Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Do You Post Tags?

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Here’s the thing: I like tags, linkups, and chains, but they are also problematic. Just look at this list I made.

1. They allow you to be personal without being irrelevant.

for example: Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag, Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award (II)

2. You overestimate how interesting you are and write LONG things on accident.

for example: Three Tags and a Blogoversary

3. You examine yourself and your own stories. 

for example: Beautiful Books, Beautiful People, Teens Can Write, Too! Blog Chain

4. You can write concisely, which almost makes a tag sound perfunctory with an air of boredom.

for example: Leibster Award

5. You can interact with other people and learn what they have to say as well.

for example: all of them, whether through tags, linkies, or lists

6. You can get overwhelmed by the number of people participating and may not want to go beyond your own bubble.

for example: Beautiful Books (I did this during my Fan Week and had to read like, 50 of these and it was a bit mucho. Not bad, but mucho.)

7. It gives you a better opportunity to be an audience member and support other blogs. 

for example: again, all of them

8. Sometimes being an audience is hard. 

As many of you know I’m planning for a Fan Month in March, and as I spent a good portion of the weekends last month posting one tag or another, I’m thinking about whether they truly help me as a fan or not.

Now, some people don’t do tags, which is fine. Your blog, your rules. But even those who don’t do tags know that they are not islands in cyberspace—there are still things like commenting back and social media (to some extent) that help maintain a readership.

For those who do tags, or any other social event, I’ve always felt like there’s a little extra responsibility that comes with those kinds of posts.

These are a few things I do:

  • try to tag different people
    • this doesn’t always work, because I don’t follow a ton of blogs (between 50-60) and most aren’t for tags, but it helps to try and involve different bloggers in my community
  • share the posts of people I have tagged
    • if I tag you for something, I will share your post on Sometimes I’m a Story’s Facebook page and my Twitter account
  • read as many participating blog posts as I can
    • especially in the case of the TCWT Blog Chains, I like to go to every blog and comment on each one; most people don’t comment back, but I still feel like that’s my responsibility
  • share posts I enjoy
    • I don’t always do this with tags, but I did go on a sharing-spree two nights ago on FB/Twitter, and I know that when someone shares my posts, I feel good about myself :)
  • stay on the lookout for blogs I might want to follow
    • one of the best things about social events is that you can discover awesome people you never would have known existed—it brings us all together

Obviously, there are good and bad parts. One of the worst things about these things is the amount of time they consume—as much as I love activities like Beautiful People or TCWT, sometimes it’s not in my time budget to visit fifty new blogs in a single week.

I guess it just takes balance.

There’s good, there’s bad. How do YOU use tags, chains, and linkups to your advantage? How often do you participate in them? Do you think they help you as an audience member? Do they help you build an audience? 


  1. I think it definitely helps with community, and being tagged can really make someone's day, especially if they're a newer blogger - I don't know why, it's just a happy ego boost xD Like, "Look, someone thought I was cool and would want to do this!" Not always, but some of the time. I loveeeee link-ups, since lots of people generally go around and comment on other posts, and while I think sometimes it can get to be too much, if you balance it with plenty of original content it's a fun way to be part of the community.

    1. XD You're right about the ego boost. I was so excited the first time I got a tag. :) And especially if someone who I really admire tags me, that makes me feel good too. :) Linkups are also fun and a good way to connect, like you said, and also, they're just fun. Which is what girls wanna do. Ha.

  2. I don't do tags and awards any more just because I've been tagged so many times, and I want to fill my blog with more original content instead of a ton of tags. Linkups, on the other hand, are a little bit different. I think as long as I limit the amount of link-ups I do, I can still fit in enough original content. Additionally, some of the link-ups I do allow for additional content such as the TWCT blog chain and Read.Blog.Discuss. Beautiful People is less original, but it's just a lot of fun for me so I do it.

    1. I know, and it can be a little overwhelming sometimes to do such things. I don't think linkups are that different (at least not for the purposes of my blog) but I can see where they would also interfere with your original content. And hey—if you're having fun, that's what matters in community posts; you don't want to spend all your time doing something you hate. That makes no sense at all.

  3. I actually love posting tags, because a) someone thought of me, and that's super nice and b) it adds a bit more variety to my blog posts. But I totally understand what you mean about not being able to visit everyone -- normally I just close my eyes and pick maybe five out of the pile.

    1. It is super nice when we have people think of us, right? It's fun to mix things up! But then you get so mixed up that then you forget to post your own post and then you're like, "Whoops" and that doesn't work at all.

  4. I do tags because I love that someone is interested and/or likes my blog. It allows me to get to know the blogs I follow a bit better, and the blogs I tag. I like the sense of community.

    However, with linkup of more than 10 people, it's very hard to keep up. So I'm not sure it benefits you in any other way that to understand your story etc (whatever the link is about) better.

    I don't really like blogs that refuse tags altogether- I don't think its on purpose, but sometimes it feels like they just don't care or can't be bothered. I do understand not doing all the tags though. If you get tagged a lot, or you have other posts planned already, I can see why you wouldn't do a tag.

    I don't even know what I'm trying to say xD

  5. The sense of community really is encouraging, isn't it? I know that when I first realized how much fun it is to talk to other bloggers, tags excited me a lot.

    I agree, though—it's a great way to share a message, but it becomes harder to really put the effort into other people. It benefits you and your own group, I'd say, but I wouldn't expect to get more of a readership out of it, or something.

    *nods* Individual tags is one thing, and I also understand that some blogs aren't meant for tags (like business blogs would never do such a thing) but sometimes it does feel like we're being slighted, although I doubt they'd do it on purpose. :)

  6. Duuude, you did not have to visit 50 blogs. I host the jolly Beautiful Books linkup and I DO NOT visit everyone. Time! Effort! I just run out of relevant things to say! The point of, at least my link up, is to write a fun post. Visit maybe one or five other people. Not them all....

    1. XD I know, but it was one of the rules for myself that week: I had to click on all the the links to other blogs/posts and comment on all of them, and since there was a linky I had to click on every link and comment. And so YES it is a lot of time and effort and irrelevancy, but it was also something I did to be a fan. And I thought it worked. :)

  7. I do blog tags because, even though I'm an introvert, it's kind of fun to be a part of the whole blogosphere thing. Also, getting tagged for stuff just makes me feel really good. Like people care about my blog and what I have to say.
    I do agree about the time consuming bit, though. Which is why I never read all the blogs in a tag (which might be terrible, but there's only 24 hours in a day :p ) I only read the post of the person who tagged me and then if any of the people I tagged do it, then I read theirs.

    Alexa S. Winters

    1. *nods* It can be intimidating to get out there, but tags can also feel good, and they really add that extra dimension to what we're doing. It's great!

      But yes, time consuming... Believe me, I know. I'm so backed up on blog posts it isn't funny. And I try to do the same; share the ones I'm in direct connection with and then I let it die. :P It's a hard truth, but hopefully something to work on in the future!

  8. Oooo brilliant post! I agreed with pretty much all of your points. I personally like tags because they encourage me to post about things I may not post about otherwise, eg. Lyric Medley tag. And some tags are extremely imaginative which makes them super fun, like a game.

    However. When you have a looooot of blog posts scheduled, finding the time to get round to them if you're tagged often... problematic.

    1. Thanks! And yes, I agree—sometimes tags get you out of your regular zone and allow you do to something you'd never try otherwise. It's good to stick to a subject, but it can also be fun to expand where you are as well! :D

      And I know... I feel like if I don't stop getting tagged I'll have posts scheduled through May already. XD


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