Friday, July 21, 2017

Library Ban Update

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Mortals, I am on a library ban.

This is a new experience for me. Usually I always have at least one book checked out from the library. Most of the time I depend on it for new material. But not this summer.

I have many, many unread physical books in my possession. My goal neither encompasses the whole of what I want to read nor the restrictions of a “summer goal,” but my general purpose is to read eighty of my unread books before breaking my ban.

Current Status: 30/80 books read

So, I’m working on it.

If you were wondering what it is like to read lots of books you’ve been putting off because they sound boring, here are some thoughts I’ve had.

“Boring” is an inexact term. Sure, some have been boring—but it would be more specific to say that I’ve outgrown them, I was unimpressed by the attitudes, styles, and insinuations in them, or I required stories of greater substance. I guess this is my way of saying I’ve read several books beneath my dignity this month.

It is good to have rewards. I’ve mostly been sticking to my library ban, but every ten books I set up a reward for myself. When I finish that small goal, I check out an issue of the Star Trek comic book series from the library. And a deeply enjoyable reward it is, believe me.

It is still okay to DNF. I do want to give my books the chance to be read (why own them otherwise?), but I try not to get hung up on my “Eighty Total” goal. I have more than eighty books to read, and I’ve been rereading some books on my shelves just because. Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy The Outsiders? Anyway, if some books get thrown into the “donate” pile before I’ve reached the last page, it’s no crying shame.

Getting stuck with books I’ve been putting off does have its challenges, but don’t think I’ve been having a miserable summer, either! I’ve loved reading How to Read Literature Like a Professor and How to Read Novels by a Professor, both of which are by Thomas C. Foster. He’s like a funny invisible English professor who heaps you with reading recommendations—I am only 10% sad that I have added probably 40 books to my TBR on his account.

Other good reads have included The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer, The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, and The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black. I am hardly being tortured when I have great titles like these at my fingertips. Here’s to hoping the rest of the books I read will be satisfying, too!

How often do you visit your library?


  1. I think I should go on a library ban because I have so many books from the library and I need them all and sometimes I just can't read them all and that is Sad. But it's also okay. I only have two or three still unread books on the shelf, and I'm going to go to Ladakh where there will be no internet in August, so I'll bring my ereader and read all the non-library books on there, and maybe bring Inheritance and the His Dark Materials bindup which I've been meaning to reread anyway.

    1. The time constraints can result in Great Sadness indeed. Those sound like good, long books to read during your vacation, though! I hope that you have a good vacation!

  2. I've always wanted to read The Importance of Being Earnest! Care to divulge your thoughts? It's good that you're working on your unread pile. I always feel guilt-tripped so I've read the majority of the books I own! But there was a time when I went to the library almost daily for comics. That part is quite relatable. :')

    1. As you might expect, TIOBE is funny and filled with interesting quips. At the same time, I think it has plenty to say about social class, first impressions, and relationships. :) I recommend seeing it in person, if you can! And yaas, going to the library for comics is one of my favoritest parts of visiting the library. :D

  3. The Importance of Being Earnest is really funny! I read it in a day a few months ago, although I think I could learn more from it if I reread a bit more slowly. I want to focus on reading all the unread books on my shelf, of which there might be about 10, because (as my mother likes to remind me), we can't take all the books we have with us when we move. So I might as well read what I can, which will help me to decide which books to bring? However, I keep getting books from the library instead. It's all very well when they're sequels to books I own, but it's kind of getting out of hand...

  4. I'm a bit sad because I haven't been to the library in such a long time. I've been so swamped with uni that I basically read a short chapter while I eat breakfast and that's it. I wouldn't get through any library books in time lol.

    I think it's a good idea to read the books you have, though. After all, you spent money on the things, may as well read them.


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