Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Book Lover's Questionnaire

The fabulous Katie at A Writer’s Faith tagged me for the Book Lover’s Questionnaire. Being as I do love books, I am more than happy to comply—reading is life!

Do you have a specific place for reading?

No. I’m willing to read anywhere, because if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t get anything read.

Bookmark or random piece of paper?

Seriously, whatever is in arm’s reach is fine with me. I’m not against flipping a book upside down on the page I was on, and I use limbs and ducks and toilet paper, WHATEVER to keep track of where I am.

Unlike my best friend and my father, I cannot remember where I was.

Can you stop anywhere in a book or do you have to finish the chapter?

Ha, I’d better be able to stop anywhere in a book. I go to high school, which means that I have passing periods, notes to take, and people to talk to—I read around my work, and not the other way around.

Music or TV while reading?

I can, but I don’t usually. Lyricless music is sometimes helpful for setting the mood, but more often than not I prefer to just read undistracted.

Do you eat or drink while reading?  

You could probably feed a person in Africa with the crumbs tucked into the crevasses of my books. Just kidding. I tend to pull out crumbs, but you can tell from the grease stains that I’m all into the snacking and reading.

One book at a time or several?

Several. Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad, but it’s just the way I roll.

Reading at home or elsewhere?

Both! I mean, ideally at home, but I don’t mind reading everywhere.

Read out loud or silently?

Silently, obviously. Do you people do this? How do you hear yourself have feels?

Do you read ahead or skip pages?

I  read ahead, but I’d never skip a page. Unless it’s the introduction. The thing about introductions is that they are so dang USELESS.

Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

Break the spine. Break the spine. Break the spine. Okay, no. Wear it out at a natural pace from reading it again and again.

Do you write in your books?

Only for school, and on rare occasions. They’re made of paper for a reason, folks.

There you go! A little insight into my readerly life, and now I’d like a little insight into yours.

So, what are you like as a reader? Pick two questions and tell me what you would say! Or, even better, override my tagging powers and do the questionnaire yourself, then link me up!


  1. It's interesting, because these are mostly what I'd answer. For example, if I really work hard I can remember my page numbers, but my head is full of so many other things I just don't really have time for that. I like the concept of awesome, fancy bookmarks, but I lose pretty much every bookmark I'm given (and believe me, I get a lot) within about two days, so I just use scraps of paper. I like eating and reading, and don't mind spin breaking (which is my sister's pet peeve). I also like to read more than one book at once. The only question I'd answer completely differently is the writing in books one- I NEVER write in books, because I wouldn't write on ones I own because I love them, the library's because library, and school ones because school owns them. I sometimes accidentally skip paragraphs when exciting stuff is happening but then I get really confused. I hate reading the last page before finishing the book since it feels like cheating. Good to know these things about you!
    Shar :D

    1. Well, that's not a bad thing. You're thinking of awesome other things! Paper scraps are just as useful as bookmarks—they serve the same purpose, anyway! It sounds like we're almost reading twins! I don't mind writing in books, though, or reading the end—obviously I'd never write in someone else's book, and it don't seem like cheating to me. XD Anyway, thanks for such a thorough response; lovely to learn the same about you!

  2. I love your gif use :) And I eat and read as well then swear not to do it again when I get something on a book xD

    1. Thanks. I eat and read and then I'm like, "This works for me" and I do it ALL THE TIMES. Go me. XD Thanks for reading, Opal!

  3. So many things to relate to. :') the GIF usage was perfect. I don't use bookmarks or anything, I do the fold-in-the-corner thing, except for borrowed books. I'd love to go all Pininterest and DeviantART and write all over my books, but there's something rather sacred about a good book and I can't bring myself to do it!

    1. Thanks. :) Hm, that's interesting. I don't like folding pages in my books, just because I feel like it would end up confusing me. Books are kind of sacred sometimes, so I know the desire not to want to write over your books, but it can also be pretty handy in school. :D

  4. Yes! Someone else who uses unconventional things for bookmarks and isn't afraid to turn a book on its pages to keep their page marked. Most bookish people are afraid of crushing the pages. I figure that books are made for reading and loving though. How can you love something properly if you're afraid of breaking it the whole time? Though i don't like writing in books, even in study books. I can't bring myself to sully the pages with pencil markings.

    1. *high fives* Yes, yes, yes! I mean, it's fun to interact with books, in my opinion, and we shouldn't be afraid to break our books! For me that includes writing; it's a-okay with me. But, still, you make a good point—books are just objects, and we shouldn't be afraid to do something to an object we could just rebuy...

  5. I'm just loving that Mulan gif because I swear I poured tea like that until I was 14. So.

    I read silently and I have ALL THE FEELS. I have so many more feels when reading silently because I'm absorbing the words, not trying to process them through a dozen different organs and focusing on the word choice and stuff! To each her own, I guess.

    Heather, you read ahead to a RIDICULOUS extent. You read my EPILOGUE beforehand. The only time I've done that was Harry Potter, and I do regret it because it made me dislike DH from the start.

    1. XD I have no idea how you drank any tea if that was the only way you poured tea.

      I realize now that I made it sound like I read out loud but what I meant was "Why wouldn't I read silently because how would I hear my feels?" I have changed it! Because sometimes you realize things sound different in the light of day than the dark of night. So we are actually the same, I was just odd.

      NO I DON'T. ... Maybe a little. BUT I READ FIVE CHAPTERS BEFORE I READ THE EPILOGUE SO IT'S NOT EVEN LIKE A BIG DEAL. I read the epilogue of Harry Potter somewhere in the middle, although it didn't make me dislike it. :P

    2. I didn't actually drink tea until I was older, because I didn't like the taste anyway :D

      Ah, okay, now that I get. Besides, it would sound really weird if I were reading out a passage and stopped to flail or scream at a character because they're being idiotic.

      At least on the bright side, one of the storylines was literally un-spoil-able. (Wow, look at that word, and I call myself a writer.) I sort of wanted Harry to go all self-sacrificial, y'know?

    3. That's just like me! *hives*

      Yeah, it would. I mean, I will have physical reactions to my books (i.e. curl up my knees or start breathing rapidly) but doing stuff out loud? Nah.

      That's true. And I knew that a lot of people wanted Harry to die for good, but I was okay with the way Rowling wrote it. I thought it was cute. :)

  6. Lovely tag! I never skip pages or read ahead, although my eyes occasionally stray to the next page :/. And I'm a silent reader through and through; I can't read imagine reading aloud, because then I'd just be slowing myself down.

    1. I think that happens—maybe not even as a matter of temptation, but it can be hard to hold our eyes in the same place for too long. You're right, though. I can read WAY faster than I talk!

  7. I never read ahead in books, except for if I'm at the end of a chapter, sometimes I can't stop my eyes from skimming to the last sentence (especially if the book has a reputation with cliff hanger chapter endings).

    This was a fun link-up!

    1. I know that feeling; our eyes don't seem to like staying glued in one place! (But, my fingers feel that way with pages, too...)

      Thanks for reading, Sunny!

  8. Cool post! I guess I'll be answering all of these later, so I won't do any now. Don't want spoilers, after all. ;)
    Thanks for tagging me!


    1. Oh, yes. Spoilers would be a little too much, eh? I look forward to what you say, later! :) (And you're welcome!)


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