Monday, July 13, 2015

Writing Update

My July goal has been to essentially double my magical accountant story and get it up to 35,000 words or more, and so far I’m on track. MyWriteClub is a beautiful thing. I’m about 85% of the way done with my goal and happy to be here, but it isn’t as enjoyable as I had hoped prior to getting started. Still, there’s good and bad out there, so I thought I’d share both pieces of my experience for your viewing delight!

Spain, Segóvia
Flickr Credit: Francisco Antunes

The Parts I’m Enjoying

The Interesting Storyworld

My story is essentially an alternate Spain, and it’s interesting to not only explore elements I invented, like fairy gifts, but things like wealth distribution which has always been an element of a society. More than that, we’re looking into a world facing the repercussions of supernatural beings trying to enforce racial diversity, and some of the consequences.

Deceptive Motivations

All four of the main characters either appear to or say they do some things for different reasons than what are their actual motivations.


The main characters also all have their reasons to dislike one another or struggle with working together, but they choose to work together anyway. Which ties back, again, to their deceptive motivations.

The Parts Where I’m Struggling

Boring Voice

Blogging is easy because it is my voice, and there have been some characters who it has been a delight to write because they are humorous and fun, but this one is hard. It’s boring and stilted and it’s a good portion of the reason I’m considering not continuing drafting after my July goal is met.

Quest and Travel

It’s hard to pace journeys. You can’t skip the fact that they’re in transit but nothing interesting happens out in the shrubbery, which makes for disproportionately long scenes before they go to bed, and that kind of thing. It’s hard to find a balance in the pacing.

Mostly Dialogue

It’s really easy to write long conversations, but it’s hard to balance it with description and action when they either don’t add important information or simply infodump everything I want to say at once. It’s rather ugly, at this point.

Writing What I Don’t Know

More than that, the core of the worlds I built involve me describing cultures, religions, languages, landscapes, and people I know very little about. It’s rather off-putting and kind of makes the entire story boring and blank because all I have is my own perspective. I know I can research, but it’s hard to tell what is worth researching, too. It leaves you kind of lost.

Overall, I’m confident that I’m going to be able to finish this draft, but after that, I’m not convinced that this is a project I’d like to keep pursuing. And that’s okay. Until then, I’ll keep plugging.

What are you working on this month? How is it going?


  1. Voice is incredibly hard to get right--I restarted a project of mine in a different voice, because the one I'd originally picked--first person, past tense--just wasn't working. Now I feel like I'm on the right track with it, but it's hard to tell...good luck with your project! Keep plugging away!

    1. Right? Because it's not really *your* voice, it is *their* voice. And that's something similar for me, as well. It wasn't in the tense, but just her attitude, and I realized I'd been coming at the POV character's position all wrong. Anyway, thank you, and I hope your project works out, too!

  2. Congrats on your achievements! I'm loving MyWriteClub as well. But it's Finals week for summer college classes and I've been too busy to get writing in. It's encouraging to read how others are suceeding.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I can see how that would be hard, and it's something I'm worrying about because I'll be starting college in the fall. Anyway, I hope you have time to write soon!

  3. *gasp* Alternate Spain? Seriously? I literally based Thomas' home province (the one from Matryoshka, I mean) on a mixture of Spain and Egypt and the Arabic world, so that is fabulous. And ooh, motivations are always fun to play with.

    I'm actually planning to draft a quest/journey style book soon, perhaps for NaNo, and my Camp NaNo draft is actually mostly dialogue, so high-five there XD What's your myWriteClub name? I'm at alyssacarlier :D

    1. :O MS twinning? Sounds cool. *high fives* That's so interesting; I haven't really covered northern Africa, but I should definitely remember to include that somewhere... And yes, yes they are.

      XD Well, at least I know I'm not alone, right? XD My name is HeroineHiding—I just followed you today, so yay there. :)

  4. Oh good gracious. Dialogue just isn't my thing, so I totally get you on that. My voice as a writer come fairly easy, but dialogue? *sighs* I need to get better at that.
    What's your myWriteClub username? I'm fairly certain that it's Katie Grace. Or KatieGrace. You might need to have the words together. *is entirely forgetful*

    1. Yeah, getting the way people say different things is hard, especially if you don't always have that business down. Blah. But, hey, we all have room to grow.

      My myWriteClub username is HeroineHiding—I'll be sure to look you up!

  5. Travelling sections are so hard! I usually end up adding a disaster or two, then get bored and skip the rest. Probably not the best method of getting through it I admit...My novel is coming in fits and starts. I've ended up with far too much on my plate again this month, so while I'm keeping up, I can't seem to manage to write consistently every day, which is really bugging me. I'm really quite pleased with this draft though. SO much better than draft 1. Good luck with your book!

    1. Right? It's just that every moment of a journey can't logically be a disaster, you know? I need to find a better way to get through it, too. I'm sorry you haven't been able to write as much as you wanted, but I'm glad you're seeing improvements! That's a good start. I hope you succeed with your book, too!

  6. Congratulations on getting this far already, Heather! I didn't know you were on MyWriteClub. What's your username? I agree that it is a fabulous site. I love how I can keep track of all my writing goals and track my progress at the same time. Seeing other writers' progress is always good for motivation as well.

    Wow, alternate Spain sounds really interesting. Actually, alternate anything sounds interesting to me!

    Oh gosh, journeys are so difficult to write. It's so hard to describe travelling, you know? It's also difficult when all of your characters, or at least most of them, are always together on that journey, so they always have to be present. Ugh. However, for my next WIP, I have a good idea on how to fix this. Part of the book is going to focus on the past when the MC went on a journey and the other part of the book is going to focus on her present self. I am incredibly excited, and I hope it will help me not bore the reader.

    1. Thanks! My username is HeroineHiding—I hadn't really known anyone on myWriteClub, so I haven't really hung out with anyone there yet. But, it's getting cool to see everyone else's goals in progress! It's kind of fun to collaborate that way.

      It's very interesting to play with alternate worlds, but it can also be tricky, too!

      There's so much of nothing that happens in transit! It's a frustration. It's very boring for it all to be dealt with. Oh, I hope that works out for you—it sounds like a good way to do a balancing act! Be sure to catch up with me on that, and see how it works for you!


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