Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Sweater Weather Tag

Ugh, how disappointing—I’m not talking about books. I am doing the Sweater Weather Tag, though. Thanks for the tag, Jameson!

And, as I look over these questions, I can say already that I feel alienated from this brand of fall crowd. Oh, well.

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Favorite Candle Scent?

I don’t really like candles. Like, why bother lighting them if you have lights and you’re just going to blow them out? Like, maybe they could be romantic, but I spend most of my time at home, and being romantic with your family? Gross. Just gimme the regular white wax for Christmas and we’re good.

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Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Tea. Tea, tea, tea. Black tea is good, and so is Earl Grey, and so is Lemon Zinger, and I like tea.

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What’s the best fall memory you have?

I don’t know… Usually when I think of fall I think of all the miserable things like raking leaves and midterms. I mean, I guess my birthday is technically in fall, but birthdays are not that great of days because they are just like all the other days except you were born on that one a long time ago. So fall is not really that memorable. Oh, except one time my grandpa rolled his car when he was driving here for my birthday—I remember that.

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Best fragrance for fall?

Fire. Camp fire. Chimney fire. House fire. Forest fire… Well, never mind. I think forest fire season is over mostly.

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Favorite Thanksgiving food?

Probably pickles. Pickles and bread.

Most worn sweater?

I don’t really wear “sweaters” per se, but I have worn my Fringe sweatshirt a lot because who does not like wearing fandom clothing?

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Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

What about staying inside and reading? What about making cookies? What about staying up late studying for midterms? What about voting? What about all the other things you do in fall? What about ALL THE TRAFFIC from football games (although, to be fair, they are a source of economic prosperity) and what about ALL THE SLUGS THAT CRAWL INTO YOUR SKIN WHEN YOU JUMP INTO THEIR LEAF PILES?

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Skinny jeans or leggings?

Jeans. Jeans are for always.

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Combat boots or Uggs?

Is there something particularly wrong with tennis shoes? Like, what is wrong with wearing the same pair of shoes every day of the year?

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Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

Never had it.

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Favorite fall TV show?

Don’t get fall TV shows.

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What do you want to be for Halloween?

I did not dress up. I like looking at other people’s costumes, though! The artistic creativity of people is always awesome to see, but I think the best outfit I saw with my own eyes was a guy wearing a kilt.

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Hats or scarves?

Windbreakers are better for staying warm, to be honest. especially if they had a hood. Hats just mess up your hair and scarves are a good way to get strangled. Or… who was that chick who was wearing a scarf that was run over by a car which broke her neck and killed her?

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What’s your #1 favorite thing about fall?

The color of the trees as their leaves die as though they were sending up one last flame of passion on their wooden pyre as they are then encumbered by the weight of winter’s cold touch upon their spiny skeletons.

Definitely not a fall fan. I am half-tempted to tag a bunch of Australian people because I know they’re experiencing spring right now, but they would probably roll their eyes at me. So instead I shall tag no one because that’s how I feel right now.

I’m not tagging, but feel free to steal the tag for yourself! And, do tell, what is your favorite thing about fall?


  1. This was fun, Heather. Even if you're not a fall/autumn person. because I have roots in the southern and northern hemispheres I can have my birthday in spring or autumn, yay! We used to have leaf olympics (a lot of jumping into occasionally sluggly piles of leaves) in the park when I was a kid- that was enjoyable. Leggings let the wind in (and I loved your gif for that questiong) But my fall essentials are woolly tights and knee length skirts/dresses. Pickles (aka what I call gherkhins) are delicious. Candles are fun though. Sadly, our stove/fire is blocked in the chimney region so no firs. Anyway, this was fun to read, even if you were a little sarcastic about it (sarcasm is the best)

    1. I think I actually do like autumn and fall but this tag didn't ask me about many of the things I like. XD That's so fun, though! I was never much of a leaf-jumper. Too bad about no fires. :( I do so love the smell of fire! Thanks for reading, Shanti!

  2. Wow. You really dislike fall, haha It's my favorite season!

    Candles aren't romantic, they make your house not smell weird/smell good. Right now I have an apple pie one lit, but my favorite is the Fraser fur one (which is completely burned to the bottom).

    All of those. Drinking green tea with honey right now, but I like black coffee or coffee with a package of hot chocolate in it.

    I don't really have any memorable memories seeing as my brain doesn't like keeping things.

    I do agree: campfires, fireplaces. I'm a sicko that I like the smell of a burning house. Karma's going to get me for that one of these days.

    My fave Thanksgiving food is definitely the green bean casserole, though the mashed potatoes come a close second and pie a solid third.

    I have about ten sweaters. I have a sweater/jacket/coat addiction. Right now, my purple one, I guess.

    Hate football, not interested in jumping in a pile of leaves. Would rather stay inside, read, and make cookies :)

    Not skinny jeans, but normal jeans. And leggings to bed.

    How about normal boots? Wouldn't catch me ever in Uggs. Stupid feetware.

