Monday, June 29, 2015

June Recap

I write this Sunday night because I have no other post for Monday, and so I am hoping I will be more creative next week. As it is, here is my humble contribution to the outpouring of wrap-ups that are sure to fill your feed this week.

Blogger’s Life

The top five posts this month were:
Dear Extroverts (Another Response Letter) [this is my most popular post of all time, by the way]
Bloodlines: Who’s Your Daddy?
Five Ways Watching Movies is Better Than Reading Books
Would You Rather Tag
777 Challenge

Also, if you ever actually visit my blog using keywords like these, please strike up a conversation with me. Because these search topics are just a curiosity to me. What were you looking for?

Writer’s Life

I wrote a poem in iambic tetrameter, power-edited through the end of my then-active WIP and burned myself out. Spent the next couple of weeks just editing fan fiction and giggling at my own jokes.

Beginning yesterday (Sunday) I’ve activated my magical accountant WIP and plan to have a 35,000 word manuscript by the end of July. That sounds totally unimpressive but this is what has worked so far.

Reader’s Life

My favorite books that I read this month were The Bestseller Job by Greg Cox and Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie We’re In Trouble! by Christiana Miller.

I’m currently reading The Neverending Story, which I’m about halfway through and I don’t think I want to keep going because it is getting to a rather boring part. I was promised moral ambiguity and instead it is lackluster. I’m also reading Extraordinary Means, and if I haven’t read your review yet it’s because I don’t want to taint my opinion just yet.

The best movies I watched this month were The Giver (again), The Book of Life, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, Maleficent, Robin Hood (with Javert), Inside Out, and The Imitation Game. I realize that 71% of those are children’s movies but there’s an art to children’s movies that isn’t always required by adult movies.


Fangirl’s Life

We talked ‘bout V for Vendetta and Phantom of the Opera, Clintasha, godly parents (as inspired by Percy Jackson), and Lord of the Rings. So far the topics have not been poorly received, and people keep voting, so that sounds okay with me.

Other Awesome Things You Should Read

Cait, in direct contrast to me, always finishes books
Alyssa shares some peeks into her exciting new WIP
Sunny has been reading short stories
Precious hosts another blogger spotlight
Liz discusses dystopias
Imogen elucidates irony
Aimee insists that bad guys are people too

Coming Up

  • we’re actually going to have a BOND VILLAIN in our WBI (and I don’t know if you care but I’ve seen all the movies so it kinda matters to me)
  • maybe I’ll share some more stories about books I thought I would hate
  • definitely we need to discuss my top five Disney villain deaths and probably why Hans should either be king or should have died
  • can I talk about love and death and love and death and love and death omg love death love ahhh
  • various other posts in my to-do file—I need to really do some hardcore polling to see where I should do some prioritizing

Also, I am currently locked out of my Twitter account because I’m of the 1% that does not have a cell phone. Probably it’s because I tweet more links than personal updates, but who wants to read my personal updates? That is silliness. I’ll have to think of interesting things to say if I use my account again…

Moving on.

How was your June? What was your favorite post on your blog? Share it with me!


  1. I normally don't like recaps except for a few select blogs, but as always, you have managed to convince me you belong in the few select blogs by typical Heather humour. (Oh wow, alliteration.)

    Also you get such interesting search results. Argh. All I ever get is "Mulan" and "Black Widow", which, sure, awesome ladies and I DID post about them, but seriously, where are the funny ones?

    I disagree that Cait finishes books in contrast to you. I mean, you yourself confessed you read endings all the time, so technically, you did "finish" it. *nods at own logic* But also THANK YOU for featuring my #WatchMeWrite! Everyone's support has gotten me so excited about July.

    1. *beams* Oh, good. I am pleased to hear that, and also that my humor has managed to pop up again. :)

      Well, yes, they are awesome ladies, but I suppose I envy you because your search results appear to make some kind of sense. I hope you get some funny ones, soon, though! :)

      That is true, I do "finish" books. I guess I just don't complete them, and I only record completed books on my reading log! Also, you should be excited! It looks like it shall be an awesome story! :D

  2. Naw, your writing this month does not sound unimpressive at all. I mean, look at me. All I did was some half-hearted planning for Camp NaNo. However, I also finished school this month, so I plan to dive straight into hardcore writing again. I also need to do a ton of hardcore polling for my blog because I really don't do enough of that.

    1. *nods* Planning for Camp Nano sounds like it was productive! I hope that you can dive straight back into your writing now that you're free from your homework! :D Also, yeah, hardcore polling. I'll have a hardcore polling day, maybe? We'll see.

  3. I'm really looking forward to reading Extraordinary Means and watching Inside Out, and I absolutely agree that children's movies have a certain something that isn't always present in more "grown up" movies. I think it could be a sort of innocence or naive curiosity that is often lost as people grow older.

    Also, thanks so much for featuring my Blogger Spotlight post!

    1. I hope you enjoy both! Although, children's movies being more innocent is not exactly what I was going for. XD

      Thanks for hosting it! It's always interesting to see other people's perspectives!

  4. I hardly wrote at all this month, so go you! When do we get so see some of the magical accountant story? :)
    I'm excited for what you have planned for July, especially death and love.
    Was Inside Out good? I really want to see it!

    1. Maybe tomorrow, maybe never. I guess you'll have to wait and see!

      Death and love... Yeah. *sighs happily* I don't know when I'll schedule that one.

      Inside Out was VERY good! I hope you enjoy it when you see it!


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