Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Creative Blogger Award

If you can believe it, Alyssa, and Liz, and Shar, and Susanna, and Opal all nominated me for the creative blogger award! Thanks, ladies!

First, let us check out the almighty rules:

~Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
~Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
~Share 5 facts about yourself with your readers
~Pass these rules on to them

Now, five facts seems kinda boring to me. Let’s talk about five CREATIVE facts that you probably had no anticipation of, and will never see the likes of again (maybe).

1. I Invent Meals Worthy of College Students

As I finish this, I have just eaten butter-vinegar noodles. Would you like the recipe? Boil Thai noodles until they look pretty darn boiled, drain, and place in a bowl. Place what was probably closer to two tablespoons than not of white vinegar into the noodles, and stir. Then, take out a fresh vegan buttery stick from the fridge and place 1/7 of the stick in the noodles. Attack the noodles with a fork until the butter has melted evenly over the noodles. Enjoy! (It was actually not that bad.)

2. I Do Not Write Down My Dreams, But I Should

Last night I dreamed that Sherlock (from Sherlock) was my philosophy teacher, and class was being held in a boarding hospital (like a boarding school, but you’re hospitalized) and there was a monster that looked a lot like the monster in 1x16 of Fringe (like a big scorpion with tiger traits and other poisonous qualities) and no one believed that it existed—my mom was beginning to think I was in a state of permanent hallucination—and its main function was to separate you from all who loved you. No one believed it existed except my philosophy teacher, and I woke up while he was defending me from the monster. I assume we were devoured.

via Basement Rejects

3. Mary Poppins Is a Lifelong Mentor

I apply the phrase, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. Find the fun, and snap! The job’s a game!” to every area of my life, especially school. I, for the life of me, was terrified of writing a dream journal for my psychology class—until I turned it into a secret mission called “Project Specter” and I was an operative in my high school’s intelligence agency. I turned in a dossier and everything. When I was supposed to do a philosophy project about free will, it was BORING until I turned it into a film analysis including Fringe, Firefly, Leverage, Kung-Fu Panda, Brave, Forrest Gump, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Princess and the Frog, Wreck-It Ralph, Star Trek, Star Wars, etcetera. These are some of my favorite projects EVER.

4. I Could Commandeer a Radio Station and Confuse the Heck Out of Everybody

I could. Whether I’m listening to a playlist on Youtube or my Pandora station, I just listen to whatever suits my fancy. It was my dad’s idea that I should take over a radio station with a certain niche and simply do what I do. People would call in and they would be like, “What happened?” and we would be like, “Heather happened.” and then they’d get stuck listening to whatever I pleased all day.

5. I Color in Coloring Books with Crayons

Do other people do this? I don’t know. Coloring provides this kind of catharsis I can’t explain. I don’t have a religious coloring schedule or anything, but I promise you, the $1 coloring book of Disney characters I bought at Michael’s was one of the best investments I ever made. I’m currently working through the Dumbo section, and after that I think I shall do the 101 Dalmatians bit. I am saving The Lion King for last because I LOVE THE LION KING!

Now, since last time I nominated my GFC followers, it’s Bloglovin’s turn! Share some creative things about yourselves, people. It will be interesting!

What is something creative and interesting about you? Tell me in the comments, or, better yet, link me up to your post, too!


  1. So glad you did this. All your facts are GOLDEN. Ummm... that dream? That's crazy. You should probably keep writing those down : ) And coloring books are a necessity for college students. I am sure of that.

    1. Actually, only one is gold. Two are pink, one is blue, and one is green, but that's an easy mistake. (Just kidding, haha. Thank you!) I did have a pretty crazy dream—I think I will get back into writing them down, if only for sheer entertainment value. XD

  2. Well, clearly you live up to this award. Are you serious about those noodles? They sound rather inedible, but if you say so ... *doubtfully notes down recipe*

    Your dream is fantastic, and coloring books are fabulous too. However, I prefer using an ink pen and whatever margins of my notes are available, and making a Zentangle of sorts. I mean, I can't use a coloring book in class, so I make do. Creativity, no?

