Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A New Era

Flickr Credit: John O'Sullivan
I assume you’ve noticed there are some changes around here. I didn’t mention it before, though it was sort of obvious—I didn’t really want to detract from my other posts.

Here is my official notice: I revamped. The design is new, I updated my header and their pages, and I’m still working on the gadgets bar, but you’ll notice there’s a button now. The favicon changed, too, which brings tears of joy to my eyes, because if you’ve never messed with the favicon, you do not know the frustration I’ve suffered.

It took a lot of work. It took a lot of help, too, and there are a couple sites that merit a mention.

The Daily Post — this was the most helpful post I found on blog design, and if you know me, you know that I suck at design and art, so finding instructions took a lot of weight off my shoulders—one thing I can do is follow instructions.

Stuti Sakhalkar — Coming up with a logo was hard, because while my blog is about stories (reading and writing and movies and life) I knew I didn’t have the skill to design something fitting for them all. I go into detail about the handprint on the About page, but suffice it to say I like it. — if you’ve never been to picmonkey, it’s just an online photo editor. Maybe it’s rudimentary. I don’t know. But I had plenty of options and it was really easy to use, even for a non-artsy person like me. — changing the favicon requires an icon extension, and it is a hassle, let me tell you. FINALLY I was able to get what I wanted with this program, and even though it took a few hours, you can see up there that I have made the successful change.

Code Generator — this is a great tool, easy to use and lovely results when you want a button for the sidebar. I had no problems.

Blogging Mentors — someday I will give these people proper credit by name, but suffice it to say that when I first realized I needed a design change, I went to some of my favorite blogs and took notes on what I thought they did best and traits they all shared. As before, I have limited skills, but I did my best to emulate the best.

Consultants  — a number of ladies on the Go Teen Writers Facebook page were a big help in coming up with ways to make the blog easier to read and nicer to look at. I am eternally grateful.

(Also, shout out to you if you were one of the eight people who voted in the poll! Thank you!)

Mariella — my good friend Mariella has been amazingly supportive through all of this redesign, which I found quite stressful. I am that person who will judge a blog by its design without even reading it, sometimes, and I did not want that same thing to happen to me. She’s been awesome through it all. Also, she is the one who encouraged me to do something I didn’t think I would do.

Sometimes I’m a Story has its own Facebook page!

Crazy stuff, guys. I’ll be using the Facebook page to promote this blog, of course, but I’ll also be posting links to other blog posts I’ve enjoyed, writing resources, and darn good stories.

Because in all of this, I’ve realized something else—there is a purpose to my blog. Stories. And I suppose that seems obvious, the blog name has been the same since I started it, and that’s really what most of my posts are about it, but it never really connected in my head.

And now it has.

So begins a new era in Sometimes history. Woohoo!

What do you think of the new blog design? Is there anything you think I should change, or may need revision? (And will you like the Facebook page? Sorry, sorry, self-promo, but sorry.)


Other than this great new design, what else do you want to see more of?


  1. I like the new design very much. It's so clean and fresh and simple. Well done on navigating all the difficult coding. I can't design blogs to save my life, so I had to get my talented little sister to do mine. Of course I'll like your page. I'm going over there right now.

    1. I'm glad you like it! My sister is the coder in the family, but I'm not sure she can do design—you're fortunate you've got her. :) Your new one is quite attractive too, if I do say so myself. And thank you for the like!


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