Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Take Good Care of My Baby

Pandora is an amazing place. That is enough said.

I love this song. I mean, plenty of people have written songs about love. Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars and One Direction and Disney and Adam Young and Three Days Grace and… Come on. It’s one of the most popular things to sing about.

You can sing about the fresh feeling of new love, the passion, the desire, the longing, the sadness, the resentment, the anger, the deal breakers. There’s always something to be sung about love.

This song is special though. It’s about grief. He blew it, and now the girl he loved is gone. But rather than wail about it, whine about it, or cast the blame to someone else, he accepts responsibility. He admits it. And then, he gives her up.

Take care of my baby, and love her. Because even if I never get to be the one she belongs to I always want her to be loved and happy.

That’s an interesting concept you don’t hear about in love songs. ‘I respect the fact that you broke up with me.’ is not a popular theme most of the time. We like to think about romantic love, the spark, the sizzle, the flames.

Unconditional love is a lot less fun, especially when it means putting the happiness of your ex above yourself and wishing the new couple the very best no matter what, staying in the ‘friend zone’ and waiting out the storm, or doing something for him or her even though you’ll get no compensation for what you give them.

It’s not always fun, but in a way, it’s more beautiful, and amazingly cool.

Plus this is also just a great song. Listen to it.

Do you love the song as much as I do? Share below!

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