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January Wrap-Up (A Good Post to Actually Read)

UPDATE: I saw in Alyssa's post that she changed her Twitter handle and I was like, "What?" because as fun as it was being @Contrabundle, I have decided to change to @HeroineHiding and if you're the Twitter type, that just happened.

Pitt fans
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I’m nervous about writing this post.

Reactions are temperamental things. No, I’ve never had anyone be rude to me on my own blog, but even if I’m not supposed to I look at most-viewed post, and most-commented on posts, and then the other side where posts don’t go so well.

I haven’t gotten a no-commenter since November (example, example, example) but that fear remains, mostly because I really don’t like being boring, a, and I still want to understand why some posts are worth 20 comments and others are worth 2, b.

Also, I feel like this post is really important and if people don’t comment it feels like nobody’s read it, mostly because my #1 viewer is and that means a bot comes to visit and sees if I’ve done anything notable lately. I don’t want to just talk to a bot.

See, I’m nervous and I’m rambling.

Basically: I’ve decided that I want to go through with a team of Fans kind of like with what I did in November, and hold another Fan Event.

It will be March.

My rationale behind this is that since I’m not expecting a big team, it would be really hard to organize one week, like I did before, without losing a few people. My assumption? People will have some time during the whole of March to do this for at least a few days, even if they are not in consecutive order.
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The idea of audience has become really important to me over the last few months, and so I want to make it something I can pass on, even if this is the only time I do this. You may have run into the Bloggers Commenting Back image before, and I love that, because it shows a blogger’s appreciation for his/her audience—but the point of that is to reciprocate.

What I want to do is promote sacrifice.

More details will come later as I go on, but the idea behind Fan Week is that you put your own blog on hold, and don’t post your own work, but spend time really paying attention to other people’s work instead, and taking care to share things that catch your eye.

On bigger blogs, efforts may not seem like much, especially when so many people comment anyway. Being the only comment on a lonely blogger’s post can make someone’s day. But either way, what I find most gratifying as a blogger is knowing that I’ve said something worth reading, and, big or small, sharing that feeling by letting people know my feelings is something I love to do.

It doesn’t work all the time, but it’s a good reminder every once in a while. I’ll probably choose one week to be a fan in March, but maybe some people have every Thursday off from work, and instead of posting that day they spend those four Thursdays spending their blogging time being a reader. Maybe it will just be the weekends. Maybe just three days, maybe seven.

The point is, I really want this to happen, but I don’t know if it will, because I’ve never done this before. I have a few thoughts about what the next few weeks are going to look like, but nothing is set in stone and if you have any advice, PLEASE let me know, because I could use all the help I can get.

I have a few ideas, though.


  • interview a notebook posts or ISTJ Love posts (Mondays) [still deciding]
  • how to be an audience posts (Tuesdays)
  • alternating Thursentaries/WBIs

I think this worked well enough in January; fun posts, bloggerly posts, and then reading/writing posts are the general idea, and most people don’t seem that bored of them all.

I ALSO want to hold a giveaway sometime this month (for an Amazon gift card, probably) but I don’t want to pay a whole dang $13 for Rafflecopter when I am not going to use that bugger every month, anyway. (Any suggestions for a giveaway domabob that is free?)


  • guest posts (Mondays)
  • blogging/reading/writing posts (Tuesdays)
  • maybe Thursentaries/WBIs
  • Fan Week Related Stuff

What I would LOVE LOVE LOVE is to have a few outside sources (ideally four or more) to talk about the social aspect of blogging, whether that means comments, social media, blog hunting, or anything else that strikes your fancy. (Really, though, if you have any interest at all please go to my Contact Page, and I would have this discussion with you.)

Anyway, I’ll be attempting to keep to a normal blogging schedule and see if I can get this ball rolling—we’ll see how it goes!

And, as always, thanks for spending another month with me. ☺

Okey-doke, muchachos. Have you ever run a linkup/giveaway before? Do you have advice to help me get started? Do you have examples I can model myself after? Does this sound like something you’d be interested in linking up with? Would you guest post? Can we trade? Can we do anything? Do you want to see any post changes or additions? GIVE ME ALL THE ANSWERS, please. The post is over and I’m still nervous.


  1. First of all, calm down. Heather, you are an awesome person and I read everything you post, even if I don't comment. And this sounds like a fabulous idea, although it remains to be seen whether I can clear out a week in March for Fan Week - I'd love to, I really do, but I already have a few things planned for that month. So. We shall see.

