Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Wine of Friendship

It was not too long ago that a friend of mine rallied the gang in order to have a game night. Halfway into summer, and we hadn’t spent any time together for the explicit purpose of having fun.

Rob, my friend, is something of an inventionist when it comes to games. He’s made us run laps around the Internet, just so that we can use our brains competitively. He loves science and history and all sorts of unique things I’d never learn of otherwise.

Maybe I’m just geeky, but I always have a ton of fun.

The entire ordeal lasted until just after midnight, my time. The game was long ended, actually, and the conversation had strayed to Owl City and different TV show recommendations, but it was all the same a marvelous experience.

Having friends online is fun.

We don’t live in the same states, but what I’ve found is that only encourages us to get more creative with how we hang out:

  • I invented a game called “Go Find It,” where we went and found things in our houses and read them off. For some reason it was hilarious.
  • There have been lots of sites (of cats, of dragons, etc.) where we play games and bounce off of one another.
  • Skype and Google+, which has allowed us to talk face to face, even though we are hundreds of miles apart.
  • We use a Facebook group to get crazy with our photography and link sharing, as well as keep in touch. The same with a group chat.
  • Cards Against Humanity and Nutsy Bolts are two games we played (both are sort of like Apples to Apples) to hang out, but Nutsy Bolts closed down, dangit.
  • Accent videos! We would answer videos and say words to immortalize our voices and as little get-to-know-you blurbs.
There’s something to be said about friends who live in your neighborhood, who are available to play soccer and can sleep over at your house on weekends. But there is also something to be said about friends who live in other states. They make you get creative. There are different standards. And if you don’t put time and effort into the relationship, then they will drift away, and you will stop being friends.

Time, activity, and conversation. They’re virtually the same!

What do you think?

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