Thursday, May 11, 2017

I'm Back!

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I’m back!

As you, diligent reader, may have noticed, my last post was in March. Like, two months ago. It turns out that writing is hard when you are working a junior-level course load in college.

During my unannounced break, I realized a few things, which I have compiled here in a convenient and travel-sized list (not that you keep my blog posts in your wallet):

(a) I started this blog to encourage my writing practice.
(b) I no longer wish to be a writer.
(c) Writing during the school year is not feasible for me.

Number B has been my most interesting realization. I’ve leaned towards a professional writing career in some fashion since eighth grade, and been preparing for and educating myself about such a career since 2013.

Four years later, though, I realize, “I do not want to do that at all.”

Of course, as a voracious reader and person-who-still-writes-things-because-that’s-what-they-make-you-do-when-you’re-an-English-major, I still have a tremendous respect for writers and don’t regret learning about writing. It is a great career for some people, but I do not think it would be good for me.

To circle back to Number C, I have some practical applications in mind for this change.

(d) Sometimes I’m a Story shall end.

Now, hold on. It would be cruel and confusing to tell you I’m back, only to announce that this is my last post. Do not worry. This is not the last post.

It always bothered me to see blogs just STOP with no formal ending, just leaving people to wonder. Will the blogger return? What if she comes back next week? What if she’s DEAD? And I now realize why one might bring an abrupt end to her blog—but I do not want that for this particular blog.

Instead, I intend to blog once a week through the end of the summer. It shall be my chance to catch up on ideas I wanted to post, but never got around to. I will also get back to returning comments, visiting blogs, and so forth. And then, when the time comes, there shall be an official end.

Zero mysteriousness.

The end, though, is months away, and I’d rather end on a joyous note. Allow me to share a few books I loved over the last two months. Go read them and have happy times.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas—This book is amazing. I’m still struck by Starr’s voice and the way it compels you through the story. It is an important, relevant story about police violence against black Americans, but the way it interweaves challenges of family, friendship, first love, and coming of age grounds Starr’s personal story inside a larger community.

Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit by Jay Robin Brown—books that combine faith and LGBT issues are so hopeful and nice, and Joanna made a compelling protagonist in this regard. I liked Joanna’s sense of responsibility throughout the book, and her conflicts between respecting her parents, being herself, and doing what’s right were sympathetic and encouraging to anyone who wants to make a difference in her community.

Jazz by Toni Morrison—I tell everyone to read Toni Morrison these days. Jazz is fantastic because despite the narrative’s simplicity (everyone is sad after a guy kills his eighteen-year-old mistress, including his wife), it dives deep within the characters’ souls and has an actual happy ending. It was a great end to my semester.

Go, read yourselves silly. And come back next week, because the book discussions have just begun.

What are the best books you’ve read in the last few months?


  1. While I'm sorry to hear that you're going to be ending the blog, I'm happy to hear you've made peace with what you do (or at least don't) want to do. It can be hard to do that when you've invested so much time and effort into something.

    Also, thank you for not just letting the blog die! It's a frightening experience for readers!

    1. Indeed. When I started this blog, I couldn't imagine bringing it to an end after having put in so much effort. But an ended effort isn't a wasted effort, so I appreciate your support. :)

      And yes! I can't help but agree.

  2. I think it makes sense that you want to stop blogging. To be honest, I can't imagine that I'm going to keep blogging forever, but for now I enjoy it and so I don't think I'll stop. I guess it depends how busy I get in university as well, but that's months away (I'm taking a six month gap when I graduate in 2 weeks and I AM READY). Anyway, it'll be nice to read your posts again, if only for a while.
    Are you going to delete the blog when you're done, or leave it up for future perusal? Also, when people disappear off the inter webs, I usually think they're dead. I'm very morbid.... :)

    1. *nods* That's fair. If you do not want to stop, don't stop! And I hope you enjoy that gap! Happy graduation, and please enjoy yourself. :)

      I will not delete the blog. I'll probably remove all my social media links and so forth, but the actual blog posts will stay here if you ever want to refer back to them.

      :) We're all morbid, deep down...

  3. I'm glad that you're back for a little while, and I hope that even once SIAS finishes, you'll hang around on the internet, because you are a great person. It's an interesting feeling, realising that you don't want to be a writer. I don't want to be a writer; at least, I don't want to be a writer exclusively, and I want to write articles as well as stories and poetry. I want to write, but I feel like the term "writer" is quite restrictive. anyway, It's a funny thing to figure out, and I'm glad that you're so open about it. I really want to read THUG, and Georgia Peaches seems excellent too--I love books where the characters faith is treated with respect. I really enjoyed Smart Girls and Crimson Bound and Begin, End, Begin.

    1. We'll see. I don't know how much time I'll be on Twitter, say, but who knows? It all depends on the times. And yes, being a writer can be restrictive in some ways—I found that out myself. And yes, please read them! I'd love to know what you think. And I'll have to check those out soon. Thanks for the recommendations. :D

  4. It's truly sad to discover that you'll be leaving. However, I respect your decision. *sigh* At least you won't randomly leave.

    I hope you're enjoying university. Have a nice day and God bless!

    1. Yes, you'll have plenty of warning. Don't worry.

      I am, thank you! Have a great day yourself.


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