Friday, July 4, 2014

9 Reasons Why Naveen is My Favorite Disney Prince

We all have a favorite Disney prince. Well, I do, anyway. 

Strong heroines are great, and from the frilly dresses to the hair-raising action there are some definite reasons why it is great to be a Disney chick. But sometimes we need great guy characters, too. Society begs to have strong female leads with well developed characters who are somewhere in between beautiful-but-helpless and beautiful-and-kick-butt. I would beg to have strong male and female leads, because it wasn’t so long ago that guys had some crappy development as well (Like, look at the prince in Snow White. Nice guy, I’m sure, but boring.)

I love Princess and the Frog. Not because of Tiana, though I do sympathize with her, but because of her beau. Naveen is one of my favorite Disney characters.

Allow me to elucidate:

1. He’s funny! Naveen is cheerful and teasing; loud, crazy, enthusiastic. His brand of funny always gets me tickled.

2. He’s chatty! “And she is Tiana, a waitress. Do not kiss her.” Naveen has the best lines. It’s another part of his humor, but it also characterizes him as an individual. He shares by talking, and he has shared some valuable insights.

3. He’s foreign! I love Naveen’s accent. I don’t know why. And maybe it rips off another accent, but I don’t care. It’s a great accent.

4. He’s imperfect! You’ll notice that Prince Eric did not trust an evil Shadow Man, nor did Prince Phillip get ripped off by his parents. Naveen messes up all by his stupid self—and that’s a pretty modern idea. I love it.

5. He’s handsome! Shallow, shallow Heather. But still. I like his face.

6. He’s romantic! His dinner was sweet, as was “she is my Evangeline,” but building a restaurant with somebody is also kind of romantic. In the long term. I appreciate it.

7. He dances! It is one of my favorite parts when Naveen grabs Tiana at the end of the movie and they dance into the night in New Orleans. People should dance more. They really should.

8. He learns! “I realized… I don’t know how to do anything.” Naveen has been deprived of the chance to live the little parts of his whole—but he is still willing to learn to cook, to learn to love a girl, to learn to build something greater than himself, rather than mope and grumble because his parents cut him off.

9. He changes! Though it’s Tiana’s story, Naveen changes too. He begins as a playboy prince, ready to play and impossible to tie down. He went from “What we want, what we need, it’s all the same, no?” to marrying Tiana. Commitment. Support. Love. By marrying Tiana, he actively made the decision to stop taking people for granted, and sacrificing his own wishes (like all his other girlfriends) for Tiana’s. And she did the same for him.

Naveen made the movie for me. I’ll always remember that.

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Who is your favorite Disney prince? Why?

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