Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Seven Things Tag

Mia Hayson tagged me a loooong time ago for the Seven Things Tag, and now I am delighted to complete the tag now! Here are the rules:

  • share 7 interesting facts about myself
  • link to a maximum of 15 blogs I enjoy reading
  • thank the person that nominated you (thank you so much, Mia!)
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1. I was sick last week.

A cold is nothing to worry about for most people, but I have asthma, and it usually takes a good 4-7 days (maybe more!) to get back to health. It doesn’t really bother me because I’ve had it my whole life, but I’ll admit it’s never my favorite day when you wake up because you can’t breathe.

2. I have many cavities.

I didn’t take good care of my teeth as a kid, and so I’ve had to take a lot of trips to the dentist to get that fixed. It’s worked, though—brushing and flossing are a religious part of my schedule now.

3. I didn’t write very much on Thursday.

IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. My fingers were totally doing all the writing and before my brain could catch up I had killed a character and I was so sad to realize not only what I had done, but that it made the story better and couldn’t change back… I just had to take the afternoon off from that WIP. I wrote blog posts and stuff instead.

4. Most of my friends are on the Internet. 

Most of my friends and I have known each other since 2008. Through vigorous chatting and so on, we’ve carried that friendship through today. I’ve only met two online friends in real life, but I don’t mind.

5. I’ve written fan fiction since childhood.

Well, “written” is a strong word. Most of the time it has existed as lengthy stories crafted in my mind. When I was in sixth grade I realized I could write down my thoughts on paper, and from writing fan fiction I eventually turned to writing my own stuff as well.

6. I’m not sure if I want to be published one day. 

I love writing, but having learned a lot about the publishing processes (traditional and indie), not to mention watching other authors online, right now I don’t know if I want to be published, or if I even could be. For now, I think I’d rather just write.

7. This post was initially in Spanish.

I write in a notebook to practice my Spanish during the summer, so I won’t have forgotten everything by the time I get to college this fall. It’s good practice!

Well, there are seven personal-ish facts about me. I’ve done lots of tags lately… I’ll pass this time, but soon, my friends. Soon.

What is something interesting about you? 


  1. Sorry to hear that you were sick! Hope your asthma is under control for now. :)

    I wish I had more internet friends, but I have a trust issue when it comes to that stuff (I had a Facebook stalker when I was eleven or so), but Bloggers a sweet community and I'm happy with just being around other bloggers and having acquaintences (like you).

    1. Thanks! I'm doing much better now. :)

      Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. People can be horrible on the Internet, I'm afraid. Still, I'm glad you're comfortable in the community you've made for yourself, and I'm glad we can be acquaintances, as well!

  2. Hope you get better/have gotten better from the cold! And also that your teeth stay fine. I had braces and it was one of the more annoying things of my life, so I sympathise.

    I was trying to figure out what's wrong with the story I'm planning before realising it was because even though I left half of the people traumatised at the end, I didn't kill any major characters. So I did that and now I'm feeling happier. This shows we are very different people.

    P.S.: OMG. I write so much fanfiction in my head. It's a crazy crossover.

    1. Thanks! I'm just about over that cold. :) But yeah, I've definitely been converted into a flosser. I've never had braces, but I definitely needed to take better care of my teeth.

      I do believe we are different people, but I don't think that' bad. Plus, I think we have different goals with our writing, and so we would want our stories to end in different ways, too.


  3. That's pretty exciting facts. You must be really good at spainish! What are you doing for summer? Where are you going for college and do you have any idea of the major or minors you're interested in? Good to know these random facts. One random fact about me is right now I'm super tired from staying up past midnight (my bedtime is usually 9:30) talking to my friend. I hope your writing has recovered from Thursday. :)

    1. I think I'm functional in Spanish, but I still have a long way to go! Sharing colleges online is a little shady, but I can tell you that I don't know what I want to do at school yet anyway, but I'm sure you'll hear updates as you go! I am very familiar with those late-night chats! So much so that over the course of six years my bedtime has faded from 9:30 to about one in the morning... heh.

  4. 1) have you ever been sick for a looong time? I'm usually better in a couple days when I'm sick, but one time I was sick for A MONTH. It was quite terrible. XD
    3) the fact that you're writing at all means you're still doing better than me, so take comfort in that. X)
    5) fan fiction is dah bomb! :D what do you normally write fanfics about?
    7) oo, Spanish! I wish I could speak Spanish (among other languages). I started to learn once, but.....I'm just not good at languages. XD

    1. 1) I don't think I've been sick for a looooong time, but I tend to get sick a little more often than other people, and for a longer period of time. While the rest of my family was only sick for a couple days, it took about ten days for me to be completely back to normal. Being sick for a month sounds horrible, though, and I'm glad you're better!

      3) Well, I hope that you still enjoy your writing life, whatever it may be.

      5) I tend to interpret my life through fan fiction, if that makes any sense at all. So anything and everything; it tends to cater to my emotions.

      7) Well, our skills all lie in different places! I'm glad you at least opened yourself to the idea, anyway.

  5. I'm totally impressed with your Spanish abilities! I totally fail at languages (including English sometimes). Your comment about teeth made me feel a bit better, because I have terrible teeth too.

    Interesting post!

    1. I'm slowly learning that Spanish comes to me surprisingly easily, and so I'm also learning that it's okay that we all have different skill sets, too. Also, yes, it's good to know that we're not alone in the world with dentist's visits and so on.

      Thanks for reading, Sunny!

  6. This post was in Spanish! Thats so cool :) I'm terrified of the dentist! Do you mind having to go often?

    1. Yes, it was! I like playing around with language. :) I don't have to go to the dentist super often, but I think thinking about the dentist's office bothers me more than actually going.

  7. I hate the dentist, and teeth in general. I recently got braces, and they hurt like mad at the minute.
    You must be really good at Spanish! I personally suck at languages, but I speak fluent English :).
    Great post, Heather.
    P.s- I tagged you for the Creative Blogger Award on my blog. Hope you enjoy doing it as much as I did!

    1. Oh, one of my sisters just got braces, and they bother her, too. I hope they hurt a little less over the next few days!
      I'm still a long way from becoming fluent, but hey, we're both fluent in English, so that's handy for us to communicate!

      Thanks for reading, Cindy, and thanks for the tag!

  8. Ugh, don't you just hate it when unexpected things happen in writing and they throw you off your groove. It's annoying even when it's good things. I wrote a death scene once, which was quite a good death scene for me (I suck at writing deaths), and then I had to take the rest of the day off from that. Normally I get annoyed by things going wrong though, and then I go off and sulk for a while. At least you went and did something else useful though. I tend to hide in a corner and watch YouTube when things don't go my way. Terrible habit.

    1. Yeah, I am in a sulky point of my whole writing career—it happens to me annoyingly frequently, and I need to find a new element of inspiration or something because this just isn't good business! Still, I can't blame you for going to watch Youtube—where else would we get your wonderful music recommendations?


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