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Dinner Party: Strong Female Characters!

Aimee has been writing some pretty awesome posts about strong female characters lately—the problem with them and a few examples. I realized that I wanted to talk about strong female characters too! There are fantastic ladies who show their strength through more than just beating people up, and for the first time since September, I want to host a Dinner Party!

For those of you who don’t know the rules, my dining room table can seat about a dozen people. Saving one seat for me, that means I can invite eleven characters for a girl’s night out!

New Year Dinner Party
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Elvie Nara (Ever-Expanding Universe Trilogy)—a 16-year-old pregnant mechanic, Elvie thinks on her feet and shows emotional strength as bravery as she reconciles motherhood with the person she wants to be

For Elvie: Cherry Marsala ice cream

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Laura Brand (H.I.V.E.)— a tech genius and systems analyst; even though she’s responsible for more deaths than she has fingers and deaths to count, she has a real heart for her friends, family, and loyalties

For Laura: Franz (just kidding)

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Alyss Mainwaring (Ranger’s Apprentice)—her strong, silent character highlights her negotiation skills, perfect for a success and willingness to give her life serving her country and all its citizens

For Alyss: catering by Jenny

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Astrid Farnsworth (Fringe) —she’s Olivia’s human resource, Peter’s relief, and Walter’s partner in crime, and she somehow has the patience and bravery to handle every Fringe case with that team

For Astrid: aspirin

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Hera (Olympians)—vengeful, forceful, yes, but Hera shows an amazing talent for bringing out the hero in everyone

For Hera: beef

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Rosalie (Twilight Saga)—Rose lives a life she wouldn’t have chosen for herself, but with a quiet strength and fierce love she defends her choices and maybe realizes that she doesn’t need perfection

For Rosalie: Erm… sorry, Rose…

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Winter (Lunar Chronicles)— her book isn’t out yet, but STILL; simply knowing she hasn’t used her glamour despite Lunar pressures and standards of beauty and Levana make me like her already

For Winter: sour apple petite

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Kaylee Frye (Firefly)—she’s the heart of the ship; not only does she have an intuitive knowledge of machines but she’s bright, cheerful, funny, and loves strawberries (like me!)

For Kaylee: strawberries (!)

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Nadya (The Witch of Duva)— her determination, identity as a student, and victory fascinated and inspired me with her beautiful fairy tale (and if she could bring her stepmom, that would be great)

For Nadya: gingerbread

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Nyx (Cruel Beauty)—she touches me because she exemplifies that perfect love can come from imperfect people, and a little bit of kindness can go a long way

For Nyx: bread
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Parker (Leverage)—Parker was abused and used, but ends up finding her own niche in the world; while she does have an affinity for tasers, her true journey is discovering the human inside herself


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As you can see, I’m great at coming up with a healthy menu plan.

There are times when these women face violence and see the brutality of suffering around them—however, their true strength comes from their skills, their relationships, and their characters. I love them all!

Who would attend your dinner party? Do you recognize any of my favorite strong female characters?


  1. I just started watching Firefly a couple of weeks ago, and Kaylee is definitely one of my favorite characters--I don't think they're nearly enough "strong female characters" who also happen to be really, really nice and sweet.

    1. Oh, how are you liking it? (It's no secret that I love it.) Kaylee is awesome, although River and Zoe are also primary loves of my fandom. Really, really nice and sweet should be more respected in characterdom, I agree!

  2. I know about half the people (most of the book characters pretty much) I really appreciate well written negotiation because violence isn't the only way out (In fact, I may be writing a book about that. Ahem) I love your point about perfect love and imperfect people, and I loved mothership (which not enough people have read in my opinion) I didn't realise that Leigh bardugo had written anything else, though I'm CRAZY EXCITED for six of crows :) (oh, there's my commenting voice again)

    1. Indeed, negotiation is actually probably preferable in the world we're living in right now! (Sounds like awesomeness for your book, though!) Mothership, Cruel Beauty, and The Witch of Duva are all really good stories in my opinion, and they show a lot of kick-butt women who should be admired. (And right? Six of Crows is going to be great!)

  3. I know some of these, and this is a great post. I hope you have a nice dinner party. Some of the food didn't seem like real food though. Would there be something you would give all of them? Strong female characters are important, I think. I love strawberries too! We had too many frozen strawberries clogging up the freezer, so my family is doing a strawberry challenge where we each make something out of strawberries. Shanti ^ made strawberry lemonade popsicles, I made strawberry virgin mojitos (I called it traffic light daydream because of the colours) my brother is making cheesecake, etc.

    1. I'm glad you liked it—I'm sure we will! Everyone would be sharing all of the food, real, ridiculous, or neither. Strong female characters are of COURSE important! And your strawberry story sounds like a dream come true. Strawberry food all the time sounds like it would be delicious and awesome!

  4. Okay, I know almost none of these ladies, except PARKER! I love Parker. Yes, she knows how to fight. Yes, she likes tasers. . . And steals things. But what makes her strong is that even though she has all the right reasons to shut herself away from others, she learns to trust the Leverage team. Even though emotions is kind of a scary topic for her, she's brave enough to learn how to deal with them and accept that she, you know, has emotions. I like Parker. :)

    This is a pretty awesome post. :)

    1. PARKER! *high fives* She's amazing, no? She does have those elements of one of the ladies who simply kick butt, but you're totally right—she grows emotionally to trust and to love. She's never had the chance to be a person before, and now she's finding a way out of that.

  5. This is so creative! I don't know any of these people, but they sound really cool, and would make awesome party dinner guests. Save me a seat? :)

    1. Oh, you should meet them all! I don't know how well we'll all fit around the table, but you know, there's always other places to sit!

  6. Great post I'm new to your blog and I love it xx :) also it look's like your party was amazing :)

  7. There are a lot of great females out there. I think I'd have to have Ann Elliot from Persuasion and Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables for sure.

    1. Ooh, an Ann party! lol. I haven't read of either of those, but I'm sure they'd be awesome!

  8. Oh what a fabulous idea! I really love celebrating and discovering new fierce women in fiction (and life), and I don't know that I've heard of many of these ladies and I'm so excited to find out about them and their stories, particularly Nadya and Elvie, who both sound incredibly interesting. It's nice to read about a different bunch, much as I adore Celeane Sardothian and would have included her in my own list.
    It's so great to see someone else in the blogsphere who loves Firefly! Kaylee is such a wonderful character, though all the women in that show were glorious.

    Lovely compilation. xx
    Romi @ wherethewritercomestowrite

    1. Strong female characters are indeed one of the joys of being a fan, not only in fiction but in the people we choose to admire within our own lives, no? Nadya and Elvie are both VERY interesting and I'd love to hear what you think, should you get around to reading them. I haven't heard of Celeane—what book is she from?

      *high fives* Always wonderful to meet another browncoat! All of the women are glorious indeed, but I did want to give Kaylee a little extra shine-time, because she's the only one who struggles with a proficiency with weapons. It makes her unique. :)

    2. She's the protagonist from Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. I misspelt her name, though! It's Celaena.

      That's such a good way of describing it. Kaylee is fairly fantastic, and I love how she ujst adores cute things, dresses and the impractical.

    3. Oh, I see. I think she was mentioned elsewhere as a popular choice, and that's good!

      She's awesome like that, and yet at the same time she is able to take care of a great, hulking machine with all that impracticality!


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