Friday, December 4, 2015

Brief Update + Blogoversary Winner!


There isn't going to be a long post today because next week is finals week, so I have a lot of studying, essay-writing, and procrastinating to do (as per usual). I won't be posting next week, I'm afraid, but the good news is that as I'm finishing up the semester, I'll soon get back in the swing of things and start un-neglecting everyone else's blogs!

That will be fun.

And, by the way, congratulations to Shanti of Weaving Waves Words for winning the Sometimes I'm a Story blogoversary giveaway! Shanti—I'll email you over the next week so that we can talk!

That's all for now, but I'll be back for all our usual fun and games soon. :)



  1. Un-neglecting is a FABULOUS word and I like it. *nods* Good luck for your finals!! I HOPE YOU DO SPLENDIDLY. *throws dark chocolate at you to keep you awake*

    1. Glad to have your approval! And thank you! *gobbles chocolate*

  2. Good luck with your exams! Your blog post basically echoes exactly how I've been feeling over the past few weeks.

    Here's to getting back to blogging!

    1. Thanks! And yeah... Me too, tbh. *sighs*

      *clinks glasses*


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