Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fan Week Wrap-up! (I'm back!)

*looks up from being a glop on the floor* Oh, hello. I am back, loosely speaking. Just let me crawl back from the recesses of my cave.

Ugh. I am literally insane.

More than that, I am tired and insane. Let’s preface everything else with this: the first person who feels bad because they did less than I did will get my fist through their face.

Except that is mean, so I will just glare at you disapprovingly, because who the heck wants to listen to a bunch of people compare themselves to you in a negative way? Not me.

What statistics do you have to share?

Goal: Get through Bloglovin’ posts

From the 160-170 posts I had to read to begin with, now only ONE remains. And that is this month’s Beautiful People because I need to post mine still.

Goal: 60 blogs, 210 comments

I visited 123 blogs; 41 of them were new to me. On those blogs I read 210 posts (exactly) and commented on almost each one (some people don’t allow comments, blah) .

Goal: Add/subtract various blogs

I did not keep track of who got kept and who got left, but suffice it to say it did happen and I am pleased with the bloggers I am now following and also pleased with my cleaner Bloglovin’ feed.

Goal: Comment back to every commenter

If you have ever commented on my blog and you have written a blog post since the last time I visited, I commented.

Goal: Write three WiaB posts

Yes, a few more. I’m actually doing a 30 Day Challenge over there, where I just write 250+ words a day about something or other.

Goal: Pay more attention to my WIPs.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. That didn’t happen.

If you were curious, the most-read blog was Cait’s Paper Fury, at 10 posts. Clockwork Desires and Go Teen Writers were the runners-up.

Also, I shared five of those posts on Facebook daily, tweeted thrice daily, and pinned almost every post on Pinterest. Also, I had a big spreadsheet.

Did you find or learn anything new and exciting this week?

I learned some stuff.

For example, For the Bookish, which I have seen around from Ana, is not said the same way you would say, “Do it for the vine!” Bookish, like bookish people, the same way you say nuevas, like nuevas personas. Ha. I am smart.

Don’t make the page font really weird; save it for titles and headings.

Avoid sounding like you are nine in your writing.

Saying “thank you” is enough.

Making candles sounds cool.

I have so many books to read.

Also, I learned that there are a lot of people younger than me. Like, sometimes it feels like “Oh, I am so similar in age to Aimee and Alyssa” but no. I am not. I am old. *headdesk*

Are there any blogs that made you want to make you change something about your own?

Mostly it’s a design thing. Like, I don’t think SIAS looks hideous but I don’t think it looks super professional either. I like the white, I like the font, but I don’t know what else I’d really want.

Anyway, I probably will not because I am too tired to do all that redesigning again. BS-ing my coding skills is great sometimes, and other times it is not.

What was your favorite part? Your least favorite part?

The best part? Everything is done. Good grief, everything is done. No more posts, no more comments back, no more frantic search for more posts because I ran out just as I reached the 200 mark.

I have met great people and read great posts and I have done great things. It was good.

The worst part? I am exhausted. I have not done any homework since Thursday. I don’t have a ton of stuff prepped for SIAS this week. And I kind of feel like I never want to look at a blog post ever again.

You have to realize, my superpower is also my weakness. I can get anything done that I want to get done. Just at a detriment to my own soul.

(Also, I’m an introvert and you would think that blog post comments would not be exhausting stimulation but you would be wrong.)

Did you enjoy your experience? Would you do it again?

Ask me in six months.

Just kidding, I would. But maybe I’d do it during a week I had off from school instead of doing it during the school week. That was not my most brilliant idea. On the bright side now it is spring break, so that is not a problem.

Other things of note, if you were curious:

  • Writing
    • finished first round reads for my CP, Alyssa
    • completely abandoned Alyssa and didn’t touch that folder since Thursday
    • did not write any of my own stuff
  • Reading
    • reading Ceremony for school
    • I think I’ve forgotten that I love to read but that’s okay
  • Blogging
    • started a WiaB 30 Day Challenge
    • totally didn’t post a new Love a Blogger because no way José
  • Life
    • learned to put my hair in a bun
    • three hour discussion of philosophy, life, school, books, and Twilight on Friday
    • watched new Annie movie (!)
    • my philosophy class may be ordering t-shirts 
  • Outside
    • why don’t you take a look for yourself?

So, I’m going to go watch Finian’s Rainbow and not blog. Don’t worry, though—there’s gonna be another awesome guest post tomorrow and I bet you’re going to love it.

How is #FanMonth going for you people?


  1. It was really fun!This fan month :D
    I discovered so many new blogs which I now realize if not for the need to find new blogs of day in this week so thank you for that. :)

    1. I thought it was pretty fun, too. And, yes, learning to find new blogs is great. I'm glad it was helpful! :)

  2. Wow, I admire your spirit to get things done! I don't know how many blogs I normally visit in a week, but I'm pretty sure it's not this much. I would probably just get tired after twenty and go watch TV or something. You deserve a break; go and take a break :)

    1. Believe me, usually I don't visit that many blogs either. It's just that occasionally I am insane. :D Reading closer to thirty blog posts a week is really where I'm at. I'm definitely break-taking, though, so don't worry about me!