    I haven't run a link-up or giveaway before, so I can't really give authority advice there, but I am planning to do so next month, so I'd be happy to tell you all of my mistakes. However, I was planning to use the free version of Rafflecopter and I've run into no problems setting it up so far, so I'm not sure why they tried to charge you :S

    As for guest posting -- again, that's something I'd love to do if I can find the time and topic. I will rack my brains harder in hopes of finding something before March. *nods with bravado*

    1. Well, emailed you about possible guest posting; looking forward to hearing from you!

    2. XD Thank you. I think I needed that. And if you can't do a consecutive week, that's okay—the point about making it a month was kind of to just find a TIME sometimes during the month to do it, even if it's not a week, strictly speaking. I hope you'll be able to find something to work with your schedule, though!

      WHAT. I didn't see that there was anything free on Rafflecopter—I thought it was just like, they ALL had to be paid for. I'm going to get some extra investigation in, I hope.

      And I'd love for you to guest post! :D I look forward to that, quite a bit! :)

  2. You are brilliant. I ask for comments and I get 4, I ask for guest posts and Ive gotten 2 to date.

    I think you should be giving me tips, definitely :)

    1. That sounds nice. Thanks for that, and thanks for reading! :)

  3. First of all, yeah, don't stress it. I thoroughly enjoy all your posts, and I know others do too! :)

    And ah, I've been waiting for this. I really, really love the idea of a fan week, and I'm totally up for it - I could probably manage a consecutive week of it myself, so count me in! I'm messaging you now about guest posts things.

    1. Thanks! :) I think the real killer is asking for stuff (because I hate asking for stuff) but still, I appreciate it.

      And yay! I will get back to your email in a minute because I have been doing Econ homework all day, and so I've had it open wanting to respond but COULDN'T. So YAY AGAIN!

  4. I'd love to guest post!
    Would you want post's mostly about blogging or it doesn't really matter?

    1. The main idea for Fan Week is basically the concepts of audience and social networking with blogging, so that would be my main preference. If it still sounds like something you want to do, feel free to send me a message on the contact page! :)

  5. I have run a rafflecopter giveaway before, and I was able to use the free version of Rafflecopter to do so. In fact, the whole thing was free because I did a public writing critique on my blog so I wouldn't even have to shell out any money for it. My best tip for using the free version of Rafflecopter is to use the "Invent Your Own" entry ticket option. It allows to you to make up any way for your users to enter the giveaway. For example, they can follow your blog on Bloglovin' to get an extra entry, follow you on Twitter to get an extra entry, etc.

    Also, I would totally link-up with fan week. Technically, I'm always doing a fan week because I binge write and schedule my posts for the month at the beginning of the month so I can spend the time commenting on other blogs.

    1. Okay, I did not actually understand there was a free version—so thanks for the info, it's very helpful! That's also a clever way to do it, and one I may consider doing in the future! Thanks for the tips as well; I can't wait to see what things I can come up with. :D

      Really? Binge writing is next to impossible for me, but it must be so nice to do it—I know that for me, scheduling everything is a huge time-consumer within my week. It's great that you always allow yourself that time, though; great work!

  6. Ooh, fan week is making a comeback! I'm so glad it is. I hope to join in with it when you do it, although I'll definitely have posts scheduled over that week as I don't really want to leave my poor blog dormant for a whole week. Fan week was such a great idea when you did it last time, so I'm excited that it's becoming an event.

    I would love to guest post for you soon, but I haven't got any specific ideas yet. But I'll definitely shoot you an email about it when I've had time to think up some post subjects.

    1. Yes, yes it is! And that's okay, too—though it's something I will do (I looove imagery XD) the main point is to spend time being a fan, and making scheduled posts is another easy way to do that—and one you can do all year!

      And awesome! There's no rush; there's a whole month between now and then, so whenever you're ready is fine. I look forward to hearing from you! :)

  7. Your posts are awesome! I always read them even when I don't comment. YOUR WHOLE BLOG IS AWESOME.

    I've traded guest posts before, and what I learnt was that you should get the guest post-er to write about something that has to do with your blog niche rather than theirs. Which is why I think interviews about something are always the safest way to go. If that made sense??

    Fan Week would be awesome! Hard for me not to post, but I would love to give it a go. You can learn so much from others blogs :)

    1. THANK YOU. And I realize that I was being emotional and silly; it's just that I hate that vampirestat statistic. Maybe someday.

      Anyway, yes, that seems to be working out for me, although people actually seem to be able to post about my stuff instead of about theirs. XD

      I hope you join! You're completely right, you absolutely can learn by just taking a few minutes to read. :)

  8. Oh don't feel worried about people not commenting! I know a lot of people who just read but never comment so you are never, ever just talking to some bot. :D Ooh and have fun with the guest posting! I'd offer except I'm completely stuffed with my own blog and school work.

    1. That's a good reassurance to have, thanks. :) I will have fun with guest posting, and thanks for thinking of it, even if you're unavailable. I know that it's hard to blog and be productive and do all the other blogs at the same time—it's crazy.


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