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WBI: Victoria (Twilight)

You may recall James’ WBI analysis, wherein we established Twilight’s main villain—a lone wolf. He gets burnt to a crisp at the end, but his mate, Victoria, is alive and kicking for the next two books. There was some interest in discussing her role in New Moon and Eclipse, and seeing as I’m drawing a blank on other villains, here we are.

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Victoria, James’ mate, will never forgive the Cullens for what they did to her love—especially Edward. She gathers an army to defeat him and make him feel the same pain she feels, all the while skimming just under Edward and Alice’s radar.

WBI Profile

Classification :: Ξ1357!&
Role :: Avenger (avenging James’ death)
Motivation :: evil (hurting Edward), insanity/psychology (love for James; escape), lifestyle (vampire), personal gain (vengeance)
Bonus :: superpower (self-preservation), family ties (James)

A Study

attracted to power—her primary motivation for first joining James was his power and strength

vampire—sort of obvious, but she is a vampire and finds satisfaction in killing

cautious—gifted with skills of self-preservation and escape, Victoria tends towards the soft and subtle

mated—as with all vampires, falling in love results in a permanent physical transformation for the brain; her relationship with James was all-consuming and perfectly balanced

unsteady—despite being mated, Edward eventually throws Victoria off-guard by suggesting she was only a convenience to James; did they ever really love each other?

hurt—losing her other half crushes her; she turns to warfare to avenge James, because she loved him

fair—she also tries to kill Bella, but for different reasons; James wanted to have a trophy, but since Edward killed Victoria’s mate, Victoria will kill Edward’s mate in return

determined—she will go to any end to achieve her goals (as shown by the vampire army she builds to take down Bella)

manipulative—to keep the army in line, Victoria puts a vampire named Riley in charge, pretends to love him, and pits him against the evil Cullen coven, which has a price on her head

calculating—knowing Alice will foresee any big decisions she might make, Victoria puts all the power in Riley’s hands, so the Cullens will have no way to see what’s coming

resourceful—Victoria takes advantage of her friends and those around her; for example, she sends Laurant to spy on the Cullens for her

attentive—although there is no direct confrontation with Victoria in the second book, she still keeps tabs on Bella (who is under the protection of the werewolves)

secret—the Cullens themselves don’t have a good handle on Victoria’s identity and plan until the third book; Victoria keeps herself out of the limelight as much as possible

unbridled—especially in regards to her army, Victoria isn’t concerned about how many humans are caught in the crossfire

sacrificing—she is willing to lose everything she has built so long as Bella will die

persistent—while the Cullens are distracted, Victoria confronts Edward and Bella in the mountains, and uses all her physical and mental strengths to win the battle she picked

controlling—having misinformed Riley of the Cullens’ nature, she is able to keep him from being swayed when Edward tells him he is just being used

quiet—Victoria has very, very little dialogue, a stark contrast to the sinister politeness James frequently used

sensitive—when Edward brings James back up, Victoria calls upon her escape powers to handle the situation

alone—without her partner, Victoria doesn’t have the person she would want to rely on most

dead—when Bella distracts Victoria with her own blood, Edward kills her; she and Riley are burned at the top of the mountain

Big Idea

revenge is justice—I said this for Zira, too. Even though Edward killed James, she wants to inflict upon him the same pain she felt when James died, rather than give him the same end her mate met. She knows it will be more painful.

absence speaks—even though Victoria and her actions are a primary problem that Bella has to face in her daily life, there’s no real confrontation until the end of Eclipse. Despite being missing, Victoria’s absence speaks to the mastermind and cautious aims that make up much of her character.

minions help—there’s no way Victoria could have taken on the Cullens alone; she gathered more than twice the number in the Cullens’ family to be absolutely sure that she would have a clear pathway to Bella when the time came.

different person, different reasons—both James and Victoria try to kill Bella because of Edward, but for two different reasons. James sees a challenge and a trophy. Victoria sees vengeance and justice. Neither motivation is better or worse, but it does distinguish them as separate individuals.

“He’s the liar, Riley. I told you about their mind tricks. You know I love only you.” –Victoria, Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer

Did you survive the second Twilight WBI? Because we haven’t even touched on the Volturi. What did you think of Victoria? Have you ever written an Avenger like her?


  1. Hmm...this was really interesting to read. I think I might re-read the whole series again (I stopped at Eclipse due to people telling me it wasn't worth reading, and I just wasn't interested to continue what happened in New Moon). You made Victoria sound interesting; I often forget that Twilight does have some promsiing characters and people shouldn''t assume it's all bad. Great post. :)

    1. Hm, you might have read them out of order—New Moon is the second book. Maybe that played into it? Anyway, yes, I think Twilight is chock full of interesting characters, and I love them quite a bit!

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  3. Really amazing piece! TWILIGHT is one of my favorite book series, so I love that people are still taking interest so long after the movie franchise ended. I especially love Victoria too. She's always been one of my favorite characters in the series. Just one thing, the author's name is spelled "Stephenie" not "Stephanie."

    Great post, nonetheless, though!


    1. XD Well, I came into the fanscene much later than most everybody! (It did mean I could just zip right through the whole series, though, which was a plus). I'm glad you share the interest, and thanks for reading!

      (By the way, thanks for pointing that out to me. I never noticed before! Some fan I am. Anyway, I fixed it, so thanks again!)

  4. Wow, this was /fascinating/. I never really thought too much about Victoria, beyond the fact that she was the evil vamp they needed to kill, but you really peeled back the layers here and showed her true character. Like I said, absolutely fascinating.

    I can't wait to see what you have to say on the Volturi!


    1. ...Well, the point of me doing this is to bring up points people don't think about usually. XD I'm glad I succeeded! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you like the Volturi when I get them up!


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