Thursday, July 13, 2017

In Praise of Eve Baird

When I’ve mentioned The Librarians in other posts, people seem interested, but apparently have not seen this show. I want to share one good reason you should watch The Librarians. It is called Eve Baird.

Colonel Baird is The Guardian, which means she defends and even mentors Librarians. She is the reason I decided to watch this show. That’s cuz:

She’s a leader | Eve is an experienced NATO counter-terrorism agent; she leads missions and accomplishes goals like a boss.

She keeps her cool | Eve performs calmness admirably. This matters because unexpected magical things can be quite stressful, but she never lets the unexpected get in the way of solving problems.

She’s on the ball | Side note: Flynn is the Librarian, he has three movies telling his own stories, and he has more degrees than I have fingers. Yet from the moment Eve and Flynn meet, she can keep up with him, thinking fast, solving puzzles, and saving the day.

She’s encouraging | Eve may not be the cuddliest woman, but she notices her team’s emotional state, and she always gives them the words they need to hear in their most dire moments.

She stays real | Eve isn’t skeptical, per se, but she doesn’t accept the magical world as “normal.” She keeps one foot on the ground—a useful (and amusing!) tether for viewers.

She challenges the unknown | Facing magic is scary, often because the Librarians-in-Training don’t know what they’re up against until they’re up against it. Despite this, Eve takes everything in stride, and her systematic, organized line of thought provides order amid the mysteries.

She makes sacrifices | Part of being The Guardian means that Eve must be willing to sacrifice her own life for those she protects. Beyond the life-threatening events, though, she also sacrifices everything from her career to her privacy for her people.

She’s a builder | Amid magic that is fluid and unreal, Eve still finds a place to stand and create something. Her relationships, her successes, and her goals make her legacy as The Guardian an indelible thread in the lives of those who love her.

Did I mention she’s The Freaking Guardian?! | Eve is so cool! She fights things and tells people what to do and goes on a road trips with Santa and Moriarty and punches Morgan Le Fay in the face and jumps off buildings and everything! She’s amazing!

I love Eve, but Jenkins—one of the Library’s caretakers—is my favorite character. Jenkins can be prickly, but I also love the friendship he builds with Eve over the course of the series. He reminds Eve that she is neither a glorified bodyguard nor a perfunctory fixture at the Library. There’s a special reason the Library chose her, too, and Eve shouldn’t undervalue her own role in the cosmos. Which is about the nicest thing I can imagine a cantankerous guy like him saying. He’s adorable.

Have you seen The Librarians? What TV shows are you watching?


  1. I have not seen the Librarians, but obviously I should. The problem is that my family doesn't have a TV or a Netflix subscription or a library with remotely up to date movies. Last month I did watch quite a bit of Brooklyn Nine, Nine, though, and i really liked it.

    1. Well, the Librarians is not on Netflix that I am aware, so you really you just need to be blaming your out-of-date library. :P

      My best friend loves Brooklyn Nine, Nine! I've been meaning to check it out. I'm glad you're enjoying it, though. :)

  2. One of my favourite types of characters is the 'cool, calm, collected' leader, so I think I'd be cheering on Eve Baird when I watch the show. :') She sounds totally badass. Currently I'm waiting for Season 7 of Game of Thrones. You know, I never see GoT talked about on Blogger, I wonder why that's the case?

    1. She is pretty chill—if a little snippy sometimes. :) She is certainly my favorite badass on that show. :)

      I don't know! I only watched through season 3 and didn't really enjoy the first book. It's an interesting question to ask, though.


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