Monday, September 1, 2014

Dinner Party: Artemis Fowl's Birthday

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Today is Artemis Fowl’s birthday, and he had such a good time at my last dinner party, he agreed to let me
host another little celebration. The rule is the same: twelve seats, twelve guests. Two seats already belong to Artemis and myself, and the rest of the guest list is up to me!

Butler (Artemis Fowl)—Artemis never goes anywhere without his faithful bodyguard, of course, and I hear that Butler isn’t afraid of kitchen work.

Juliet Butler (Artemis Fowl)—Juliet’s never made it over in person, but I’ll be delighted to make her acquaintance. If we decide to order some late-night pizza before Artemis heads home, I know exactly who gets to answer the door.

Holly Short (Artemis Fowl)—Artemis isn’t sure she’ll make a “live appearance,” as it were, but we’ll leave a chair open for her anyway. She can take the salad or leave it—I’m certainly not eating it.

Otto Malpense (H.I.V.E.)—Otto and Artemis really hit it off last time, and I thought I’d invite him back as well. Two geniuses, both with master planning abilities and technological skills? These guys will be talking for years.

Laura Brand (H.I.V.E.)—Laura will be making her debut at the table as well, much for the same reason as Otto. Artemis hasn’t met her in person, but he’s assured me he finds her portfolio impressive already.

Nigel Darkdoom (H.I.V.E.)—A little surprising, but I was willing to give in to Otto’s request. Nigel’s a botanist, not a computer geek, but I suspect the stories of his monster plants won’t bore Artemis one bit.

Raven (H.I.V.E.)—Clearly Dr. Nero wasn’t about to let his students go anywhere without proper supervision, and it wouldn’t be fair to Butler if he didn’t have anyone to compare battle scars with.

Robin Hood (Scarlet)—A.C. Gaughen’s depiction of Robin is a little different than most, but I imagine meeting a historical duke will fascinate Artemis to no end. After all, he’s been going on about that time machine lately…

Lewis/Cornelius (Meet the Robinsons)—Lewis is a little bit young to be joining us, but I have the distinct suspicion their two creative minds will fascinate the other. Also, time travel.

Cinder (Cinder)—She may be a poor mechanic, but I figured Artemis would love to steal—er, I mean learn about—the technology in her day and age. I’m only hoping he has the tact not to make any cracks about her being a cyborg.

Looks like that’s a full table! Invitations out, and hopefully they’ll RSVP soon. Let the fiesta begin!

Would you change my table? Would you like to come? Share your reactions in the comments below!


  1. Ooh, this is such a great idea! I would love to see how Raven and Butler would get on. Add Juliet to the mix and that would be quite a combination. This is a pretty power packed dinner party. I love it!

    1. I actually explored that idea in Fan Fiction once! I like to think they would be cautious friends--and Juliet would enjoy Shelby's company. Thanks for reading!


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