Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fangirl Closes at the Close

It is officially the last Saturday of freedom. And not that college won’t be freeing in its own ways, but still. Last Saturday of freedom.

In celebration of that last Saturday, and because I always love to hear from you lovely readers, I collected the perfect number of people to help me answer this question for our last Fangirl Saturday:

Think of a character who puts their friendships above their own desires. Why do they do this, and why does this make that character important to you?

People Who Would Die


Quest: TO FIND THE HOLY GRAIL. Or something.
Favorite Color: Purple
Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

via Tumblr
So. Percy. A man (okay, boy) who puts his friends above EVERYTHING—above himself, above the gods, above saving the world. What makes this so compelling in his character, however, is that this aspect is also his greatest flaw. He would let the world be destroyed if he could save the ones he loves. I think this is something we all could relate to, even if we would not necessarily make the same choices. Percy, in short, is someone who loves too much—both a defect and what makes him so important to me, as well as many other preteens and teens.

Alexa S. Winters

Quest: Read, Write, Share the love of Jesus, and Get everyone to understand that the Star Wars prequels are the best.
Favorite Color: Pink (but not blinding pink; she is a girly girl)
Fandom: BBC Merlin

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MERLIN. MERLIN. MERLIN. Okay, without giving too many spoilers, I’m going to try to explain why Merlin is amazing at this: Merlin is a wizard in a country where magic is banned—but he’s also the main servant and best friend of Prince Arthur, the son of the king who outlawed magic. As they series goes on, Merlin consistently saves Arthur's life with magic, but because magic is outlawed, Arthur can never know it. Still, Merlin sticks by Arthur's side and supports him through every single step of his rise and rule, even though he has to constantly hide his powers. Even though Arthur more or less thinks he's an idiot and doesn’t go an episode without telling him so. Even though Arthur’s own father would kill Merlin in a heartbeat if he ever discovered the truth. Because Merlin cares about Arthur and believes in him, he hides his strongest abilities and stays by Arthur's side, repeatedly saving his life throughout the whole lovely series, making Merlin pretty much the best friend ever.


Quest: Finding a talking tree.
Favorite Color: Teal
Fandom: Chemical Garden by Lauren DeStefano

via Examiner
Rhine isn't a perfect character. She can be selfish and thoughtless at times. But I love how her friendships with Jenna, Cecily, Rose and Gabriel were so central to her character development. I don't want to spoil the first book, but she does something with terrible repercussions just so that Gabriel might have a chance. She listens compassionately to Cecily, even when she's annoying. She is kind to Jenna, even when she's terrified of what's happening to her. She talks to Deirdre, even though her life would be easier if they didn't make friends. She considers Lindens point of view, even when it would be easier for her to leave all emotional attachment behind and flee.

She empathizes with others and that makes her so easy to empathize with, even when this consideration of others above herself might have terrible effects on her own life and choices.

Bonus awards to Jason from Heroes of Olympus, Abdi from While We Run, and Ruby from The Darkest Minds.

People Who Would Not Die


Quest: To seek the Holy Grail. (Nice try, Elizabeth.)
Favorite Color: Blue (Not really, but that’s how you live. Watch the movie.)
Fandom: Dexter

via Playbuzz
Admittedly, I’ve only seen the first season, so if you are a diehard Dexter connoisseur, don’t hurt me. Dexter is a serial killer with sorta-sociopathic tendencies, and doesn’t have emotions. However, despite his inability to feel, I find he has a very interesting capacity to love. Love is an action, not a feeling, and so it is not contradictory that he is able to do this to the people who are important to him: namely, his sister, Debra, his girlfriend, Rita, and Rita’s kids. Dexter’s most frequent weapon is the “mask” he wears to prevent people from realizing that there is something sinister inside of him, and his relationships with those people are part of that. He is supportive of his sister and girlfriend, plays with his girlfriend’s kids, shows up when he’s needed, and gives what he can—all for the sake of normalcy. Maybe it’s selfish, to want to stay normal so that he isn’t found out, but I think it’s that selfishness that forces him to pursue it so fiercely. He wants things to stay normal, and so he’s willing to buy donuts, and flush a goldfish down the toilet, and give hugs, and pick the kids up from school, and do favors, and demonstrate that he cares—and you can’t really fake that demonstration. It is adorable, and shows an important side of Dexter’s character.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks to Elizabeth, Alexa, and Shanti for helping me out this week, and thanks to you all for making this a super fun summer feature!

What is your favorite fictional friendship pair? Why?


  1. This was such a cool idea Heather! I wanted to fill out the form thing but I didn't know what to write xD

    1. Yeah, I think I ended up being more confusing than funny. Ah, well. Thanks for stopping by, Opal!



    I haven't read the Chemical Garden or watched Dexter, but from what you both said of their characters, they sound pretty interesting too. Dexter honestly sounds like he might creep me out a little, :p , but it's definitely cool to hear about a character concentrating on the action side of love rather than the feeling. Especially since the feeling is the part that most people concern themselves with nowadays.

    Rhine seems interesting. Flawed characters who still show love are always fascinating to watch.



      I haven't read Chemical Garden either, but definitely interesting! Dexter is a little creepy, but I still enjoyed that show anyway. But, when the main character is incapable of feeling, you have to rely on that action.

      Thanks for stopping by, Alexa!

  3. Great round-up! I'm going to miss your fangirl posts, so I'll be looking forward to summer (if, hopefully, you decide to do them again). I haven't seen Merlin yet, but I hear so much great stuff about it, I think I'll have to attack that next (along with Leverage). Also Dexter. I do want to look into Dexter more, although I've been a little nervous about it because I was afraid it was just another slasher show without any depth. But from what you've said, maybe I should give it a chance.

    Also, this post idea is great and I wanted so much to participate, but I was busy, and at the time, the only thing I could think about was my own work in progress and my main character. (For obvious reasons, if sharing that wouldn't work so well.) So, even though I wasn't able to be involved, thanks for giving your readers the chance. :)

    1. I think I will do them again. I've heard about Merlin, too, although mostly that it got cancelled, maybe? And YES DO LEVERAGE POR FAVOR. Dexter does have lots of violence (and sex, and language) but I do think it has some depth. If you can handle a typical R-rated movie, I think it's definitely worth a try.

      Aw, that's okay. I'm glad that it made you think about your characters, though. Thanks for reading, Liz!

  4. MERLIN! Merlin is so awesome.
    One of my favourite friendships ever is the Doctor and Rory's from Doctor Who. There are too many feels! And they are probably my two favourite characters of all time in any work fictional or otherwise.

    1. I still need to see it, but Alexa's testament is great, eh?

      I've also heard many great things about the Doctor and Rory. They sound like a fun pair!

    2. YES! Merlin is so amazing! :D <3

      Oh wow, yes, I love them too! They're wonderful and hilarious!

  5. yay post! Contributing is fun (I missed the boat, but I might have done Harry Potter or Aly from Tricksters choice.) At first I was a bit confused about this, then I figured out what the post was about, and this was really interesting. Study hall ended, so this is a short comment. Have fun at college this week :)

    1. That's okay. Maybe we'll do it again some other time. Anyway, I'd be interested on your Harry Potter and Aly thoughts! Thanks for stopping by and the well wishes!

  6. Merlin and Arthur are exactly who I thought of! Great show, and great friendship.

    1. They're very popular, aren't they! I think I'd better check them out. :)


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