Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Good Story Linkup #1 | Pinkies

Two things.

First, school started today, so I don't know how posting is going to go anymore. You can count on Thursday posts, because I know I can do that, but it may take a week or two to see how my new schedule will allow for blogging time.

Then, we have the Good Story Linkup, hosted by the fabulous Mariella Hunt. She coerced me to do it—okay, maybe convinced—and I figured I might as well try it once. The idea is to simply post whatever you want that you have written: scribbles, blurbs, things you will never put anywhere.

And it has to be PG-13 or less, so I'm hoping I got below that benchmark. Have at it.

There were pinkies. Not just ten or twenty, but thousands, hanging from wires like little hams for little
Christmas dinners. Teddy’s captor had certainly dressed for the occasion: his entire outfit was comprised of gold tinsel, and utterly failed to protect Teddy’s eyes from the dangly bits he had no wish to see.
“Guess what my name is,” the bald man guffawed. “Guess!”
“I couldn’t say,” Teddy replied. He winced as the handcuffs slid against his bruises once more—his attempts to escape wouldn’t get any more fluffy the rest of the night. “Do I get any hints?”
His captor stuck his fingers in his toothless mouth, laughing as though that were the funniest joke he had ever heard. “Hints! Hints! Ha ha ha ha! Hints!”
“Yes,” Teddy sighed. “Hints. As… a Christmas present.”
This gave the man some pause. “Hmm,” he said. “Okay! It’s my favoritest thing in the world and the bestest color of them all!” He laughed to himself some more. “You’ll never guess!”
“Let me think,” Teddy said. “Is your name… Pinky?”
Rather than being angry, Pinky was suddenly overcome by giggles. “YES!” he squealed. “Pinky is Pinky’s name!”
“Nice to meet you,” Teddy said, resigning himself to the company of this mottled, tinsel-wrapped madman. It wasn’t exactly how he had originally envisioned his Christmas Eve.
It was on a day such as Christmas that CODEX proved it was not only a cold, heartless machine, but a cold, heartless machine that acknowledged that humans, including secret agents, would carry on with their annual hullabaloos regardless of whether it sanctioned it or not. Teddy, therefore, had a Christmas weekend to look forward to. He could see his parents. Meet that nephew everyone was always going on about. Reacquaint himself with his next-door-neighbor, Julie.
But no. A bang and a pop and Teddy was spending his holidays in a room with a nincompoop and his collection of dismembered digits. Go figure.
“Listen, Pinky,” Teddy said. “Not that I’m not enjoying myself here, but is there a point to this torture?”
“Of course,” a soft, clipped voice replied. Teddy looked up to see the gentleman up on his balcony, looking down into the musty pit where he was chained. “Forgive me, Agent Turner. Pinky was the only one willing to work today—you must understand.”
“I do,” Teddy replied grimly. “Today was going to be my day off as well.”
The gentleman stepped down the stairs, and Teddy saw his face—contorted as if he were genuinely displeased to hear he’d cheated Teddy of his Christmas dinner.
“I’m sorry to hear that,” he said. He hesitated, stroking his silver beard for a moment, contemplating, regretting. A moment later, he jumped, as if he had forgotten Teddy were there altogether. “But forgive me, I haven’t introduced myself: I am Keith.”
“Oh, no,” Teddy groaned. “Not you.”
Keith’s nose twitched. “My reputation precedes me.”
“I’ll say. According to CODEX you’re enemy number one.”
“Ha!” Keith laughed. “He flatters me.”
Teddy glanced at Pinky, momentarily by the garbled carols echoing from his side of the pit. Focus, he chided himself.
“Why am I here? What do you want to know?”
Keith paused, contemplating the questions for a few moments. “Why do you assume it is information I want?” he responded. “If I wanted your dexterity, Pinky would have taken it long ago.”
Teddy stared determinedly into his captor’s face—deliberately avoiding the bloody visage that hung above their heads.
“Then why have you taken me?” Teddy asked. “What else could you want from me?”
“Ah, my young friend,” Keith sighed. “That is the real question, isn’t it? Pinky! Sedate him!”

Flickr Credit: Sophia Louise

And that's all for now, folks. Feel free to join the linkup here and we'll catch you on the flip side.


  1. "Pinky was the only one willing to work today—you must understand."

    I laughed too hard.

    Crying. XD

    I'm interested to see if they all have a happy day after all.

    1. You know if everyone thought I am as funny as you think I am, I could just be a comedian the rest of my life. XD

      But we'll see. Maybe I'll finish it. Maybe I won't. *gasp* The tension.


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