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TCWT April Blog Chain: Twoo Wuv

Today I am supposed to write a letter to a fictional couple. That’s the TCWT prompt, you see. I don’t really want to, but I will. Because unhealthy obsessions for fictional characters should probably be shared with other characters sometimes.

So, that being said, here are letters. More than one letters. Here we go.

via Goodreads
Dear Nyx and Lux,

Congratulations. I shipped you so much I had to read your book twice in two weeks, and whenever I think about you I still turn into a melted glob of cheese.

I mean, your story is hilarious and enchanting—of all the people to fall in love with, who would have guessed it would be your own spouse? I’ve stripped Ignifex and Shade to a psychological perspective so many times it’s disrespectful. And Nyx, I understand you perfectly.

I could gush and gush, but in the end, I think I can sum up why I love you two in a few simple sentences. Your commitment spanned timelines. Your marriage was bound first by duty, then with respect, and then with love. You learned what it meant to be each other’s perfect servant.

And you ended up living by the Helen Thermopolis rule of marriage: “Being married is about being yourself, only with someone else.”

Neither of you are perfect, and that’s the point. We don’t need to be perfect to have perfect love—and in the end, it was your sacrifice that made you relatable, beautiful people.

*dreamy sigh* You guys are so awesome.

All my love,

via Warped Factor
Dear Sorsha and Madmartigan,

Okay, okay, okay, okay. Other than being my favorite people in the entire movie, the things you keep and the things you leave behind just make you the perfect examples of change.

I mean, Madmartigan, we don’t let our babies get kidnapped by brownies while we’re peeing in the bushes. Sorsha, your mother doesn’t know everything. You let yourselves fall into skewed versions of yourselves and let yourselves get locked into cages (Mad, yes, you did that literally and you can’t blame Erik for leaving you in there) because you didn’t see what leaving would do for you.

But you changed. You learned what it’s like to love. You learned what it’s like to face your demons, to act with honor, to help others more than to help yourself. You both showed tremendous courage on the battlefield and you both played a crucial role in the climax to see Bavmorda brought to her doom. Especially you, Sorsha. That couldn’t have been easy.

But now you’re parents. Now you’re a king and a queen. And now you will see that the princess will grow to a strong and beautiful warrior like yourselves and make sure she has enough blackroot to put hair on her chest.



P.S. By the way, we’re going to pretend I never dared open the book. Not that book. No. Screw George Lucas.

via Forbes
Dear Carlisle and Esme,


I’m never going to get over that. Your whole family is adorable. Can I come over for dinner?


via Buzzfeed
Dear Wash and Zoe,

Let’s keep this a secret. You guys are perfect. And not just because Wash plays with dinosaurs or because Zoe is an ISTJ, although those things help. You guys have conflict. You’re different people with real struggles and it’s hard for you guys to work together because you do come at the world with different perspectives.

Zoe, I know what it’s like to be you. You have to make tough decisions and the war is never really over. You know that you want to spend time with Wash but you have to do the work as well. And it’s not that you love the work… it’s just that work always comes first—and that includes Mal. You’re strong, you’re a good shot, and you can get down to business. 

Wash, you’re different. You play while you work. You want to leave—you want to have that romance. Yes, you like your job. Who the heck wouldn’t love driving through space in a Firefly? Serenity more than any. But your life isn’t your job—your life is what you have with Zoe, and your friends, and you don’t want your work to get in the way.

That is conflict. But you still love each other. And I like that, because all too often we see romances without conflict, and those that do have conflict simply end—and in your case, that isn’t true. You guys make each other better. 

Because Zoe has feelings. That stupidhead kid seemed to think she didn’t have any, but what he didn’t realize was that Zoe has always had feelings—but being around Wash makes her willing to share them. Wash doesn’t like being excluded, and sometimes that’s a problem for him, too. But being with Zoe means that there’s always a place where he belongs, and where his someone will make him wife soup if he’s been a good boy.

That’s you guys. You’re funny, you’re conflicting, you struggle, but most of all, you complement each other, so that you are a perfect pair. You guys are my leaves on the wind, and I will never stop watching how you soar.

I need to stop now before I start to die of feels. Love you, love your work, say hello to Emma for me.

Fly true,


If you ARE in the blog chain—drop me a link to your letters if I haven’t read them yet. Who did you write to?

If you ARE NOT in the blog chain—what are a few couples you would write to? What would you say? And, be sure to check out the other lovely folks hanging out in this month’s lovely chain for even better letters!

Prompt: “Write a letter to a fictional couple.”

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  1. I came so close to buying Cruel Beauty when I was at the bookstore the other day. So. Close. But I didn't. Mistake?

    1. Well, I don't know. It depends. Lots of other people haven't liked it, but I really, really did. So I guess you should read it before you buy it and find out.

  2. Hm....let's see....Who would I write to......

    Bellarke! ♥♥♥

    Do you watch the 100? It's a great apocalyptic drama. I have gushed about it previously and I am the Number 1 Fan girl of he show and don't even TRY to argue with me. Also, Hartemis. The AF series wouldn't be complete without some Hartemis.
    Oh, and Spoby from PLL. Spencer and Toby balance each other out perfectly and it's just so......I'm fangirling again, aren't I?

    1. I haven't seen it, I'm afraid. It sounds like there are some cute couples, though! I was never a Hartemis fan, though. I always liked to think Artemis would meet a nice girl named Claire and enjoy himself that way.

      I don't know PLL, but they sound cool. :)

  3. Cruel Beauty has been on my TBR for far too long, but somehow there's always been other books that felt more urgent? Thoughts? Should I grab a copy ASAP?

    I don't actually know the other couples, but I loved the terse, to-the-point letter for Carlisle and Esme :D

    1. Uuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm... I DON'T KNOW. I really liked it but lots of other people didn't so judge for yourself. Like, I died reading it but that was just me.

      XD I don't know. In some ways I don't think there was much else for me to say about them: I love them and I want to visit. All done. Sometimes it's the people you most admire and enjoy you have the least to say to.

  4. WAS THAT A PRINCESS BRIDE REFERENCE I SAW? I love Nyx and ingnifex. Also, you make me want to rethink twilight, which might be good or bad.

    1. YES IT WAS. They are super sweet, though, aren't they?

      I would say good, some would say bad, it's a toss up, decide for yourself. :)

  5. Wash and Zoe! :D They're a really good one. Totally believable, and funny. I love Wash.

    Cruel Beauty looks SOOO good! I love Beauty and the Beast, and fairytale retellings, so I'm excited to read this. :)

    Here's my post:

    1. They're beautiful, right? I love that couple most of all the couples on Firefly.

      It was good, although I thought it was a more Hades/Persephone retelling than one of Beauty and the Beast. I hope you enjoy it!

      Thanks for sharing it with me—I liked the Sherlock/Molly one most, even if it isn't one of my own ships.


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