    1. Well, I would hate to be a disappointment. I am serious about the noodles, I did eat them, and they were pretty okay. I promise.

      I just surround myself with creativity, I think. XD I am familiar with margin doodles as well, although maybe not with Zentangles. I'd love to see some of your doodles!

      I may have to think about smuggling a coloring book places from now on...

  3. You should totally write down your dreams! The weirdest one I ever had involved me working in a movie theater in outer space, chasing down Legolas because he hadn't payed for his ticket. It was bizarre but actually very fun. And coloring books are always fun, no matter how old you are.

    1. I think I shall! That's actually a really cool dream, and I think you had the moral ground because you should really pay for stuff. I mean, seriously. Coloring books are good for the soul, probably. That should be a thing!

  4. Hi, Heather!
    I totally know what you mean about the radio station... I am very much the same way. And, YES coloring books are the best. Your Disney one sounds amazing!

    1. Howdy, Bailey! It would be fun if there was a day when EVERYBODY stole the radio stations! Hahaha, it would be so evil. And YES to ALL the COLORING BOOKS! Woot woot. It is pretty amazing, to be sure.

  5. Oh, #4 sounds like it would be so much fun! And #5 is so true! Coloring is just really calming and fun (and the Lion King is one of the best Disney movies ever!). I have three coloring books right now that I like (one is How to Train Your Dragon, and the others are Marvel -themed), but I've also found some good coloring pages on Pinterest before.

    Also, I've tagged you for the 777 Writing Challenge, if you're interested.

    Have a lovely day! :)

    1. I think it would be fun! But coloring is very peaceful, for some reason—and so is The Lion King, come to think of it. I wanna see it now... Your coloring books are so cool! I don't always like coloring pages because they make a mess, but I may have to look into it anyway.

      Thanks for tagging me! I shall get on it, soon! :)

  6. Congrats on the nominations, Heather! =)

    Randomly inventing new recipes is awesome! For cooking class last year, my group and I brought a recipe with us and the materials, but we realized we printed the wrong recipe and just went with the flow. Then bam, butter chicken!

    That dream is INSANE. You should turn those into books, definitely. It's usually nightmares for me, so I wouldn't want to write those down...

    I enjoy coloring, but I don't do it daily. It's so cool that you are, though! I've never finished an entire coloring book, and if you do... Here're two thumbs up!

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

    1. Thanks, Aimee!

      I don't think I'm good at inventing stuff, but it sure is fun. :) Butter chicken sounds delicious! Especially if it were like, rotisserie, or something. No idea.

      It was a weird dream, although I don't think I could turn my dreams into books. They're usually not strong enough for that kind of thing. XD But, yeah, nightmares are not enjoyable at all, I'm afraid. :P

      I don't color daily either, but I definitely think it's super fun. I'm still working on getting through a coloring book, but when I do, I am definitely going to share the heck out of it!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Colour books are EXCELLENT. I actually quite love colouring with my pre-schooling niece/nephew...they don't even like it as much as me. **sigh** I'm going to invest in my own book someday. (Have you seen those Enchanted ones?! WANT.)
    Um, omg, a creative thing about me...WELL. Since we're talking about dreams, I once had a dream (and now, honest, I never ever remember my dreams except this one, lol) where Castiel from Supernatural was helping me and my brother/sisters clean up the yard. We were picking up sticks. That was it. SERIOUSLY. It was so boring and we had a freaking angel helping out. -_-

    1. I KNOW. Coloring with other people is tricky for me, just because I'm kind of obsessive. You should totally invest in a coloring book, though, and share it! (I haven't seen those, but I wouldn't mind one of those adult coloring books with handsome actors! lol)

      That's hilarious. XD I mean, obviously your dream was in a boring scenario, but the fact that Castiel was there makes it waymore interesting. And picking up sticks is an important job, so I can't say it was a bad job to have! :D

  8. Hey Heather, thanks for tagging me! Here's my post:

    1. You're welcome! I'll go check it out! :D


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