Saturday, October 11, 2014

#WatchMeWrite: The Walden-Bond Index

I was dubious about posting this post. See, a writer named E.R. Warren was writing (as writers do), and recorded a screencast as she wrote the first draft of her WIP. The Internet being the Internet, this trend has caught on. I wasn’t too sure. Now I am very sure.

These videos are a little addicting—it’s fascinating to watch first drafts and WIPs have little black characters pop on and off the screen while the writer thinks. I’m most grateful to the self-proclaimed snarkist, Alyssa Carlier from Insanity Inc., for her tag. (You can look at her post here!)

I myself am posting the foundation for a future blog series—I call it The Walden-Bond Index. It’s my personal classification of villains and antagonists based on role and reason.

Check it out:

(Update: OKAY. I'm on Windows, okay? I've had to deal with at least three different screen casters, a crappy experience wherein Firefox has pretty much been ruined on my computer, uploading all these videos like, seven different times, and pretty much I'm just posting this now to prove I did it. It is such a cool idea and I'm glad Alyssa tagged me, but I don't think I have the technical capabilities to make this work anymore. I apologize for the inconvenience!)

I’m still drafting my Index, but suffice it to say that I am going to condense a work that is currently 11 pages and make it into a plot post that is less than 1000 words (I hope).

As you may know, I esteem villains/antagonists as perhaps the most important character within a work, because they are the reason the problem exists. Also, I think I’m just a little weird like that. Regardless, when the villain of a story flops, or I feel cheated of their heinous deed, I get a little bugged—and when they exceed all standards I rejoice.

So what am I going to do? I’ll classify them: this is what they do and this is what they want. Then I’ll characterize them: these are things that made them amazing, and these are thing that did not. Hopefully, as I get through more posts, we’ll be able to figure out a few common elements that make the villain, and even more that break ‘em.

I’m hoping it will help my writing, if not yours as well.

You’re going to have to give me a little patience to finish the other half of my theory before I get posting, but I’m hoping to have the guidelines up before the end of the month, as well as our first character study.

So that’s my bit.

I, for one, am going to nominate Mariella, Imogen, Alexa, and Dazie Bear, because I’d love to see how their minds work while they’re writing. However, I formally invite everyone to try it out, because it is more fun than you’d think.

(And, remember: I recorded mine as a clever announcement; you can write, revise, or plan for novels, blog posts, shopping lists, whatever! Be creative! This is certainly the crowd to do it in.)

A few other technical notes: if you need help, you can click this link to get a little advice on recording your own video (Do NOT use CamStudio!). Also, if you go on Twitter you can use #WatchMeWrite to see more examples of authors hard at work!

So get to it.

What do you think of my evil plan? Interested? Not? Do you imagine such examinations would help you with your writing/reading?

If you make a video, be sure to share the link with me in the comments! I’d love to watch!


  1. Oh wow Heather! This is the coolest thing ever:') I take for ages to write something up... I can't write if I don't have inspiration hahaha:)
    Loved this post <3

    1. It's a pretty cool idea—and I'm not sure if I mentioned it but the writing is actually sped up 8x, so there were plenty of natural pauses I had to deal with. XD

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Wow!! This is such a cool idea!! Thank you!

    1. I certainly thought so! :) Absolutely.

  3. Oh my goodness, that is such a fabulous idea. The "Agents of Chaos" sounds really interesting — I really really really want to read the blog series. (I have this feeling it'll end up as my go-to list when creating villains.)

    And I'm so sorry to hear that I was responsible for breaking Firefox :S It was still a cool vid, though! Can't wait for the actual series to be posted (yeah, I said that, but hey, repeating doesn't hurt.)

    1. Yes, yes, Agents of Chaos are much fun. :) Much fun indeed... I can't wait to start posting! (But first, regrettably, I must write the posts that are to be posted. Alas.)

      And don't worry about it—we've been able to do a system restore so Firefox is doing a lot better than it was. :) But keep a weather eye, I'm definitely going to try to get the blog series up and running before Halloween!

  4. Ooh, this looks so cool. I've never heard of this idea before, but I really enjoyed seeing how you work. thanks for tagging me for this. I have some spare time this week, so I'll definitely be having a go at making a video of me writing. You'll all have to endure my terrible first draft though...

    1. It's a fun activity, no? But it's okay making first drafts—they're something to behold, no matter what. I can't wait to see your video. :)

  5. So great!! :D Love your addition to #WatchMeWrite. And way to brave the technical challenges to put your draft out there. "Agents of Chaos" is such a cool concept - thanks for sharing a sneak peak with us!

    1. Thanks for watching! And yes, adversity was overcome—but that's no bad thing. And yes, Agents of Chaos are certainly fun characters; but don't forget that there are another nine types I have prepared, just waiting to make an appearance!


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