Monday, November 2, 2015

Snazzable Snippets

As per usual, I am not doing NaNoWriMo this month (happy writing to those of you who have taken up the challenge, though!). I just do not like writing fifty-thousand words at a time, and that is okay. However, just because I am not NaNoing does not mean I am not writing!

Like last year, I'm working on another draft of Notebook Spawn, and it's hard to say how many words it is right now because it kind of feels like there are three completely different books trying to say the same story in the document. On the one hand, there's the beginning of the old draft, which is separate from the end of the old draft because I changed my mind about what I wanted to do with voice and plot somewhere after the halfway point so the characters and stories are way different. Then, of course, they are also a little bit different from the rewritten draft I'm actively working on because that one is newer, shinier, and more well-defined.

But, the good news is that I am reaching the end of the beginning of the old draft, and that, my friends, is what we call progress. And I thought I would share some of that progress, because why not, and because I didn't have anything else to post (oops).

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A Snippet Featuring a Friend (lololololololol)

“Um, hi,” I say. “What are you doing here tonight?”  
“Mrs. Horton invited me over for dinner,” he smiles. For some reason that smile gives me a lurching feeling in my stomach—something doesn’t feel right.  
He looks at me expectantly as though he wants me to ask him a particular question. I don’t know what it is, so I just say, “Where is Caitlyn?”  
Quinn purses his lips, annoyed by the apparently-wrong question. “She’s gone ahead of us,” he says. “We’ll talk to her when we get there.”  
“Excuse me?” I take a step back into the street. Quinn starts to reach into his pocket and I turn and run, not bothering to watch him finish withdrawing the pencil and notepad he’s kept there. I hurtle towards my car, clicking the unlock button and even managing to get my key in the ignition before his sylph slips into my mind. It’s my every urge to turn the key, to hit the gas, and to go, go, go where they will never find us.  
But I am frozen. I mean, on a positive note, I’m not being mentally attacked on all sides this time, but all the same—I am stuck. In the backseat, my chimeras start to chatter amongst themselves as I cease to move.  
“Spawn’s got her,” Trilobite decides.  
“Maybe—napping?” Shard Born sounds hopeful.   
“Nah, her eyes is open.”  
Not that I had high hopes anyway, but at least now I know for sure that my passengers won’t be staging my rescue any time soon. Instead, they just murmur quietly while Quinn takes his sweet time waltzing up to my door. He swings it open and leans an elbow on the roof; he’s taking an incredibly casual approach to this considering it’s the second time my mind’s been kidnapped tonight.   
“Don’t freak out too much.” He leers at me. “Get your chimeras and lock up your car, then follow me. It’s time for an impromptu road trip.”  
Unfortunately, Uncle Chris has been in charge of too many of my bedtime stories for me to have a positive outlook as I am compelled to do just as he says. As reluctantly as I am able I pull Trilobite, Shard Born, and Trog from the car and perch them on my limbs, wishing that I had called someone after all. Impromptu road trips never end happily, and the way my uncle tells them, very rarely does everyone make it back intact.

That's probably enough for now, eh? Thanks for reading!

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  1. Your snippet is so intriguing--I can't wait to find out more. I'm not doing NaNo officially this year, either, but I do plan on trying to be more productive this month.

    1. Oh, good. :) It's a tense moment. Happy writing as you not-Nano! :D

  2. --> "Impromptu road trips never end happily, and the way my uncle tells them, very rarely does everyone make it back intact." THAT IS MY FAVOURITE LINE OF EVER. Bah, who needs to come back intact from a roadtrip? Nothing like losing a few limbs or sanity. *nods*
    I loved this!! :D

    1. XD Thanks, CAIT! But yeah, who needs everyone to be alive? There's definitely some death and pain to come. >:D Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Heather, this is awesome! It's way different from the version I read, and I think I like this version more. (Except why is Quinn bad? And he can control spawns now? Why are they going on a road trip? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!)

    But congrats on nearing the end!

    1. Oh yes, the story is quite a bit different now. *knods* (Spoilers, girl, SPOILERS. Although the road trip thing hasn't really changed, just a different road trip circumstantially.)

  4. Okay so this is basically epic, Heather. I really, really like the chimera element. I want to know more about how they're pick-upable creatures who are being a little useless to Quinn's situation in this snippet. THEY SEEM AWESOME. I mean, I have little to base that on, but the idea. It is so great!

    1. Yeah, the chimeras are fun. :) I know I didn't give a ton of context, but I'm still glad you liked it. Thanks for reading, Romi!

  5. OOH YAY SHINY NOTEBOOK SPAWN. "He looks at me expectantly as though he wants me to ask him a particular question. I don’t know what it is, so I just say, “Where is Caitlyn?” --> OMG THIS IS TOO FUNNY. Basically I am 1000% certain that the new shiny version will be 700% more awesome than the originally 200% awesome version so in conclusion: YAY and I can't do maths.

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Is it? XD I didn't realize. But still, I'm glad you think it sounds better. Thanks for hosting, too!


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