Friday, October 3, 2014

A Good Story Linkup #2 | El puercoespín mutante

Once before have I participated in the Good Story Linkup, hosted over at Baiting a Musetrap, and twice now shall I participate. There’s two rules: keep it PG-13 or below, and it has to be something you wrote or are working on.

(By the by, YOU are welcome to participate!)

For AP Spanish this year, I have to write a journal of sorts entirely in Spanish. Today I wrote a wee little story in Spanish and I thought I’d share it with you. Never accuse me of being inefficient. (Sorry for the mistakes. I may be in AP, but I still have a lot to learn.)

Flickr Credit: Eustaquio Santimano
El puercoespín se llamaba Dante y él era mutante. En el exterior, Dante aparecía como un monstruo—él tenía ojos morados y negros y espinas ayudas que arrojaban un chorro de veneno de las puntas. En el interior, sin embargo, Dante era el puercoespín más amable en todo el mundo.

Los otros puercoespines no les gustaba al pobre Dante—él era como basura a ellos. Con cara muy triste, Dante sentaba en el suelo por una larga vez.

—Ellos me decían que debiera salir yo, antes de que yo haga un problema más grande—Dante dijo, y chorritos de veneno salieron de las espinas. —Nadie me quiere.

El puercoespín salió su hogar en el bosque y caminó a la ciudad. Él esperaba que el pudiera encontrar un trabajo. Él no tenía suerte, y Dante suspiró en la esquina de una manzana dónde estaban el edificio del estado.

—¿Por qué estás triste, puercoespín?—preguntó una mujer en las calles.

—Porque soy inútil,—dijo Dante. —Nadie quiere emplear un puercoespín con ojos morados y negros y espinas agudas que arrojan un chorro de veneno de las puntas.

—Lo veo,—dijo la mujer. —Pero quizás tengo un trabajo para Usted. Durante la mañana buscaba un cerdo con espadas que pueda matar los enemigos del estado. ¿Puedes matar con el veneno?

—Sí,—dijo Dante, con una sonrisa.

—Me llamo Claudia, y soy agente secreta,—dijo Claudia.—¿Quieres trabajar conmigo?

—Por supuesto.

Y como eso la asesina y el puercoespín mutante se hicieron amigos. Durante las días ellos sentaban en montas en frente del fuego, y durante las noches ellos destruían el escoria del mundo. También los puercoespines estaban celos para siempre, porque Dante podía comer el tocino y la granola todo el tiempo.

Los dos vivían felizmente siempre después. El fin.

If you don’t speak Spanish and you tried to read it anyway, kudos to you! This is my liberal translation of the above story. Enjoy!

Flickr Credit: Susy Morris
The porcupine was named Dante and he was a mutant. On the outside, Dante looked like a monster—he had purple and black eyes and sharp spines that squirted venom from the points. But on the inside, Dante was the nicest porcupine in the world.

The other porcupines didn’t like poor Dante—he was like trash to them. With his face sad, Dante would sit on the ground for long periods of time.

“They always told me I should leave, before I make a big problem,” said Dante, and little streams of venom dripped from his spines. “Nobody wants me.”

The porcupine left his woodland home and walked to the city. He hoped he could find a job. He had no luck, and sighed, sitting on the block by the state building.

“Why are you sad, little porcupine?” asked a woman on the street.

“Because I am useless,” Dante told her. “Nobody wants to hire a porcupine with black and purple eyes and sharp spines that squirt venom from the tips.”

“I see,” said the woman. “But maybe I have a job for you. Just this morning I was looking for a pig with swords that can kill state enemies. Can you kill with your poison?”

“Yes,” Dante said with a smile.

“I’m Claudia, and I’m a secret agent,” said Claudia. “Do you want to work with me?”


And that was how the assassin and the mutant porcupine became friends. During the day they would sit in blankets in front of the fire and at night they would obliterate the scum of the earth. Also, all the other porcupines were jealous because Dante could eat bacon and granola all the time.

They both lived happily ever after. The end.

Do YOU want to join the Good Story Linkup? Feel free! As I said before, it can be anything YOU wrote, just so long as you don’t include particularly naughty or violent or rude parts. If you DO join, let me know! I’d love to read it!


  1. I love this story!:)
    Spanish is a beautiful language, how I wish I could learn it too!:)
    This is another wonderful post from you<3

    1. Thanks! All languages are kind of awesome; and I certainly love Spanish. And hey, it never hurts to know how to say "¿Dónde está el baño?" in any language—so I'd say do all the research you want!

      Thank you for reading!

  2. Good luck on your AP! And your story is super adorable; the fact that Dante eats bacon and granola just helps. Can totally imagine them being awesome secret agents together :)

    And thanks so much for introducing me to Good Story Link-ups, I have this feeling I'll get extremely acquainted with it tonight ... or tomorrow very early morning ...

    1. Thank you! And I'm glad you like the story; when I was bored at school yesterday I considered it a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer story but with secret agents. XD Such is life.

      And absolutely! When you get around to posting something, let me know so I can read it!

  3. I love this porcupine and I would give him a hug if it would not kill me.

    1. Isn't it such a tragedy, that the best things in life are only going to stab you with poisonous needles that grow out of their backs...


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