! My first concert was actually for Big Daddy Weave. :)

      I think that actors are good people themselves and I like learning about them (I AM NOT A STALKER THANK YOU) but I don't think that admiring someone and being compatible with them are the same thing, I guess. Your day could totally suck. And that's all I'm saying.

      Oh, those sound delicious, as do your notebooks—the latter all the moreso. Thanks for reading, Liz!

  6. MAGIC TREEHOUSE YES. Loner parties sound fun also. I would go to one.

    1. YES. They were great, right? I'm hosting, but sorry, I can't invite you. :/

  7. I loved your answers, but then you ruined it with the camping. :D Camping is not for me haha, but I would go to that loner party. Or not go, as it happens. And I'm thinking the same thing about celebrities! Wow, this tag really was random, but random things are the best, so that's that.

    1. *scowls* Camping is mine. Loner parties are great, maybe you should host one and we'd all win. Thanks for stopping by, Vlora!


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