Friday, May 13, 2016

Ten Tweeps You Should Follow

HEY, are you on Twitter? After spending such a long time thinking Twitter is pointless, it turns out I was wrong. TWITTER IS THE PLACE TO BE, MEIN FRIENDS.

But, of course, Twitter is no fun when you don’t have anyone cool to follow. And that is why if you are new to Twitter or just not friends with my rocks, I have compiled a list of ten people you should absolutely definitely follow, because they are interesting and great. Here, see?

1. Cait (@PaperFury) I love her tweets because they are bookish and usually funny and usually clever which makes them amusing and retweetable. That is all I ask for.

2. Chapter One Young Writers’ Conference (@Ch1Con) This gaggle of writers hosts a really fun chat about being a writer, and it is ALWAYS fun! I wish I could go to the actual event, but I cannot. Still, Twitter makes amends for all.

3. Michael Waters (@ABoredAuthor) If you’ve been around here for a really, really long time, you might remember that Michael used to host the TCWT Blog Chains! He doesn’t anymore, but he is funny and a really good writer and host of YA Open Mic. I highly enjoy his tweets, always.

4. Alyssa Carlier (@AlyssaC_HK) Alyssa knows all the cool people. Usually I watch in introverted awe as I see her side of a bunch of Twitter chats and stuff, but also the links and personal updates she shares are cool, too.

5. Ava Jae (@Ava_Jae) It may or may not be obvious that I highly enjoy Ava as a blogger, but I also like her tweets. They are often informational or writer-y, and I appreciate both of those things.

6. Imogen Elvis (@ImogenElvis) Imogen, also a great blogger, is also a college student person. This means that she has great writer ideas but also we share feelings sometimes because of SCHOOL. Blah.

7. We Need Diverse Books (@diversebooks) This is not a person I know personally, but rather a group that focuses on promoting marginalized characters in literature and it is a great way for me to find people who have important things to say.

8. Keira Drake (@keira_writes) She’s a writer but she’s also like, super relatable and geeky and I enjoy her tweets even though she is also kind of a stranger to me.

9. Brett Jonas (@BookSquirt) Brett is very relatable as a writer person. The tweet below is evidence of that. But also she has other interesting things to say about goats and life.

10. Aimee Meester (@theAimeeMeester) I feel like I never see Aimee’s tweets but when I hunt them down they are brilliant. She is also bookish, humorous, and geeky, and there is Hamilton sometimes. Really, a great person (even if she was #TeamIronMan).

THERE. It’s like a build-your-own-list-of-cool-people thing. So, go forth, peoples. Follow, follow, follow. HEY IT’S FRIDAY I EVEN PICKED THE RIGHT DAY TO DO THIS! *sagely nods*

Who are your favorite amazing Twitter people I should follow? (And if I haven’t followed YOU, just let me know in the comments or on Twitter—my handle is @HeroineHiding.)


  1. AWWW *BLUSHES* YOU NICE BEAN. XD I'm really glad you like my tweets! hehe. I'm so random sometimes I wonder how people do like them but...proves we're all random bookworms, ahem.
    OMG BUT HOW ARE YOU NOT TEAM IRON MAN?!??! That is the only team. (And Aimee is awesome. xD)
    And yesss Alyssa and Michael and Imogen too! There are so many awesome epic people on twitter. :') I also love Lauren DeStefano's tweets. She's hilarious and very relatable about the struggles of writing.

    1. I dunno, the randomness is all part of your charm? Plus, your randomness tends to have a narrow focus, so if we like what we like we keep on liking it.

      NOOOOOOOOO no to Iron Man. D:

      I'll have to check her out! I have to say, I have a weakness for writers who are struggling with their writing. It's like we already have so much in common, lol.


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