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TCWT February Blog Chain: And Now For Something Completely Different

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Guess what day it is? TCWT day! And today we are talking about something that is a constant part of my life: music!

My Wunnerful Hosts
For example, right now I am listening to The Wiggles in Taiwanese (no, I have no idea what they’re saying, but Dorothy’s laugh sounds the same) and that’s going to be completely normal in this post. (But you already knew that.) Leading to this month’s question:

How does music relate to your writing?

The short answer: it doesn’t.

I mean, I completely invite you to check out the rest of the chain, and you will find beautiful writing and people who have different playlists for each and every novel they write or favorite movie soundtracks or different sounds that are super way meaningful.

And, um, I don’t do that.

I mean, I have 2-4 hour fantasy/Celtic tracks; the Riverdance album used to be up. I listened to The Lion King OBCR the other day, occasionally there is a Les Mis funk, and I will listen to my playlists at all the times of the day. Most of the time I just turn on Pandora when I want to get down to business.

I have one Pandora station (originally made in 2011), and I like all the things on there. It tends to centralize around pop, rock, new wave, Disney, country, metal, alternative, musicals, Celtic, instrumental, classical, and songs in different languages and it is good to listen to.

I recorded everything I listened to for an hour, which was mostly rock, with a few others mixed in, and then it turned into musicals and pop/children’s afterwards. Anyway, here’s a glimpse at what I listened to today.

The Ralph Covert one is gray because I thumbed that one down. And I love “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” Great songs, and you are welcome to go hunt them down.

But the thing is… Sometimes songs are inspiration, and sure, maybe I’ll pick a certain track to meet my mood, but writing music isn’t a thing for me. Everything is work music. And if I can’t work while I’m listening to it, then I can’t play it.

That goes for homework. That goes for blogging. It goes for novel-writing and it goes for cleaning my room.

For some people, music is an almost spiritual experience, because music is one thing that can get in your veins and addict you and inspire you and open your mind, and it’s good because it’s not illegal. Certainly, there’s some music out there that can hurt us, but at the moment I’m listening to “Go Go Go Joseph” (okay, not all of us have gotten over our Andrew Lloyd Webber phase just yet, thanks) and I’m bopping around in my seat.

Lately I’ve been addicted to “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence” and been humming along to that.

Owl City really kept me going on the walk home today.


*sigh* Songs about suicidal narcissists are great.

Anyway… Go read the other people’s blog posts. They have a fantastic grouping of instrumentals, movie tracks, and artists to suit your every mood.

But I’m also posting this, because I wanted to remind you: yes, there are writers who have that particular track, brand, style, album, or whatever to keep them going. Music is their muse. And that is perfectly fine.

It’s just that some of us listen to music that is red and yellow and green and brown and scarlet and black and ochre and peach and ruby and olive and violet and fawn and lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve and cream and crimson and silver and rose and azure and lemon and russet and grey and purple and white and pink and orange and blue.

I mean that in the literal sense (*Joseph*). But I mean it in a figurative one, too. I don’t care what I’m listening to, really. It could be last week’s single or a hit from 50 years ago. Mellifluous or edgy. Instrumental or vocal.

I just need the kind that pumps me up for the next song.

Coral - Carisma Osasco
Flickr Credit: Wander Soares

So, what do you listen to while you write or work? Is it awesome? Is it The Beatles? I love The Beatles! But you can also like other things, too. Do you like Joseph? Hammond from Jurassic Park is in that movie. What are you listening to right now?

If you ARE in the blog chain—be sure to remind me to look at your post, if I haven’t visited already!

If you ARE NOT in the blog chain—go check out what everyone else has to say! There are some great music recs; I promise.

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  1. Oh. Well. That was rather anticlimatic. BUT I love so many of the artists/songs you listed -- Once Upon A Dream is one of my favourite Lana songs. (Next to Dark Paradise, I think.) And definitely, everyone has their own writing process, but I find that almost everyone has some sort of multimedia inspiration they rely on, whether it's pictures, music, quotes, etc.

    Also, slightly irrelevant, but how is it possible that you list the name and URL of each post that came before you? My fingers nearly fall off just turning the blog URLs back to links. Heather, you once again amaze me with your dedication. Now I'll just slink back to the pit of procrastination.

