Monday, June 6, 2016

The Power of Words Tag

I am stealing this tag from Alex McCarron of Third Star to the Right. Because I am a malicious being and I take whatever it is I want and MAKE IT MY OWN. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Sa Mga Lagda:
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What is your favorite letter of the alphabet? Though I am tempted to say H, it is actually the letter Z! Which reminds me of a joke:

Me, joke-teller: What is a pirate’s favorite letter?
Them, my oh-so-clever audience: It’s R, like, you know, arrrrr!
Me, laughing in their moronic faces: Ah, you’d think it might be R, but it actually be the C!

I got that one from my tenth grade English teacher. Editorials by me.

What are three words you love? Dean, Doom, and Okie-Dokie

What are three words you hate? To Be Continued

If you were to create a word, what would it be, and what would it describe? Loincow, noun, a cow whose fate is to be skinned so that its leather can be turned into a loincloth.

What are your three favorite punctuation marks? Period. (Parentheses) M-Dash—pretty much.

What are your three favorite fonts? Calibri, Times New Roman, and Verdana, probably. I just write with them the most.

Bonus Question: If you could change the way one word sounded, which would it be and how would it sound? Wiper would sound like viper because of that other joke that is too long to tell you right now.

Bonus Question: Do you know of a word that looks better than it sounds? Murder. Because it just seems so nice and then you say it out loud and people start to edge away from you during your chemistry lab.


Because, y’know, this is the nineties. Anyway, I am picking six lucky folks to be tagged, and they are named Sunny, Shanti, Liz, Imogen, Ally, and Opal! My question for you is this: What are three words you mispronounced when you first said them aloud because you’d only ever read them before? (Aphrodite, Korea, insomnia)

TELL ME YOUR WORDY SECRETS. Pick a couple questions and tell me what your answers would be!


  1. How DID you pronounce Korea (I said a lot of things wrong and still do, but I can't think of any at present). I also share your taste in fonts, apparently (or I just don't change from the Microsoft default.) And the poor, poor loincow! :( My heart is now broken. Out of curiosity, why were you tempted to say H, but actually meant z? Also that pirate joke had me groaning.

    1. I sort of moved the "e" around so that I pronounced it something like "Keora." It's weird because I think I might have heard the correct pronunciation before and just ignored it. XD

      Ah, Microsoft defaults. What would we do without them? And I was going to suggest H because it is the first letter of my name, but I like writing Z's better!

  2. I'm glad you stole this! It was so fun to read your answers. If you get past its actual meaning, "murder" does have a nice sound to it. I love the m-dash and overuse it enormously. Thanks for doing the tag!

    1. Oh, thanks! Thanks for letting me steal it. XD Murder murder murder murder and SCONES. I overuse it, too. I use like, five on every page I write. XD

  3. Oh oh I mispronounce ALL THE WORDS. Actually I'm currently listening to The Scorpio Races on audiobook, and I swear I thought "Sean" was said like "Seen". APPARENTLY IT'S NOT AND MY LIFE IS A LIE. How can I be this ancient and not have known it was Shawn???? UGH. But anyway I pronounce names and words wrong all the time and get so confused when people say them out loud. XD Words are weird.

    1. I used to think that, too, actually, and then my mother corrected me, probably so I wouldn't insist upon calling a boy in my class by the wrong name. xD It is definitely hard to transfer words on paper to the words in your mouth, though. :P

  4. Okay, the English language needs a second "we" word.

    For example, Bob wishes to indicate to his friends Kevin and Stuart that they are all going to the store. He uses "we". But he would also use "we" to indicate to Stuart that only he and Kevin are going. There needs to be a word to include all those being addressed, vs. the speaker and only part of the party. Does that make sense? It goes better if you're talking to someone in person and you can use hand motions to explain.

    Also, I used to pronounce army corps as "army corpse" rather than "army core". Problematic? Definitely.

    This was a fun tag! I may steal it eventually.

    1. Kind of like a Third Wheel preventative measure? XD Or maybe the first person equivalent of tu and vosotros? *nods* It does seem like it would have some application...

      Oh, I STILL have to catch myself on that one. And it's worse when I hear bona fide grown up forty-year-old type people say it that way, too. XD

      Go ahead! I'd love to see your answers.

  5. This tag was very entertaining to read. I may have to steal it some time.

    Hmm...mispronounced words... This has happened way too often but I can't think of anything at this exact moment. Awkward. (Unless Arkansas counts? I was probably eleven or twelve when I realized it was not pronounced the way it looks.)

    I use Garamond and Palatino Linotype a lot. They just look really pretty when printed.

    Again, this was a really fun one to read. :)
    *disappears to think about the strangeness of words*

    1. Please do! Let the thieving disperse.

      Illinois is another one like that, although I think I always said those to tease my parents into thinking I was being more ridiculous than I actually was on the inside.

      Ah, yes, Garamond is a pretty one! :)


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