Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award II

Do you get sick of reading tags? If someone is long-winded it can be really hard for me to read them, or if they are formatted poorly… But I do try to get myself to read them. Or I am like, “Fine, pick three questions and then write a comment about them and be on your way.”

But they’re like prewritten posts and they’re fun because they’re like those Scholastic friendship books you were supposed to fill out with other kids in elementary school and then… I didn’t have anyone to fill them out with.

I think I’m compensating.

REGARDLESS, I give a huge shout out to Savannah at A Scattering of Light and thanks for nominating me for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award! (I did do this before, but it was different, and you can read that if you want.)

Las Reglas:

  • thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
  • put the award logo on your blog.
  • answer the ten questions they’ve set you.
  • make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
  • nominate ten people.

1. How did you start writing?

So, I talked about this a little bit in the Beautiful People tag hosted by Cait and Sky; pretty much, I was told to write 18 pages a trimester in a notebook. And I did. And then I wrote more, and I filled up that journal with whatever the heck I wanted, and carried it with me everywhere. When I was without it, I almost felt naked.

My teachers, Mrs. A, was SUPER encouraging about me writing, and I started working on things like NaNoWraMo and my stories, and I’m still working on that stuff today.

2.  Favorite song?

I dunno. It depends on the day, and my mood, and my life. But here, I will post a picture of the playlist I have been listening to recently, and if you are so inclined you can look them up. Also, especially this week with various struggles, I am still very much loving Move Toward the Darkness from The Addams Family musical, which I talked about on Monday.

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3. Have you ever gotten lost?


So for my birthday my best friend (hereon called Spranz) and I went to see Big Hero 6 (which I loved, and Baymax was awesome) and afterwards, she was going to treat me to a book at Barnes and Noble.

The thing was, we had to go on the highway to get there, and I’d never gone above about 50 miles an hour without one of my parents being in the car, so I was in that mental place where you’re really psyched and filled with endorphins because you’re panicking on the inside.

We pull out onto the road, and Spranz is acting as my navigator, and we’re driving, and we drive for a really long time in what looks like a big road going through developing suburbs in a place neither of us have ever been. But we kept going, because it wasn’t like B&N was hiding in the developing areas, either.

Then we saw the signs. SUCCESS. THE HIGHWAY. And I obviously had to turn right to get on it, right? And so I got in this lane that said, RIGHT LANE MUST TURN RIGHT.

I did, and it did not go to the highway. We turned into a bank parking lot and I was still in that crazy-happy-place, and so I was like, “Are we lost?” because I didn’t want to be lost. And then I saw the signs and I was like, “No! We are not lost! We are just going in the wrong direction!”

So we turned around, and got on the highway, but because we got on in the middle of the road I didn’t know what the speed limit was. So, I resolved, “I will just go faster until I start passing people.” Spranz thought this was funny, and then we just started quoting those same two lines until I had to get off the highway, and then there was back to panic because I didn’t want to get hit or something.

Anyway, no, I have not been lost. I was just going in the wrong direction.

4. If you could live in a fictional world for a year, which one would you choose?

A year? Um. I’d go to H.I.V.E., but forever. It would be awesome, but I don’t think I’d necessarily be villainous enough.

5. What fictional character inspires you most?

Ooh, good one. I haven’t talked about him as much, but Dr. Nero from H.I.V.E. is one of my favorite characters, ever. I mean, sure, I put him on my sexy evil guys list, but his ability to command respect and to be so calculating and yet so meaningful… I don’t know. I could talk about him for ages, but I love him. Immensely.

6. Favorite book of 2014?

Uh, probably Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo. I just checked it out again from the library on my Kindle, and I really adore the different characters and the political, social, and religious dynamics that Bardugo weaves in her story. Plus it’s dark and funny at the same time. :)

7. Flight or Invisibility?

Is this even a question? Invisibility, end of story.

8. Tea or Coffee?

Tea. We have a dislike of coffee in my house and so it smells bad to me, kind of.

9. Starlight or Sunshine?

Starlight, because I tend to work better at night.

