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3^3 Reasons to Love Sherlock

(Note: As Alyssa pointed out, there are actually spoilers below, which I didn't even think about because I've never cared about spoilers in my life. SO if spoilers bother you and you haven't seen all three seasons, you may have to put this post on hold. Sorry!)

I hope you people know that I put this as a votable option last week because there was interest in it and not because I had anything prepared. It was SUPER HARD to come up with an idea for this week because it almost feels like the Glory Days of Sherlock have passed already. Season 1 peaked our interest, Season 2 rocked, and Season 3 had that fall in quality that heralds a TV show’s cancellation.
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I mean, it’s been years and there isn’t that much to go off of. Fan theories, art, and analyses only go so far.

It’s the style of British TV shows, but at least for me, there’s only so long you can hang onto a cliff hanger before you fall. Apparently Season 4 is going to be ‘devastating,’ though, so I can’t give up now. For that reason, I have come up with 33 reasons that I do like Sherlock, even if I’ve forgotten.

(33, you know, three episodes to the power of the three seasons we have so far? I knew you’d get there.)
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1. It’s funny.
2. Every character goes through a process of salvation.
3. Mycroft is evil and protective, which is snuggly.

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4. Mrs. Hudson is so sweet; just because someone was an exotic dancer/pharmacist doesn’t mean she can’t be motherly and amazing too.
5. Sherlock’s affections must be earned, not given.
6. John truly cares about real people and their real tragedies.

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7. There was a head in the refrigerator.
8. Classy villains like Moriarty are given finesse and gorgeousness.
9. Villains who only pretend to have class and really cause physical and emotional discomfort, shame, and suffering for power and to compensate for his weakling self (which all in all adds to a pathetic person, if you ask me) get shot in the head.

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10. He didn’t even have the decency to uphold an illusion of courtesy and freaking peed in the fireplace—PRAISE GOD THAT SHERLOCK SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD. I don’t even feel like typing out his name.
11. The graphics are well-done, in my opinion.
12. Even if Anderson is redeemed we still get to hate him.

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13. Sherlock forgot how many times the guy fell out of the window.
14. Despite the annoyances and hurts the characters suffer at one another’s hands, they gift each other with grace, even after all that’s happened.
15. Molly understands Sherlock and is kind to him, and he recognizes that she is important. ♥

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16. Sherlock saved Irene Adler.
17. Mary is solidified badassery, not just because she’s ex-CIA, but because she put it all behind her for the man she loved.
18. Also, Sherlock respects and admires Mary, despite/because of her relationship with John, and he fights for her relationship.

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19. The problems of her past are her business, and the problems of her future are his privilege.
20. Dat violin doe.
21. Mrs. Hudson is under the eternal protection of John and Sherlock.

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22. Sherlock is a good man to have in a crisis and John is a good man to have to save your life, but you need both to solve the mystery.
23. Lestrade gives Sherlock more chances than he deserves.

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25. Also, Moriarty stealing the crown jewels was sublime.
26. And Sherlock wearing a sheet to Buckingham Palace.
27. Did you miss me?

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Well, I suppose with all of that behind us, I have to admit that I’m looking forward to Season 4 again. There’s a lot to love in the nine episodes out there.

Besides, it’s only a few… months…until the next special comes out. *sigh*

What are some of your favorite things about Sherlock? Are you excited for Season 4?


  1. Sherlock is one of my favourite shows of all time, so I remember voting for this option. This was awesome, or as the British would say, 'cracking'. :) John is such a genuinely caring character, he who actually has the guts to let Mary move on from her past. I can't think of many people who'd do the same.

    Have you seen BBC's pretend websites of Sherlock? They made John's blog, Sherlock's website, Molly's blog and a couple others' sites come to life. I always read the comments sections - everythings so lifelike!

    1. Well, I'm glad I served a desired meal. :) I do love John, and I think his relationship with Mary could do with seasons' more exploration!

      I have seen those! I think John's blog is my favorite, but I like them all. They add an extra culture to the show! :)

  2. I'm really sorry but I don't really watch Sherlock, and I feel like I would understand this post much better if I did watch it...
    But about the fangirling that no one wants to listen to but I'm just gonna fangirl anyway, I totally feel ya. *points at Avengers nerd self*

    1. Aw, that's okay. It would probably make more sense to the people who watch it, but thanks for commenting anyway!

      And, yes. I am fangirling. Maybe by myself next week. We'll see. :)

    Yes, to all of these, LOL. I especially love 10 (SO GLAD THAT DUDE GOT SHOT IN THE HEAD {which sounds really bad, but whatever}), 15 (I really love Molly because she's amazing), 19 (that scene between Mary and John made me ship them so hard), and 26 (LOL, yes, Sherlock is so hilarious). :D
    I am very excited for season 4! I really wish they'd move faster with it. :p


    1. IKR? I hated #10 too, and he's fictional, so you can say whatever terrible stuff you want. Molly is totally great, John and Mary are the cutest, Sherlock never growing up, and yeah... They just make TV shows slower in Britain, I think. Thanks for reading, Alexa!

  4. I've only seen one episode of this show and it was epic. I need to see the rest, but they're not on NZ Netflix :/

    1. Aw, I'm sorry to hear that! Does your library have the DVDs?

  5. I had this awkward moment when I reached no.10 and was like, WAIT, weren't there only supposed to be 9? And apparently I can't tell apart exponents and multiplication, so I should boot myself back to primary school now.

    Mycroft is totally the best, and so was Moriarty. Magnussen just didn't compare, y'know? (Although--I'm wondering--perhaps you should hide the relevant reasons under spoiler tags? Just in case someone hasn't watched the last episode and doesn't know what Sherlock's gonna do? I feel like it was very important in terms of defining his character, so.) And OMG MARY IS SO AWESOME.

    I still think maybe I should try Elementary, if only because of Natalie Dormer.

    1. *nods* Well, it is an easy mistake to make. I was going to do 3^4 because I thought it was 27, but I was wrong. Fancy that.

      I love Mycroft and Moriarty, too. *sighs happily* I did totally forget about spoilers, but you inspired that warning at the top, there, but yeah... I forgot. Oops. And YES I LOVE MARY.

      I... haven't heard much about Elementary, but I like the lady who plays Watson.

  6. Urgh, I LOVE Sherlock... but I feel like I shouldn't. It's been nearly TWO years since the last season, and I'm feeling betrayed at having to wait for so long. Still, as you point out, there are so many redeeming features, you can't help but love it. Sigh.
    Beth x

    1. I know the feeling—it's like, loyalty actually does fade, and that's a problem. But you have to love it but you don't want to love it and then it all SUCKS. But in an awesome way. Thanks for reading, Beth!

  7. ooh yay I voted! I quite like Sherock, although they really are making us wait, aren't they. Why are the days limited? Oh no! (This is very worrying, heather. Help!) Just like Alyssa, I mistook 3 cubed for 3 squared. Quite sad really. Makes taking calculus sound a little hard to believe. I do find it quite funny, but I watched the show after everything had come out over the course of 1 1/2 years so I can't remember quite bit. :)

    1. They are making us wait, aren't they? It is too bad. :/ That is okay, I made math mistakes while making this, too, so there's that. *sigh* Anyway, Sherlock can be hard to remember and hard to love, but that is why I wrote this post. Because we need to remember. :P


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