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Thursentary: Twilight

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Thursday again! Over the duration of my spring break I finished reading The Twilight Saga, and didn’t find it half bad. Sure, I had some issues with it, but nonetheless, I sincerely enjoyed learning the conclusion and found myself satisfied with the ending. Curious, I checked out the movie from the library to see how much of the book had made it onscreen.

As I cannot honestly think of a book I really want to write about now, I will Thursentary that movie.

The Rundown (With Spoilers)

Bella Swan arrives in Forks, Washington without hope for any redeeming factors in the rainy, cold town. That changes the day she sees Edward Cullen, a mysterious boy who seems both intrigued and repulsed by Bella herself. She pursues him, seeking facts and clues until she is forced to realize and admit: Edward is a vampire—one who wants to suck her blood, and one she is completely in love with. Bella gets friendly with Edward’s family, a stock of vampires themselves, but their afternoon out goes bad when a trio of nomadic vampires terrorizing the area show up and make Bella their next target. Bella flees from the scene back to Arizona, but when she learns her mother’s life is in danger she runs into the arms of James, the hunter, to save her. Her mother is not there, but James’s thirst to make Edward Cullen hopping mad sends Bella into a world of pain. She is poisoned by the vampire, only saved by Edward and his father before being transported to a hospital. She returns to Forks, recuperating enough in time to go to prom with Edward, where he denies Bella her wish to become a vampire herself.


I think the most gratifying part of this movie is its steadfast conjunction with the book. It’s not word for word, but I was impressed with the amount of direct quotes from the novel. Compared to other series (*coughEragonandPercyJacksoncough*) the correlation was fantastic. Stephanie Meyer even made a cameo in the movie, which was something cool to consider, because that usually means she was onboard enough with the movie to participate in it. And, according to the bonus materials, she definitely was.

It gives me hope for future movies for other books, in other words.

I ended up liking the way Robert Pattinson portrayed Edward as well. As was surprised at first, because he almost sounded like a girl in his first talking scene, but I have an interview saved where Pattinson says he tried to act like someone who completely despised himself, and he did that very well. I could see the self hatred in his eyes.

Charlie as well was awesome. He was probably my favorite character in the whole movie, because he was trying to be this guy who was cool and fun and failed utterly, and it made me laugh. It was great.

Also, there are no green screens used throughout the movie, which I think is really cool because using real effects generally is even cooler than the magic of CGI.


The whole movie is blue. And I get it, symbolism, yadda yadda, whatever. I spent the entire movie thinking Bella’s house was painted blue until I watched the bonus features and saw that the walls were actually orange! I didn’t like the blue overlay. I mean… I know why they did it, but it was annoying, and I did not like it one bit.

At the same time, even though so much of the book was put into the movie, I didn’t think it did the book true justice. The characters fell from the standards I held, because I pictured them as people with rich histories to share, and then we didn’t really get any of those histories. Carlisle Cullen, for example, is undoubtedly my favorite Twilight character, end of story. I love his history and more than that I love the idea of his all-consuming compassion which defined his every move as I read the series. They mentioned it, in the movie. He didn’t want to kill other vampires.

But it wasn’t the same without having Edward show Bella through Carlisle’s history, and seeing Carlisle as he was kind and forgiving and reaching out throughout the entire book series. He’s one of the strongest vampires alive. I missed his true identity in the movie.

That was just one character—each and every character felt much less real—faded, if you will—from the way they were in the books, and it failed to meet my expectations. A lot of the same stuff happened in the movie as it did in the books… but they weren’t done by the same people.

Good in some ways, but still dismal, to my disappointed mindset. With that in mind:

Star Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Have you seen Twilight? What did you think? Share in the comments below!

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