Friday, November 13, 2015

The Best Part of Being a Blogger

It is incredible that there are Nanoers out there still at it—and you go, guys! For me, November has always been a busy month, and I seriously have no idea how I could be writing a novel right now at the same time. My homework took over six hours yesterday and I didn’t get to go to bed until 1:30 AM.

It’s at times like these when it kind of feels like school has taken over my whole life and I don’t get to do much I actually want to do anymore… Which is an exaggeration, obviously, but it really does replace the time I used to enjoy reading blogs and writing with time I now spend reading until my eyes glaze over.

Because of that I feel a little disconnected from blogging right now, and that is why I have decided to come up with the ten best parts of being a blogger, for my own motivation, and maybe for yours.

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1 :: knowing you wrote something mighty fine

There are times when I write an awesome post and I’m like, “this is awesome, and everyone is going to adore it.” It’s a good feeling to have confidence in your own work! I especially felt that way when I recently linked up with Snazzy Snippets (which you should do, too).

2 :: writing something that made you nervous but then everyone loved it

The relief of realizing you didn’t write something completely bogus is always a good one. I totally did not expect people to like my thoughts on why writer’s block is like PMS—because it’s sort of a taboo subject and what if you thought I was insensitive or nasty?—and then the general response was “right on!” I liked that.

3 :: receiving messages from people about anything because WHO DOES NOT LIKE MAIL?

I love getting mail. I love getting emails. I love getting paper mail. I love when my bank sends me Air Heads through the United States Postal Service. And I love your messages—I recently caught up on responding to my inbox, and I was taken aback by how awesome my mail was. You guys are awesome. *hugs mail* I love mail.

4 :: getting to connect with a bunch of amazing humans all over the planet

I follow bloggers in countries on the other side of the world. They can share what they think when I’m asleep and then I can tell them what I think when they are asleep! Being on the Internet enables me to hear so many personal perspectives and it gives me a lot to think about and even more to learn. I have very good bloggy neighbors.

5 :: discussing subjects that are important to me

It’s a big thing just to have a place to speak your mind freely. Or, it did feel that way—it’s a very stifling thought to know your words are going to end up in your mom’s inbox every morning. Anyway, just getting a chance to send out your opinion regarding books or life has been really important to me.

6 :: receiving awesome comments

Hearing your thoughts is always a delight and a privilege. There’s only one kind of comment I dislike, and that’s spam. Otherwise, I’m always satisfied.

7 :: making friends

More than just getting to read perspectives of people on a global scale, blogging does open the doors to start personal conversations—and I really value getting to talk with interesting people on an even deeper level.

8 :: freely presenting information in fancy cool ways

I am actually really proud of my WBI page. That took a long time to make. But I finished, everything is organized, and I love it. It feels worth it.

9 :: expressing myself

Sometimes it’s just in sharing personal posts like that time I didn’t ditch Writer’s Life, and sometimes it’s in the fact that I use an unholy amount of color in my posts. I probably look infantile. But I don’t care! *colors everything*

10 :: realizing that, hey, I can actually do this!

If I want to depress myself real quick I just think about the entire value of my life so far has been placed in my academic career and I don’t have specialized skills that will help me get a job in the real world someday. But even if that is true, I can run this blog consistently, I love it, I love the people I connect with, and it makes me happy—and sometimes it is enough just to know that you can do something awesome all on your own.

To sum it up: blogging is awesome, and even if I don’t get to spend as much time on it as I’d like, it is still one of my favorite things to do as often as I can. It wouldn’t be nearly as awesome without you reading my blog, so thanks for sticking around!

What is your favorite part of being a blogger? Or, if you only read blogs, what is your favorite part of reading them?


  1. Ah, yes this post is /perfect/! All of these things are amazing, but I think one of my favorite parts about blogging is being able to share my thoughts and opinions. I am fantastically opinionated, but those opinions do little good if I'm the only one who knows about them. So yeah, it's a ton of fun to find better ways to express my thoughts and opinions, post about them, and then find people other that agree with me (or even, every once in a while, change someone else's mind). :)

    So, yeah. Blogging is awesome.


    1. Absolutely; I think it's super important to have a place to share your thoughts. And this is my place, and clearly I have visited your place, too. It's good to have places to share one's own mind and meet others like it, don't you think?

  2. Thanks for this awesome post!

    I think my favorite part would be the fact that it forces me to write even when I don't feel like it; it's taught me perseverance.

    1. Yes! I think blogging has definitely taught me to keep a schedule and I really appreciate that. :)

  3. THIIIIIIS POST = YES. Yes I love these points. Only my spam is sometimes really nice. They're all like "wow how have I not read your blog before it's so good i'm recommending it to all my friends here buy a vacuum cleaner". Awww, SPAMMY, YOU DEAR. <3
    Least to say, I still spam them, but I like the thought of flattery before evil. *nods*
    I like #2 particularly!! A lot of my posts make my nervous, even if they're just a review. XD So getting comments and people saying they enjoyed something or like my photography makes everything soooo worth it.

    Agh for school eating all your time though. D:

    1. That's true, they can be ridiculously flattering sometimes. XD Still, I prefer people who are a little bit greater than spambots.

      But yeah, it's nice to have your praise ring from the steeples sometimes, right?

      (But, on the bright side, the semester's almost over!)

  4. I totally agree with this. I love that it makes me write regularly and think critically about the media I consume (ugh, media studies class is getting to me) I also love comments and friends. It's so awesome how global the blogging community is :)

    1. I like the global aspect, too! I think it's so cool that I can learn about different cultures and people without having to pay five million dollars in plane tickets. It's nice to be able to communicate. :)

  5. I agree with this too. Recently I've been discouraged about blogging- I have no time! I haven't written amazing posts! Nobody cares! But I think I do love it, for all these reasons. And if my room can't be tidy thanks to my sister, at least I can organise my blog. Like you, academics are kinda my life right now, and so blogging is so great just to leave school behind. *hugs bloggy friend*

    1. *hugs* Well, hey, school isn't forever and it's okay if you make it a priority right now. The important thing is that you just keep returning to what you love, right? :)

  6. Yes, Heather, you always have the most amazing posts! School's been eating my blogging time too then this post goes and spells out my thoughts EXACTLY. Good luck with school and blogging (though I'm sure you'll hardly need it).

    1. It's hard! But, I'm glad you identified so much with it. :) I think that we should all give ourselves a little more credit for being bloggers, you know?

      And thank you, and the same to you as well. :)

  7. These are all such great reasons, and they're all definitely things I need to be reminded of. While I didn't have school this month, I was so busy with NaNoWriMo that there were times I was just tempted to drop my blog for the time being and move to some distant country. Ultimately, blogging can be super hard and stressful but it's so so worth it. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Yeah, I've just been falling off blogging so much lately... *sigh* BUT IT IS NOW WINTER BREAK AND I WILL CATCH UP. Because you're right. It's so worth it. The end.


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