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WBI: Sophie Devereaux

I have a special place in my heart for Sophie Devereaux, and not just because “Devereaux” won me a game of hangman two weeks ago. (And the rule about no proper nouns is not a thing.) Sophie is the mother of the Leverage team, and now that I have finished that series I am going to draw out my hangover as long as possible.

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As corporations and other powers leave the little guys hanging, Sophie Devereaux joins the Leverage crew to grift for justice. Her emotional investment ensures not only that she sees the clients compensated, but that the crew itself stays strong and powerful at its core, even if they never see her true face.

WBI Profile

Classification :: Ξ24579$*&
Role :: Avenger (grifts on behalf of others)
Motivation :: idealism (bringing the rich and powerful to justice), insubordination (Nate’s employee), lifestyle (grifting/stealing is life), personal/material gain (emotional satisfaction, art, etc.), wealth (money)
Bonus :: money (from stealing), lair (Leverage HQ), family ties (Leverage crew)

A Study

grifter—Sophie’s primary role is to get money from the mark while pretending to be a different person

experienced—that being said, she is remarkably attuned to the responses and quirks of everyone around her; she knows what she’s doing

lost—however, even though Sophie reads other people well, she struggles with her own personal identity and who the woman behind “Sophie” is

private—her life is very much a mystery; we don’t know her name, what she’s done, or where she’s been: we only know what she can do

determined—more often than not, Sophie follows the leader, but as soon as she decides on something she wants to do, she gets it done, period

attentive—though Sophie can be heartless to the marks, she pays attention to the needs and problems of the rest of the team, and builds them up in their times of weakness

emotional—she is driven by emotional feedback and fulfillment, and anticipates the same in others; sometimes she is wrong, but usually her emotional nature helps her identify motivation on the dot

growing—she begins a pathetic actress who tries to be good, she ends an aspiring director who is content with her identity and morality; her time on the Leverage crew is never static

director—she began an actress, and although she’s improved, she learns that she enjoys herself more backstage, and gains direction of where she wants to go in the future.

mother—it’s like Hardison says; the team trusts Sophie to make sure that everyone is okay, and Sophie’s emotional, heeding nature demonstrates her gentle but firm position of leadership over the crew

Big Idea

spare the details—though we know little of Sophie’s backstory (especially compared to other characters), it doesn’t really matter. Her actions now show who she is and what we can expect in her future; who she was, though not irrelevant, is not important.

trust matters—the “good guys” don’t have to trust each other, so long as they all put their ideals over their personalities. With “bad guys,” trust is everything, and Sophie helps foment a family-like strength within the Leverage crew by trusting, and influencing trust.

be dynamic—Sophie’s original acting skills made you want to pry out your eyeballs with a plastic spoon; by the end, she is a talented actress, capable of mesmerizing an audience. She changes just as much as a person, and by the end, we know why she is who she is.

And, one of my all-time favorite Sophie quotes: “Meat should never be used as an adjective.” –Leverage, “The Tap Out Job” (2x2)

Have you watched Leverage? What do you think made Sophie a righteous villain? What do you think is most important when writing an Avenger character?


  1. Oh. Ohhhh. This is the last WBI? *wibbles*

    I've not read Leverage, although that's amusing that it won you a Scrabble game. And honestly she sounds more like an anti-villain than an actual villain. (I love these types of villains. I aspire to be them. Wait, what?)

    1. Don't worry, there's plenty more WBI where that came from. :)

      The books are good, the TV series is good, and she is kind of an anti-villain, but as she works on the other side of the law, IT COUNTS. Hahahaha. (But no, I completely understand. I wouldn't mind being one either. Did I say that out loud?)

  2. I love your analyses. Even though I'm not familiar with Sophie Devereaux. xD

    1. Thanks, Jo! I do have to recommend you become familiar with Sophie Devereaux as a matter of professionalism, but I'm still glad you can enjoy it anyway. xD


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