Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Liebster Award 2014

Miss Cassia at Dimensions of My Universe was sweet enough to nominate me for a Liebster award. Thanks, Cassia! I hear she’s planning for some really neat stuff coming up in the future—so for sure check out her blog.

Anyway, here is my super-stressful post which is to abide by these lovely rules:

11 Things You Might Not Have Known About Me

1. I listen to classic Wiggles. Yes, I’m talking about Greg, Anthony, Murray, and Jeff—at this very moment I’m listening to “Go Captain Feathersword, Ahoy!” because I enjoy this song. I also occasionally watch the Taiwanese or Spanish Wiggles.

2. I hate windshield wipers.

3. I have a blog with my bombastic friend Rob. You can look us up at Wandering in a Blur.

4. My pupils are symmetrical. Apparently that’s not something you see every day. I don’t know, that’s just what the guy at the glasses store said.

5. It’s gotten to the point where I love watching movies a little more than I love reading. I’m that person who likes to analyze the different characters and think about all the different implications of various scenes and stuff, and the visual that TV provides is just better for me. I still read, trust me, but it takes me a little more time to “get it.”

6. I do not have a cell phone. I don’t really want one, either. Like, why on earth would you ever want to stay in contact with people?

7. I seriously have finished all but two books on my last TBR list, which is amazing in itself. I still have to read my own copy of Mothership, and I don’t know if I’m going to get started on Poe yet. But seriously, yay me.

8. I am an ISTJ when it comes to Myers-Briggs, and I like that.

9. Thus far I have two wisdom teeth that have grown in, one that has just poked up, and one that may or may not make an appearance. My parents both had one, and I was told my whole life I probably wouldn’t get any. Ha. Hahahahaha. No. Don’t do this to your kids, people, for my sake.

10. I know almost everything about Arthur. That TV show with the aardvark. Serious.

11. Tagging other people to do these things is terrifying. Being social isn’t my strong point.

Cassia’s Top 11

1. What is something that you always carry with you?

I can think of nothing I consistently carry with me everywhere. Absolutely nothing. That’s weird of me.

2. If you could live in any fictional world, what would it be?

Artemis Fowl or Firefly. It’s really a tossup.

3. What book has left the biggest impact on your life?

Again, it’s tricky. H.I.V.E. really got me into writing, and The Maze of Bones brought me to the greatest friends any girl could ask for. I claim them.

4. Are you a city or country kid at heart?

I am… neither. I like the suburbs and the mountains. And I live in both!

5. Do you collect anything?

Notebooks I’ve filled up, I suppose. I recently catalogued them all, so I know I have more than just two handfuls.

6. If you could pick an element (earth, air, water, fire) to describe you based on your own criteria, which element would you choose?

I would probably choose earth, because I am very down to it.

7. If you had to choose one of your characters to room with, who would you pick?

Ummmm… My characters? I don’t think that would work out so well. None of them.

8. Summer or winter?

Winter. When the sky is red and dreams are high… I’m always going to love those mornings best.

9. Which reality TV or game show would you like to be on or think you would do well on?

I don’t think any of them. Actually, I haven’t watched any, so I guess I’m not particularly qualified to answer.

10. What is the most listened to song in your iTunes library?

 “Favorite Song” by Jamie Grace. It just so happens that I very much dislike that song, and it is actually something my sisters listen to, not me.

11. If you could take the place of any famous book or movie character and live out their story, which character would you choose?

Hard to say. Probably Jane Eyre, because she has a happy ending and doesn’t get mucked up too badly.

Blog Nominations

And… I don’t know anyone else with less than 200 readers, I think, so that’s going to have to be it. Alas.

My Questions Fo-or-or-or-or-or YOU! That’s right, YOU!

(I was pretending to be Elmo from Sesame Street, if anyone wanted to know.)

1. What is the most valuable advice you think you could give to a budding blogger?

2. If you were a Greek god or goddess, what would your domain be? (Bonus question: What would people sacrifice to you?)

3. What brand and scent is your current shampoo?

4. Have you ever filled up an entire notebook of your own accord? (as in: not for school)

5. What was your favorite childhood TV show?

6. Do books, movies, etc. make you cry?

7. What color would your lightsaber be?

8. What is the most boring book you have ever read, and did you end up finishing it?

9. How attached do you get to the characters you write about?

10. What Myers-Briggs type are you? (If you don’t know, you can check here.)

11. Do you have any good advice when it comes to mice infestations?

So, that is the end of this award. Hope you enjoyed it, and see you soon.

Did you like any of the questions? Answer whatever you want in the comments below!

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