10. Why did you start blogging originally?

I also talked about this in my Blogoversary post, but basically I was hooked on the idea and kept getting discouraged because I didn’t know how to get into the blogging community and I was scared that I’d mess up. I thought that blogging would make me a better writer, and I don’t think I’m wrong, but I think blogging has taught me a lot of other lessons about networking and content than I believed it would.

I didn’t tag people last time, but now I will, because I’m evil.

I believe this is the first time I’ve actually had enough people to tag. YAY ME.

Your Assignment:

  1. You’re about to be thrown in jail with a fictional character of your choice—who is the character and how do you escape?
  2. What is your favorite social media site?
  3. If you were a deity [YOU], what sacrifices would you demand from your pilgrims?
  4. Which is more important to you: a satisfying ending or relatable characters?
  5. What is the hardest thing for you to write about?
  6. What are the top seven ways you would repurpose a lonely sock?
  7. Do you have a favorite archetype to read or write?
  8. Has a book ever given you important wedding planning advice? (for example, Princess Bride, if you skip to ‘man and wife’ it doesn’t count)
  9. In the event that you were forced to take a ride on top of a car, how would you secure yourself?
  10. What is your favorite story no one has ever heard of?

And, of course, if you are moved by the powers that be to answer these questions, there are approximately zero blog police who are going to stop you. Go for it!

What’s your favorite question? Answer it below! (And, you know, be sure to drop me a link to your own answers.)


  1. Thanks for tagging me! I love these questions. :) H.I.V.E. sounds deliciously evil. For #7, I would totally choose invisibility.

    1. My pleasure. :) H.I.V.E. is insatiably evil, is how I'd put it—and I know, invisibility is way better than flying. Always.

  2. Thank you so much for tagging me!! :D And I'm glad you linked me because now I'm following your lovely blog! ^-^ It's so sweet and I loved all the answers you gave. You're a lovely writer, Heather! I was grinning through the whole post! The tone of your writing is almost musical! I don't know how to explain it but I love it! :D
    Anyway, I will try my best to complete this tag as soon as I can! :D You asked great questions, oh my goodness! XD

    1. :D Of course, and thank you for the follow! I'm glad you like the writing; I don't know if it's musical, per se, but I'm glad it has rhythm. And, of course, glad you love it.

      Have fun answering the questions, of course! :)

  3. Thanks so much for the tag! I love your "not lost, just the wrong direction" anecdote, ahaha. Actually, I didn't really like Shadow and Bone, contrary to my expectations - it sounded so much like what I'd like, but it just didn't click for me. And STARLIGHT. So much starlight. (I called myself 'Queen of Starlight' on Figment, ahaha.) However, I've never seen more than three stars in the sky at once. #FirstWorldProblems

    Can't wait to answer all the questions, and thanks again! :)

    1. XD Absolutely; and it is one of my favorite anecdotes which my parents didn't understand. And aw, sorry you didn't like Shadow and Bone—it's become one of my favorite trilogies very quickly! I haven't heard of Starlight though. XD You should come to here, and see the stars, especially in the mountains. There are thousands, and they are beautiful.

      Enjoy your time! :D

  4. Thanks for the tag! I'll do it when I get home :))

  5. Sorry for taking so long to comment on this. I just got back from a three day holiday, and now I'm trying to catch up with all the awesome stuff that's happened while I've been away. Anyway, thanks for tagging me for this. You've thought up some interesting questions for us this time! And tea. Tea is awesome. I like coffee well enough (I'm actually drinking it now), but tea is my favourite drink of all time. And HIVE. And Dr Nero. You have excellent tastes!

    1. Ooh, I hope you had an awesome vacation! And I hope you enjoy the questions, too, because who does not love having sacrifices every now and again? And yaaaas! Tea and Mark Walden make every day better, in my opinion—but I'm glad you like my tastes anyway. XD

  6. “No! We are not lost! We are just going in the wrong direction!” *cue giggles* Somehow that sounds like something Gandalf would say. Your answers were great! (Tea over coffee forever!)

    1. XD I wouldn't have made that connection, but it's funny that you think so! (And yes, it's delicious that way!)


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