Monday, July 11, 2016

Snazzy Snippets 7

Great news, mortals—Snazzy Snippets is back! It is hosted by Alyssa at The Devil Orders Takeout and Emily at Loony Literate and every couple of months it gives you a chance to share some of your writing. Because that’s what we do when we’re writers.

I just finished my most recent draft of I Piss on Magic (the WIP I mentioned last time) and I am relieved to say that I am taking a break from this story for a few weeks to clear my head of its intricacies. But perhaps you should like to see some?

1. A snippet where characters consider their backstory

“But it’s like I said in the tavern,” Silverhand continued. “I regret running him so hard and I never meant for him to suffer physical harm. He was just too eager to give up what he had, and I was taking too great of an interest in you to let him mean nothing.”
“You thought I was conducting illegal trade on the backside of my dress business,” I said, smirking.
He had the decency to look embarrassed. “A gifted girl with unknown power, whose family came into a peculiar amount of wealth. She frequently makes exchanges with foreign countries and keeps company with two deadly assassins. You have to admit, you are a little suspicious.”
I laughed as we took a sharp turn in the maze’s figure, seeming no closer to the end than when we had started. “You thought I was dangerous.”
“I thought you seemed dangerous,” Silverhand said. “By now, I realize that Prince Lucas has little more to fear from you than he does a dandelion.” I elbowed him in the gut, and he grunted. “A very ferocious dandelion.”
“Well, I did curse the prince.” I almost told him the rest of it, then, too. Ferocious dandelion? Vines, thorns, roses, there was more to this gift than that. There was a night in the docks, before Violette and Reverie had joined me. It was cold and dark and his hands were clawed and sharp. His voice was so greedy, so wet, and fear makes little girls break little bones. And that wouldn’t be such a big deal, if it didn’t take the rest of his spinal cord with it.
But that was a secret for another time. Silverhand smiled and he didn’t hear the sound of the crack as it echoed across the pier. He saw me and he didn’t see the mystery of the body found drip-dripping into the ocean at first light. He touched me and he didn’t feel the flutter of panic that always accompanied those memories. They never figured out it was me. And if he was to know, he wouldn’t know now.
For now, I was a ferocious dandelion that he had wronged. And who had also cursed his brother.
“Even so, I know better now,” Silverhand said. “I should have just talked to you. I’m sorry for jumping on you at the tavern, and humiliating you. That wasn’t fair of me.”
“I’m sorry for hating you,” I told him. “That wasn’t fair of me, either.”

Ta-da! I wish I could do some of the others ones, but I’m struggling to find any writing that meets the prompts and won’t be completely embarrassing to post on the public internet. But, hey, I told you the end of my WIP, so that’s a little something, right?

Are you going to participate in Snazzy Snippets this round?


  1. It's been a while since I joined in on Snazzy Snippets :)

    Your writing is awesome, as usual :)

    1. Well, you should do it, missy.

      Thank you!

  2. This is so awesome! New life goal: to have an illegal trade off the back of my dress business. Thanks for joining in :) :)

    1. *winks conspiratorially* Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. Thanks for reading!

  3. The dialogue is wonderful! So indicative of the relationship between Silverhand and the ferocious dandelion :'D Keep writing!

    1. Thank you, Cilla. :) Ferocious dandelion was one of my favorite things to write. :)

  4. The dialogue is wonderful! So indicative of the relationship between Silverhand and the ferocious dandelion :'D Keep writing!

  5. Ohhh, this was so good! The more you post of this story, the more interested I am! Lovin' it.


    1. Thanks, Alexa! I'm glad it's keeping your interest. :D


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