  3. Well, your persistence paid off Heather! Can I just say thank you for visiting my blog! :)
    Now, go switch on your Netflix and eat a lotta chocolate because YOU EARNED IT.

    1. You're welcome. I really enjoyed seeing what you had to say about feminism! And YES. Netflix, chocolate, and spending time alone—my life, completely. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Bloody hell, 123 blogs! I feel privileged that I was one of them. I love discovering new blogs too, but often have to wait until the find me, as I struggle with time as well. That spreadsheet is unreal, I'm honestly in awe of your commitment and you've really gone above and beyond an awesome blogger. We really need to start handing out awards, you're incredible! I hear you with the blog design. I've given mine 8 makeovers in just over 2 years. I'm never happy with it. Personally I love your blog, It's clean, fresh and super easy to read on not only my PC, but on my Kindle where I do most of my commenting.

    I'm a regular stalker now <3

    1. It was a lot! I definitely enjoyed my return visit to your blog as well. :) It's hard to find the time, and I did have to cut back on lots of other things (for example, blogging). But thanks—it was hard, and I'm glad I succeeded. Thanks for supporting me, too! Also, yes, blog design is hard—I like it too, and I'm glad it works on Kindles. I didn't even realize that that was an option. XD

      :) Thanks for visiting!

  5. Gosh, Heather. You did amazing with your Fan Month! 210 posts in one week is A LOT to read. Hehe...yea For the Bookish means for the bookish people. Or at least that's what I've always thought of it as. I think it's also really awesome that you were able to get some CP work done. I hope to get CPs soon because I'd like to start querying before the end of year. I just have to ask my parents about it first...

    1. Thanks! And yes, it was a lot to read. I feel silly, I genuine thought it was some sort of weird reference like, "Do it for the bookish!" or something, which is weird.

      Also, yes, CPs are awesome and you should definitely get some (your parents should know you neeeeeeeeed them) because they are the BEST.

  6. It's no wonder you feel burnt out! Wow, 210 posts. I did just terrible compared to--eheheh, right. Fan Month. Everyone's a winner! *throws confetti*

    I still think Fan Month is a great idea and I'm really glad you started it. I enjoyed discovering posts I wouldn't have otherwise, and grew to love the blogging community even more than I already do. I think I'll even extend my fan week to two weeks but with less rules, because that's how I roll.

    Congrats on doing so well on your goals!

    1. *glares with mild disapproval but shakes her head and moves on* You're right, we're all winners. And you're doing fine the way you are!

      Also, I cannot blame you. It's really cool to learn more and experience more, especially when you make it a focus instead of a hobby. I've found it's better temporary, but it's also fun. Also, I can't blame you for dropping rules. RULES ARE HARD. But I'm glad you're participating.

      Thanks, and thanks for the support! :)

  7. Whoa. Hats off--you are far more dedicated than I am!

    1. *bows* Well, I got done what I wanted to get done! :) It felt good.

  8. Was the new Annie movie good? Annie is African American or something, isn't she?

    You read a lot! No wonder you are exhausted. I just started today *nervous smile* :)

    1. Yes, it was more or less good. I'll talk about it some other time. And yes, Annie is African American; I really liked the change. :)

      And yes, it was exhausting. Do awesome in your own fan month! :D

  9. Wowza! Very impressive, and very inspiring. I think I'd go crazy taking a break from my WIP for that long, though. :) Also, I haven't seen the new Annie or the old one either, but I will have to go do that.

    Also, I finally got around to answering your comments on my blog. Really sorry about taking so long. (And thanks for commenting so often.) :)

    1. Yeahhhhhh... I don't know. Sometimes writing is urgently important to me and other times it is not. It's a thing. All three Annie movies are interesting studies, though, so you should definitely try them out!

      Thanks! And don't worry about it, I appreciate you taking time to visit! (And I love your blog, it's great!)

    2. Aww... *blushes* I love your blog too!

      Yes, I will definitely have to go watch all three of them. And I understand about different writing moods. When I take a vacation, I pretty much shun my book, so I know the feeling. Generally, though, I'm like a rabid, crazy person about my writing times. :P

    3. :D Thanks.

      I don't know which one is my favorite, Annie isn't my favorite musical, but I think you will get an interesting idea of how culture changes. Yeah; I don't think I'm ever a rabid, crazy person, but still. I'm okay with that. :)

  10. That's a super detailed round-up and congratulations on getting through the blog posts! (I'm working my way through a backlog as I was taking a little time off social media and such. And yes, off your WIP too. I'm sorry. XD) Also, learning to make your hair into a bun is very worthwhile, especially if you're going to imitate Sofia Cardon. (I still remember that errant comment you made when I had her pin it back up ... huh. Anyways.)

    1. Thanks! I'm glad I'm done. (Taking some time off social media sounds like a good idea, though. I should do that.) Buns are also good when you don't have time to get it cut but want an easy way to keep it out of your face. :) (But yes, I have a hopeless hair handicap. Alas.)


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