Monday, October 13, 2014

The Whole Shebang: Every Blog I Follow

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I took down that “Blogs I’m Following” thing on my Blogger profile. In one sense, I really do like the option of a follower’s list, because when I’m looking at a blogger I admire, I’m curious to know what they’re interested in and if I can glean anything from their mentors.

But I follow 49 blogs. That’s a lot. I didn't like how it looked. So I ditched it.

Technically, I’m not going to share all the blogs I follow (another reason was that I added my library’s blog, and that’s just a little too personal for the general public) but I’ll share the majority. I’ll even tell you why.

And just to be fair, they’re all going to be in alphabetical order.

A Splash of Ink—this is a newer addition, but I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far. I like getting the perspective of a writer in college, and Sunny brings up many interesting discussion points.

A.C. Gaughen—I’ve talked about the Scarlet trilogy before, and this is the author. Other than writing, I believe she works in a teen girl’s program, and occasionally writes about that.

Adam Young—Owl City is my favorite of all the musics. Sometimes Adam posts cool pictures or song clips, which I enjoy immensely.

An Infinite Mind—Rob doesn’t post on this anymore, but if you like history or science or interesting facts, you should check out the archives, they’re awesome.

Avi Blog—I haven’t read an Avi book in a long time, but I like reading the perspective of a published author, how he writes, what he thinks is important. Plus, he lives in Colorado.

Avoiding Atrophy—I have no idea how I found this blog. All I know is that it’s hilarious; it’s written by a young stand-up comedian, providing yet another area of the arts for me to explore.

Baiting a Musetrap—I know Mariella because I agreed to read the first ten chapters of her book. And now I’ve read the whole thing like, three times. So of course I follow her. On her blog, Mariella writes about books, Dissonance (the book), and this month she’s doing a series on monsters and legends!

Daddy Doin’ Work—this is possibly the weirdest blog for me, Heather, to follow. It’s a blog about parenting. I already know I don’t want kids, but he’s a good writer, and funny! Parenting’s a trip.

Dimensions of My Universe—Cassia participates in a lot of writing related activities, which I sometimes read (oops), and she’s rumored to be starting a project revolving around Myers-Briggs interviews soon!

Emily Rachelle Writes—the author of Sixteen, Emily writes about books and her faith, as well as other aspects of her life.

Every Stinkin’ Page—even the title draws me in on this one. Technically, I’m still taking this blog for a “test drive,” but I’m still enjoying much of Anastasia’s commentaries and advice on writing.

Gail Carson Levine—I haven’t read this as diligently as I should, but twice a month readers get an in-depth examination of story elements and a chance to try them out.

George O’Connor’s Online Sketchbook—I have been remiss in declaring exactly how much I love his Olympians series, and it is so cool to see the early drafts and commentaries he shares.

Get it Write Tonight—S. Alex Martin shares writing advice, book talks, and fascinating ideas. He is the author of Embassy—he talks about that quite a bit, too. I actually just bought his book, so I would get free shipping.

[Side note, I didn't just buy his book for the explicit purpose of getting free shipping (I do actually want to read it) but it was on the list of things I want that brought my other purchase over $30 on Amazon.]

Gossiping with Dragons—Imogen is a writer who discusses books and writing, but she shares other cool resources as well, including epic videos.

Go Teen Writers—this is the beginning. Honestly, when I first started hanging out in the GTW community (almost a year now) I felt like I was just torturing myself, knowing how much suck I possessed compared to these published teen authors and people who actually knew what they were doing with their lives. I’m glad I stuck with it, it’s given me plenty of advice and encouragement over the last year, and I HIGHLY recommend it to teen writers. The suck passes.

H.I.V.E.—Mark Walden is my favorite author. He doesn’t update the blog often but I hold out on a faint hope. I just know he’s going to kill Dr. Nero and that is the day my heart dies. And so I keep a weather eye.

How to Fight Write—if you have any kind of action in your writing, this is a great resource to find information to make it realistic. There’s also a history of resources for creating awesome fictional women and improving one’s writing overall—booyah.

Incidental Comics—Grant Snider has this perfect, hilarious perspective on life that reminds you why it is hard to be an artist, and why you love it anyway.

Insanity Inc.—I dabbled with this blog when I have done my Teens Can Write Too! Blog Chains, and Alyssa writes (and snarks) about books, writing, and subjects that interest her.

Leah’s Bookshelf—Leah writes about faith and books, and is publishing a book in November I’m most curious to read. (I even have it on my calendar.)

Lily’s Notes in the Margins—this blog is still on its “test drive” run, so maybe it will stay and maybe it will go, but thus far I’ve seen a sweet short story I enjoyed.

Musings of a Creative Spirit—I’ve followed this blog for quite a while, actually, and I can honestly say it is one of my favorites to read. Stephanie writes about writing, her faith, and her struggle with Lyme disease—her posts never fail to impress me.

Neal Shusterman—this guy is the best author I have ever read. He hasn’t replaced H.I.V.E. in my heart, but him and his stupid psychology degree make my brains bleed. He’s that good. So I pay attention to what he says.

Notebook Sisters—I have followed this blog since… yesterday. I’ve only read one post about Lemony Snicket’s book, Shouldn’t You Be in School?, but Cait has me convinced I should read it.

Of Battles, Dragons, and Swords of Adamant—Gillian’s blog covers writing, especially since she’s just released a new book, but she’s also written about villains and plot and other such awesomesauce.

