Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thor: The Dark World

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Thor: The Dark World was my parents’ birthday gift to me; I went to the theater with my best friend, and we had a jolly good time. The theater was totally decked out. Its red armchairs made me feel welcome and wanted, and the film astounded me. Plus the screen was huge, which made some scenes better than others. It was great. We freaked out the whole time.

I watched it again last night with my family.

Of course, watching films with one’s family is slightly less fun than with one’s best friend, especially when your family is prone to stating the obvious and/or making gasping noises when the action onscreen wasn’t really all that surprising.

I like The Dark World. The first time I was simply in shock and said little other than “ajdklfajsdklfajsdklf” when my family asked me how the movie was. My thoughts are a little more coherent now.

1) Humor

I love Marvel films, because no matter how dire the situation, there is always time for a laugh. It happened in Iron Man 3 when Tony’s suit smashed right before he was about to use it, and it happens in Thor 2 when Sif complains she had everything under control, to which Thor replies, “Is that why everything’s on fire?” There’s humor everywhere, and I guess it makes me glad, because even to the last second of the world’s existence, there is going to be smiling, and laughter, and making fun of your idiot friends who you love and hate all at once.

2) Darcy

My second favorite character, by far. She’s quirky and she’s got perfect timing, and of everyone she seems the most realistic, or at least the most normal. She’s the only one who asks, “What the hell was that?” when it seems like a lot more people should be asking that question, considering everything that’s going on with the end of the world and everything. Darcy’s comic relief, but she’s also the tether to the audience, and she’s a lot more perceptive than I used to give her credit for. In many ways, Darcy made the movie for me.

3) Loki

Oh please. Tom Hiddleston is a daily topic at the lunch table, but more than that he is the kind of character who I can deeply admire. He is both evil and good, and like the Joker and Captain Jack Sparrow, he truly keeps you guessing. That last scene killed me. He is not above love but neither is he above denying its claim on his heart. He plans, he twists, and he manipulates, and from that he has gained both infamy and my respect. He’s not technically the “villain” of the movie, but he’s the one I paid attention to.

4) Deeper Insights

In Thor, there was a lot of information about the nine realms, and the Convergence, while being a great opportunity to destroy the universe, also gave us a chance to look into the other worlds and see what life is like beyond Midgard. I felt like the movie continued to build upon the characters so that we knew more about them, and continued the story. It’s not like New Mexico or New York just happened and that was that. It’s a continuing story, and they treated it as such. (Which is also why I was glad that they didn’t call it “Thor 2.”)

5) Strong Sense of Reality

I’m not a Marvel junkie, nor do I read too far into the story, but at least for me, the movie made sense. There wasn’t a part of the movie where I thought something was extremely out of proportion, or seemed untrue to real life. And I think that’s because there’s a really strong world built around the Marvel series, so that the places, the people, and the problems can all be applied without really taxing my imagination. The films truly mesh together. As much as it could, The Dark World made sense. The characters interacted, they bonded, they fought. The settings flavored and deepened their worlds. There were smiles and frowns all the way around, and it made me glad I saw it.

Plus, attractive actors. In the words of my friend Kalyn, “The Hemsworth parents did very well.”

Well, what did you think of The Dark World? Share in the comments below!

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