Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I first listened to Deathbed on Pandora, while I was doing my homework. A lot of times I zone out of what the words are saying when I’m listening (unless my Dad is in the room at which point I realize I’ve been listening to a song with subliminal messages for ages without realizing it). I can remember stopping what I was doing—my Calculus homework, now that I think about it—and pausing to listen and read along with the lyrics. They were strangely profound. And in a way, frightening.

The song is a laundry list of pain and heartbreak and bad decisions and fear. A kid grows up to be a man who screws up his life, and then pays the price by dying alone with lung cancer. All throughout his life he makes decisions for himself, and turns to alcohol and cigarettes to make them go away.

That would be his deathbed.

But Jesus didn’t die for the perfect people. He came to earth to sit with the sinners and talk with the tax collectors. He forgave. He sacrificed himself for that forgiveness, so that one day when we lay on our deathbeds, with only our sins to hold our hands as we die, He could reach out and say, “No. That one belongs to me, thanks.” and bring us back to live with him for eternity.

That’s just crazy. More so because it’s a true story. I think Relient K nailed this one.

What do you think about the song?

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