Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dissonance Cover Reveal

Guess what.

(This is the part where you say, “Chicken butt.”)

You may recall this guest post by Mariella Hunt on her book, Dissonance. I’ve had the privilege of reading the book multiple times, and I’m really excited to see it in print—unfortunately, she had to back out her initial release date in December, but the ball is rolling and I’m looking forward to seeing it come out in June!

And, to celebrate that coming date, today we’re doing the cover reveal! Check it out:

Fifteen-year-old Allie Grant lives crippled by her illness. Though kept in isolation, she’s never alone: A spirit named Song lurks in the silence of her bedroom.

When Song reveals its dark nature on the night of her recital, the show ends in tragedy. Verging on death, Allie’s taken in by an uncle she’s never met.

Julian claims to be a Muse with power over music and answers that’ll heal her. The cure she needs is rare, requiring of him a difficult sacrifice. Allie soon suspects her uncle has a secret that’ll turn her world around.

But with days left to live, she might fade without learning the truth...like the finishing chord of a song.

About Mariella: Mariella Hunt is a writer with a strong love for coffee and guinea pigs. She likes using big words in everyday speech, and keeps journals of quotes from the greats.

Most days you'll find her on a well-loved armchair, reading--or working on one of her many projects. As she cannot stick to an outline, she rewrites way too much.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mariellahuntauthor
Twitter - https://twitter.com/mariellahunt
Website - http://mariellahunt.com/

Stay tuned, people. Dissonance is happening!

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  1. Heh, I got confused for a minute because a YA book came out recently with this title and it's an obscure title, eh?! But so cool. That blurb is super intriguing...with the musical vibe. Yay!

    1. Really? That's interesting; I may look up that Dissonance as well, just to compare. It's a good book, if you read it, you'll have to let me know what you think!


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