Monday, July 4, 2016

My Space (And The Truth Revealed)

Happy Independence Day! Eat watermelon, read the Declaration of Independence, check your privilege, listen to Hamilton, make merry. Today’s a great day.

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On Friday we played a game of truths and falsehoods. Today the truth comes out! After a short delay.

All of my true/false statements had to do with the decorations in my room and I wanted to elaborate on that a little more. Having my own room means a great deal to me. It’s nice to have personal space, and it’s one of the things I’m most concerned I’ll lose when I finally move out. A room of one’s own secures a safe and productive retreat, somewhere to recharge, somewhere to write.

To make the most of such a room, I like to put stuff on my walls. I like to be inspired by funny quotes, enchanting characters, beautiful things. And you’d expect people to decorate according to their own tastes.

But I also like to put stuff I made up on my walls—drawings and tracings and colored printouts, etcetera. It’s important that I do creative work that isn’t writing. Though they are messy and imperfect and contrived, that’s what I love about them. The important thing is that I worked on them. I relaxed, I engaged my hands and my head. I had fun. That’s special, too.

So that’s what you’re about to see. An attempt made at a comfortable and cheerful living space, just for me. Take a look at the answers:

(Haven’t guessed yet? Check out Friday’s post and see what you think!)

1. I keep a few pictures of me and my sisters near my desk—FALSE. I don’t decorate with humans, and my only allowance is one photo of infant me and my parents.

2. I have a couple quotes from the H.I.V.E. series next to the Olympians poster—TRUE. Of course it’s true, H.I.V.E. is my favorite series.

HIVE and Intern
(I am having trouble finding the original comic, but it says, "And if you haven't any further questions, I'm going to turn you over to my intern Heather.")
3. Above the Olympians poster is the Grim Reaper’s intern, who shares my name—TRUE. My dad printed out a little comic he found online and it brought me such joy that I taped it up.

4. I hang an Artemis Fowl poster over my bed’s headboard—FALSE. I like Artemis Fowl, but that’s where my founding father pinups go.

5. The Highwayman’s song from Over the Garden Wall sits next to my bedroom door—TRUE. Made while I listened to Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Where Do We Go From Here?” speech. *giggles*

(Also inspired by Adam and the Ants)
6. I have maps of fictional places on the walls, but, weirdly enough, no maps of real places—FALSE. I have a map of the Americas near my bed. And I like it very much.

7. I’m building a little shrine to my favorite villains on the other side of my favorites bookshelf so there is a little Hades and a little Jareth and a little Bob. It is a work in progress—FALSE. I actually don’t even have plans to do this.

Loki and Mulan Writing
(also, a National Geographic thing I ripped out of a magazine in sixth grade)
8. I keep my youngest sister’s interpretation of the Disney movie Mulan near the north window—TRUE. She drew me a picture of “Mulan writing” and it made me laugh so I put it up.

9. The most recent addition to my wall is a poster of Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe—TRUE. And a lot of Crayola metallic markers, charcoal pencils, and hairspray went into the effort.

Maps and Loki
(the real life places map, as promised)

I love my things on the wall. Thanks to Victoria and Liz for tagging me. In return, I tag Alex, Alyssa, and Engie. Go forth, make nine statements in a 4/5 split of truthfulness, and call me when you get back, darling, you know how I enjoy our chats.

What do you hang up in your room?


  1. Ah, this is pathetic. I got only one right. Or sort of two? Oh well.

    Nice decorations! You do need to reconsider number 7 though. This would be cool, especially if you added one for each WBI and shared a picture.



    1. Well, you tried and that was the most important thing. So good job there. *nods*

      ALEXA PLEASE THAT IS TOO MUCH WORK. WBI is fun but it is not that fun. Ish. I don't know. STOP CONFUSING ME.

      And yay for the Incredibles! :)

  2. I'm with you on the importance of doing creative work other than writing, though I can't say that I practice that as much as I should. I do like knitting, though, and making crappy little photo collages, and doodling.

    I love my bedroom. It's always been sort of a fortress for me. I have a poster of Sherlock, plus my desk, which is filled with books, Iwako erasers, and Funko Pop! dolls. It's so fun to decorate your own space.

    Thanks for the tag!

    1. Yay for knitting! Yay for crappy little photo collages! Yay doodling! I think really the quality or the type doesn't matter, just as long as it's fun. So I hope you enjoy those. :)

      Ooooh, I like those. You should totally share your Funko Pop! dolls sometime, because they are so adorable and I like to look at them. :)

  3. Well I was entirely wrong, apart from thinking #9 was true. Whoopsies.The Heather Intern thing is very very funny, I must say. I had my own room for a month once when I was about 11, but it was in the attic and each day I was convinced there was a serial killer there (this is 100% true. Even though I knew I was stupid, I would think about the nice life I'd had and prepare to die. spoiler alert:I never did). Ever since then, I've shared, which is okay, but means I can't impose my decorative tendencies on the whole room and have to put up with my brother's clothes on the floor(this is a source of tension, let's say). (We have one 'nice room' and one less nice, so we have to switch about every six months). But your room decorations are super awesome :) I really like that thing that says 'Heather' for some reason.

    1. Well, you tried and that was nice of you to do anyway. That sounds like it's a little complicated, especially when certain members of the family are messier than others. *cough cough* Still, I'm glad that you still are able to use your room to express yourself and that you enjoy it! The Heather thing is actually an ad from the University of Chicago that was inviting me to apply. XD I liked it so much, I cut off their logo and put it on my wall!

  4. The only things I hang up in the room I share with my sister are the calendar and the clock.

    Also, I found it a little funny when you said you don't decorate with humans.

    1. Well, if that works for you, then that's great!

      I don't decorate with humans. Not with their photographs and not with their flayed skins or dismembered limbs or their rotting eyeballs. Nope.


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