Wednesday, August 24, 2016

REVIEW: Saga, Volume 6

A book review? Really? I know, I never do them, but today is an exception. I have finished Saga V.6 by Brian K. Vaughan and I have no one for to talk at. This is my bid at spoiler-free feelings.

Wish me luck.
Summary (via Goodreads)

After a dramatic time jump, the three-time Eisner Award winner for Best Continuing Series continues to evolve, as Hazel begins the most exciting adventure of her life: kindergarten. Meanwhile, her starcrossed family learns hard lessons of their own.

Top 9 Thoughts

Alana and Marko :: their commitment to family and themselves and their individuality and healing after past rifts is still adorable. Together and free is the dream. And they have pretty faces.

Hazel :: this kid. She can talk and she has almost no filter. This makes her more than a little adorable, and relatable as well. Of course, it’s also a little painful. Hazel must be sheltered from the very communities she is a part of lest she get hurt, so she can’t always relate to those around her. And with her family… let’s just say she is a chubby bowl of bittersweet.

Klara :: I never anticipated this woman becoming one of my favorite characters, but here we are. I love Klara. I love the space Klara has to be Klara. Is she flawed? Yes. Hardened? Yes. Hateful, even? That, too. And yet so much of Klara is about the fierce kinship she shares with those she loves. Her son and his wife. Her granddaughter. The community of women she is proud to be a part of. Family makes her hard and soft, and they are all her family.

The Will :: so I realize he remains a part of this series because sooner or later he’s going to attack Alana and Marko’s family and kill them, but still. HE IS A POOR BABY. His loss hurts, too. I sympathize with him greatly. WHY CAN’T HE BE OKAY?

Prince Robot :: while still a major a-hole, he also has this stupid nobility and honor that makes him… decent. Especially around children. I wish I could hate him more. But I can't so I shan't.

teachers :: there are people who believe in kids and who pass on the most important values because they actually believe in them. There are teachers who foster hope. Noreen is one of them.

diversity :: much like in our own world, controversy abounds among gender roles and identities, sexual orientations, interracial/inter-species romance, and so on. The diverse range of characters is great, of course, but the real thought-provoking part is how members of these oppressed groups still turn on one another and doing so. Self-preservation, perhaps. I don’t have a conclusion to this thought, but I’d like to follow it in the rest of the series.

media :: on that note, we reunite with our amphibious journalists who hope to expose Alana and Marko, on account of it would be very profitable. I struggle to sympathize with their motivations but in our world of social media and instant news, I think they present questions worth asking. Is what I say mine to share? Is it right? Do people need the sensational?

ending :: *bursts into tears and is very sad and happy and melancholy and concerned and anxious and MOAR*

TL;DR :: I am in this for the character development and due to the emotional manipulation my heart is having problems with keeping it together. I loved it. I want more of it. I need it. That is all.

5/5 Stars

Have you read Saga? (If so, can we be friends?) If you haven't, what are you reading today?


  1. I haven't but it's on the list for 'some dya when I feel grown up' (along with rereading Patrick Rothfuss and Game of Thrones) However, I'm always up for complex diversity and fabulous characters so definitely *chants Hamilton* someday, someday. Um I don't know if you want to here about my recent read but I finished The Wrong Side of Right this morning, and it felt so relevant right now and it was political and smart and about how complicated family is and Meg (think Baroness Shchrader if Maria got pregnant then ran away then the kid came back) is a new favourite character. So yeah I'm glad you loved Saga!

    1. Yeah, there is definitely some maturity required for these books, but once you're ready for it, I think it's just awesome. So, don't rush, it will still be awesome when you get there. And you're right, I SHOULD have asked about what you were reading. That sounds like a really interesting story and incredibly complicated and very dramatic Sound of Music fan fiction. Thanks for sharing that with me!

  2. O_O I haven't read Saga, but I've heard so many good things about it, and just so much about it in general, sooner or later I will have to gather myself together and just dive in. I think after I've collected all of Death Note, I will probably turn my grabby hands to Saga, because it seems like it would be something I'll really love.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

    1. Yes, I think that should be a wise decision for you to make. *nods wisely* Do it, do it, do it. Speaking of which, I should be reading Death Note, because that is a series I've heard so many good things about.


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