Olympians Rule!—this is honestly the same thing as George O’Connor’s Online Sketchbook but I follow them both anyway.

Opal Swirls—this is a blog on its “test drive” still, but I’ve been impressed so far with Dazie Bear’s storytelling and discussion topics. I’m guessing it’s a keeper.

Query Shark—if you need to write a query letter, read this. I haven’t, but I know I need to. It’s a critique site for queries, and it slams you, but it helps you. Lots. I think.

Stori Tori’s Blog—Victoria’s most interesting posts are about different teas she has tried, but also cool words, music, and writing elements.

Summer Snowflakes—if you want to read about books, music, writing, and the occasional faith-talk, this is a blog for you. I’m always ready to see what Alexa comes up with next.

Superhero Nation—this is new for me, but I’m going to be writing a book about superheroes (sort of) over Christmas break (and you are going to hold me to it). I need to study up.

T.T. Kesley—this is yet another author blog, but Tara’s interpretations of faith immediately caught my eye. Also, I read writer blogs, if you haven’t noticed. I think this is what we do.

Teens Can Write Too!—I’ve done the blog chains before, and they’re cool not only because you can read other people’s writings, but because they can see yours as well. It’s a great way to build community—and regardless where you go with your blogging, it is a lot easier within a community.

The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson—if you love that show Sherlock, which I do, passionately, then you might take a look. It’s not very well-written but the stories parallel those of the show.

The Cheerful Cashier—Joy hasn’t posted since August, but I’m still holding out. The message of this blog I would hope to emulate in my own life: being your servant regardless of my situation. I went back and read all the posts, it was so good.

The Emo Wolverine Writes—hail another newbie. I haven’t been around long, but I’ve loved Catalina’s blogging advice and letters. Also, she provides a different cultural perspective from mine—and that’s the kind of thing I love to read.

The Journeys of my Beating Heart—sometimes I just follow a lot of new blogs at the same time, okay? June is another casi-anomaly, because much of what she writes about is simply the life of a teenage girl. It’s a personal story, and that’s always cool to read.

The Upstairs Archives—yet another find from the TCWT Blog Chains, and I stuck around. When “faith” and “nerdy” can be used in the same sentence, I am muy happy.

The Write Practice—I read this when I feel like it. It’s an excellent source for writers, figuring out different strategies to tackle writing and master different story elements.

Wishful Thinking—I lost track of this blog for a while when Mirriam switched, but I’m glad to have found that cheerful, witty voice again. Her posts cover writing, but also travel and her interests as well.

Writability—this blog was snagged from Rob, and I’ve never regretted it. Ava Jae reviews books, discusses all aspects of a writer’s life, and has recently started vlogging. It’s been super helpful in my (admittedly short and private) writing career.

Write to Done—a professional blog on how to write better and write more consistently. It’s geared more towards adults, but honestly anyone can use it.

Writer and Proud—Annika just started blogging, but I’m curious to see what she comes up with as she gets the ball rolling.

Writers Helping Writers—I don’t honestly go on this one much, but they provide information on how to represent different activities and talents when writing. I’ve always thought I’d look at it when I start editing.

Writing Forward—this is the first blog about writing I started to follow, ever. It’s okay. Mostly it’s repeat posts and self-promotion these days, but perhaps there is more gold at the end of the rainbow.

YA Author Elana Johnson—I found this blog when I was trying to figure out how to write a trilogy. She’s caught my interest, and so, I follow. Lots of book promotion and personal stories.

YAvengers—this is probably one of the coolest ideas on the Internet. Writers (guises designed to hide their true identities as superheroes) write about writing from an Avenger’s perspective. It’s good advice and fun to read!

And that’s a wrap.

If you’re curious, I just hit the fifth page of this blog post… Too long? Perhaps. But I think it good, sometimes, to acknowledge who we follow, and why—and besides, you might like to take a look as well.


[Note: My descriptions do not fully encompass the point of any of the above blogs, and it’s possible I don’t even talk about the reason the blogger is blogging. However, what I’ve mentioned are the aspects most important to me about the blog, and therefore the things I found worth sharing—always be sure to check out the blog YOURSELF before you go dismissing it as just a silly blog Heather reads. You may just be missing out.]

What are some of your favorite blogs?


  1. Great list. I know some of the blogs on it, but there are a whole heap more that I'm not familiar with but that I'll definitely be checking out later. I also had this tiny thrill of excitement to see my name up there. I know it's a list of ALL the blogs you follow, but you made me feel special today. I shared this list on my Facebook page too.

    1. Well, I'll say this—if the blog's on the list, I either enjoy it or find it incredibly useful. So you really can't go wrong.

      I'm glad you enjoyed being on the list, and if it makes you feel even more special, I always enjoy reading your blog. ;) I just haven't been around as long to say more nice things about it. XD

      Thanks for reading and for sharing!

  2. I'm so flattered my blog is on there, I literally squealed with excitement :) I'm glad you enjoy my snark, hehe.

    1. I figure it's the least I can do to recognize the blogs I spend so much time reading. :) And why shouldn't I enjoy your snark? It's awesome!

  3. Wow, thanks for putting my blog on the list :)
    And a long list it is too- I'll be checking out some of these blogs! :D

    1. :) Of course! I'm interested in what you have to say!

      And yes, it is long, and yes, looking them up would certainly be worthwhile.


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