    1. Eh—I'm not particularly didactic when it comes to what should/shouldn't be listened to. But, yes, the artists are pretty awesome, and you're absolutely right; we all have different ways to inspire ourselves.

      Um, I'm really good at copy-paste, I guess. XD I just like being able to make it easy for other people to read posts, and it helps me keep track of what I have/haven't read! :) But don't be lonely; I'll be joining you in that pit presently.

  2. Music is a huge thing for me (I got really excited when I saw Paramore and Relient K on your list xD) and I listen to a wide variety of it, depending on what I'm writing. For Pariah right now it's Sherlock Holmes soundtracks and such because I need lyric-less music to focus on editing, but with my first draft lately it's been Paramore and Coldplay (loveeee Coldplay) and Linkin Park and Lindsey Stirling. But Coldplay's been my main jam lately - and I won't ever say no to Switchfoot. xD

    1. XD They're great, right? Pariah and Sherlock Holmes sound like they would go right together, which is awesome, and I can definitely see how lyric-less music would be useful. Coldplay is good too, and—okay, pretty much I'm just all in agreement with you and music is so great and yeah.

  3. I NEED music to write, but like you, I also need music to do everything else XD. I generally prefer movie soundtracks and neoclassical music when I'm working on my stories, but otherwise, I can listen to anything else.

    And Free As A Girl With Wings moved to:

    1. Oh, and one more thing: In case you're interested, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    2. XD Music is pretty great, huh? And it seems like it really helps to have something else to keep you from being distracted, so even if that's not always me, I understand.


      Thanks for the nomination!

    3. Sorry, I should have left you a link:

  4. I only ever listen to The Beatles when I'm doing the dishes xD

    I pretty much always have some sort of music on, but a huge variety. If you like Celtic music, have you listened to The Willis Clan??

    1. XD Hey, the dishes is the best time to listen to the Beatles. :)

      I haven't listened to the Willis Clan—I'll have to check them out!

  5. I'm very sporadic with my music choices as well, and I really don't put that much thought into it. While I certainly have my preferences, I listen to music depending on what kind of mood I'm in, so my music choices are very spontaneous. Some days I might feel like listening to music and other days I might not. Some days I might listen to one type of music, and another day I'll listen to another type of music. It all depends on how what I feel like doing.

    1. Sometimes the best thing to do with music is to listen, and that's my philosophy. :) Spontaneous choices are the best! Your music life sounds quite blissful—I hope you keep enjoying the sounds of song and silence! :D

  6. I listen to music all the time when I'm writing. Usually it's something like Imagine Dragons -loud and thrilling. Or sometimes it's Lorde- deep and meaningful. Then of course there's the wild music, like Air Guitar by McBusted. It depends really on what scene I'm writing. Different songs for different scenes, you see.
    Like when I was writing the new poem on my blog ( , if you want to check it out?) I was listening to Human by Christina Perri. Ugh, rambling again. Sorry! *shoves sock in mouth*

    1. I'm not familiar with those songs (Imagine Dragons and Lorde aren't really in my repertoire, unfortunately) but they sound like great songs to get down with!

      Sure, I'll stop by. :)

  7. That was super interesting! I loved seeing your list of songs. It kind of makes me curious to make a list of all the songs that I listen to the next hour. I just load my ipod up with random stuff and put it on shuffle. If I'm feeling really fancy then I make a playlist.

    P.S. Owl City is great!

    1. It's funny to see what turns up every time, right? I think it's curious to look back, just because I can see that I was kind of listening to rock but I got such varied artists it almost didn't feel like it at all. But, I'm with you. I do shuffle, and my playlists are basically shuffle just saved.


  8. Hi :D I see what you mean about the similar way that we both don't listen to music and then listen to all of the music.
    Also, nobody should ever get over their Andrew Lloyd Webber phase. That guy is an amazing composer! :P

    1. Yes, it's definitely something we have in common!

      And no, Andrew Lloyd Webber is AWESOME, so yes. Glad you like him, too!

  9. Heh, interesting post. I normally listen to music while working or writing, and I guess I'm a mixture of both points of view: sometimes, there is that perfect song for that perfect character in that perfect moment. Other times, I'm just listening because it's music and I love it and listening makes me happy.


    1. *nods* And that's totally cool for you, too! :D I know that it's really easy for music to set the mood, and if it can get you to where you need to be, then listen! Or, just rock out to whatever, because I love doing that, too.


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