Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mouse Box

Flickr Credit: Brian Kellett
We have mice in our house, and my dad and I are not thrilled. More than that, I have even more reason to detest them because I am the one who listens to them at 2 AM while they tear at the hole in my ceiling.
When it is that dark and that quiet they sound like seven-foot murderers.

So I have a mouse box.

Not a trap, it’s simply a black box that makes a high pitched chirping sound and blinks a red light so the mice stay away. The frequency is supposed to hurt their ears.

Initially, I thought the noise was annoying. I only kept it on when I wasn’t in my room, and hoped that would be enough. It wasn’t. Just a few weeks ago, it was in the early hours of the day when I heard them. I couldn’t tell how many mice there were or what kind of party they were throwing in my ceiling, but I was scare. It was late, dark, and I couldn’t even contemplate what I would do if a mouse were to shimmy down the curtains and onto my bed.

I got up. And I turned the mouse box on. And I went to sleep.

The mouse box reminds me of God, a little bit. It can be hard to let Him into our lives—practicing love and leaving behind our inner jerk is like, really hard and feels impossible. We don’t want His voice in our heads when we’re trying to do something else and we want to be able to turn Him off at our convenience.

But there’s a point where we have to give in.

I can neither handle my mouse problem nor my sin on my own, and I have to accept that I need help, or I will be screwed.

That’s when God’s inconvenience becomes a gift. It becomes constant, it never fails to protect us, and keeps the mice—I mean, sin—away from us.

Because of Jesus I am saved and because of my mouse box I am safe.

And I think those are two great reasons to celebrate. Happy Sunday.

Where have you seen God today?


  1. Oh wow. The mice sound horrible. During the spring there was this woodpecker that kept on pecking away at a hole in the side of our house near my room and it was so annoying to constantly listen to the tapping sounds. I feel your pain, but I think mice are even worse than a woodpecker. Hmmm...where have I seen God today? Well, I had a really tough cross country practice today and during the first half of our 6 mile run I felt really tired and I was having a hard time keeping up with my group. God gave me the confidence to keep going and during the second half of the run I was able to run faster and easily keep up with my group. It was a small thing, but still something to be appreciated.

    1. Ugh! We've had woodpeckers too, and they're no fun either. The bright side of woodpeckers, though, is that they don't live inside your house.

      That's a great representation of seeing God! Though if you've ever seen "Chariots of Fire" then you might know why I don't really consider it a "small thing." ;)


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