    I haven't really had any pumpkin spiced things this year beyond Oreos (which were amazing). I've long since gotten over the pumpkin spice latte. Ew.

    I don't watch normal TV so have no idea what shows come on during fall?

    Halloween is pass. I like seeing what other people dress up as because I'm lazy. I'm slowly working on druid costume though.

    Ok, seriously. Hats and scarves and a windbreaker. You just tuck the scarf in and no strangulation worries there. And I couldn't care less about my hair, it looks better messy. So beanie, all the way when it gets cold.

    I like when the trees turn and the air gets crisp. I like that all the bugs start disappearing, too.

    1. Actually, I think I just don't like this tag. There are plenty of nice things about fall, it's just that none of them involve stereotypical white girl problems. xD

      That tea sounds nice! I've had a black tea brew lately and I've really enjoyed it lately. :)

      Mashed potatoes and pie... ah, such nice things. If only we had those at my house. :)

      Staying inside, reading, and making cookies are all the best things. I HEARTILY AGREE.

      Bundling up is for the weak! Or for the wise. I can't remember the saying. Just wearing a warm windbreaker can get you through most of the below freezing weather, though, so no reason to go all out. *shrugs*

      Yes, no bugs! That's what makes this a good time of year for camping. :)

  3. Thanks for the laugh! Fall is one of my favorite seasons--bonfires, coffee (occasionally pumpkin spice, but mochas are more my speed), sweaters (or hoodies), jeans, fleece-lined shoes, hot chocolate, books, NaNo, football, hockey, the leaves changing colors, baking, chili...although, this weird rash of 70 degree weather is killing my Fall spirits.

    1. Ah, you make it sound all so nice. Where I live you get plenty of 70 degree weather in the same months you get snow, though, so a little bit of hot and cold really makes it fall for me. :)

  4. I love Lemon Zinger tea!
    Fall's not for everyone, and midterms do put a damper on the season, but there's also Halloween and Thanksgiving and NaNoWriMo, all of which are pretty cool. Plus, November weather where I live has been pretty mild, which is nice.

    1. RIGHT?

      *doesn't particularly like Thanksgiving or Nano but she does like Halloween and weather, so she can see that Alex has a point*

  5. Firstly: Congratulations! You won the giveaway! :) I'll send you my email through your contact form.

    Secondly: Thanks for doing the tag! Loved seeing your answers, and your choice of GIFs is great (my favorites are Sherlock and the guy in the kilt trying to out -twirl each other though). :)

    Camp fires are definitely some the best autumn scents!

    1. Thanks! Just so you know, the package arrived safely. :)

      I totally didn't realize they were having a twirling contest but now I am ever so grateful I got two twirling gifs. :D *pats self on back*

      I agree!

    2. Yay! I was going to email you and see, but wanted to make sure there was plenty of time for it to get there. :) Hope you enjoy it!

  6. For me, it is fall right now (also known as autumn) but all the forests nearby are whatever the word is which mean they shed all year round-deciduous?evergreen? Anyway, you seem like a practical person. I have a similar opinion about scarves-I usually feel strangled- but I do wear them sometimes when I'm in a nothing-can-strangle-me mood (which is, y'know, like, super often) (not really). Favourit gif?- the cat and cucumber one- no competition.

    1. ...Well, deciduous trees shed all their leaves in the fall, and coniferous trees are trees that stay good all year... I don't know much about trees that let their leaves fall all year though. And yes, I love cats and cucumbers!

  7. *shrinks back* I'm feeling a lot of animosity towards fall coming off this post. So while it hurt a little, it also made me laugh so we're all good. I usually love fall, except it means that winter is coming so then I hate it. But now I miss it because now we have about two days of fall before being plunged into winter. *shrugs* Anyways, it was great to read your answers. You always have best gifs for tags. *takes hat off*

    1. I just don't like this tag, I think. XD I've enjoyed fall so far. Hopefully winter isn't too harsh this year, but actually we could use some harshness, so never mind. (Ecology stuff in my area, don't ask). Hopefully my winter is a nice summer for you!

  8. So much sass, haha. I love fall, but it is romanticized quite a bit in internet land. It has been way to long since I commented because of those nasty midterms that you mentioned, but I'm happy to be back!

    1. Welcome back! Here's to the non-romanticization of fall online and to more posting and commenting!

  9. LOL, this was great. Personally, I'm a pretty big fan of fall, but I actually don't care much about most of the questions in this post (don't really do candles, or combat boots, or uggs, or football games, or jumping in leaves. Pumpkin spice is okay though. And people shouldn't ask ridiculous questions: coffee, hot chocolate, and tea are for all year around, obviously). All that to say, while I rather love the season, I can sort of understand your animosity towards Fall. ;)


    1. Me too. I think I really disliked the tag more than fall. Plus, yeah. I mean, who just drinks tea in the fall? Silly people, clearly. Plus if it is too hot you are always welcome to iced tea. Whatever. I need better tags in my life.


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