Thursday, January 1, 2015

Writing Wish List


But on a more serious note my voice gets hoarse when I type in all caps too long. So I’m afraid that business is going to have to stop.

There’s this super cool Writing Wish List that’s going on, and I like it, and so I’m doing it. It’s a list of all the novels I’d want to write, though it may take a while for me to get to them all. Still, goals are goals, no?

1. Fantasy Spy Story

This story needs a lot of work, but as an eighth grader I got the idea for a group of magical beings who work to end a poaching scheme in the Rocky Mountains. I like the villain, and I like the main character, but I don’t know how to work with the rest of the story. I’ve plotted the heck out of it, done character interviews and planned species and genetic patterns.

As it turns out, the more I plan out a first draft the worse off it ends.

2. Genetic Cyborg Story

I wrote this as a short-long story, which had like nine characters and eight pages and I’d love to develop it a little more; as it is the story’s a little rushed, if you know what I mean. I think it would be cool to explore people of “superior design” being able to live with regular humans in peace. And feels.

Flickr Credit: Dan Diffendale
3. Hades and Persephone

This is my favorite myth. Ever. And I would love to put a cool spin on the story, but as of yet I’m not sure
how. The myths had a good run in the publishing industry, PJO included, and so it might take a while for it to come back again. But seriously, if I had one dream goal… yes.

4. Greek Myth Mystery

I also like the idea of a series that takes place in the modern day with American heroes and American gods, and various deities from the past live where they want. The only idea that holds this plot thread together is having Hades being a mild-mannered accountant during the day and a kind foster father at night.

5. Soul Reader

I got started on this story today (December 27th. 28th.)—initially it was some Loki fan fiction going on but I realized I liked the idea better in an Arabian setting with more characters than the Marvelverse could afford me. Basically, it deals with an exiled prince, a girl who intuitively understands humans better than anyone else on the planet, and their reconciliation with the regent heir. There also needs to be another plot that is bigger but I can’t think of what that is, yet.

6. Superhero Story

Speaking of that, I would love to write a superhero story, and I got through 50,000 words of a draft, but I think I overplanned again. Essentially, I want the evil of righteousness to show up, the choice between blood and family, and I really really really want the same kind of family you’d see on the show Firefly. But I’ll build up to that at a later time.

7. An Accountant Story
Flickr Credit: Alan Cleaver

What you may not have picked up on is that I am the daughter of an accountant. And with the exception of
Vicar of Dibley, I have not seen a lot of favorably-viewed accountants in fiction. I mean, there’s the Mutant in Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and Arthur’s Mom, but there’s also the bankers in Mary Poppins, and Despicable Me, and Ebenezer Scrooge, and so on and so forth. Yes, if you get obsessed with money you’ve got a problem, but I also know that my dad is probably the number one person who can make me laugh and as far as I’m concerned there needs to be some accountant redemption in fiction.

(I started an accountant story today, December 31. I’m praying it works out, because I would LOVE to have an awesome accountant story to my name.)

8. An Internet Chat Story

I know that there are books that have been pulled off like this, and I also know that the internet has a reputation for being a cesspool of sex and bad decisions. But I’ve met some of my best friends on the Internet and I think there’s an aspect of the online development that I’ve seen and would want to explore fictionally. I don’t know how I’d do it, completely, but I think it would be a fun try.

9. A Good Arranged Marriage

I don’t expect this to be my most popular option, but I think something I’d love to explore is learning to love life despite getting into a situation perhaps against your own will. Usually with arranged marriages comes resentment and maybe affairs, but I’d want to aim for something like a Fiddler-on-the-Roofian arrangement, or somesuch.

10. PJO RP Book

This is the dumbest idea I’ve ever had, my first attempt at writing a book based off of my first roleplay. Greek myths. Greek gods. I am the worst godmodder the world knows because not only do I make myself the main character but I make everyone else agree that I should be. And I’d love to finish that thread, but I don’t think I ever will. Just a childish dream I haven’t let go of.

Flickr Credit: AJ Cann

If anyone ever hears me say that I’m out of writing ideas slap this list on my face. I’ve obviously got a lot of work to do.

What’s on your writing wish list?

(Check out other blogs who have shared their writing wish lists on the linky, and special thanks to Kara at Diary of a Teen Writer for getting this started in the first place!)


  1. Ooh, Persephone love! I adore that myth to the ends of the world and beyond. I should really do a writing wishlist post, but it gets mixed up with my more fully formed ideas that it makes very little sense. Also, quote of the day: "the more I plan out a first draft the worse off it ends." << Truth.

    1. Persephone is awesome, no? I think I love that story because the idea can be fluid—on the one hand you have a kidnapper and his victim, but on the other, you have a girl victimized by her mother who has her eyes opened to the light by the King of the Underworld. PERSPECTIVE. Even if it's unintelligible I still think I'd enjoy reading your writing wish list—they're awesome. And I'm glad you understood the quote: It's hard, no?

  2. Ooh. I would totally read all of these. Yes I would. Especially 2!
    I HAVE TOO MANY THINGS I WANT TO WRITE. A sequel to my Norwegian dystopia when the time comes and an epic deliciously bloody gladiator/antagonist POV fantasy and something all marshy and steampunky and cowboy-ish. And something sci-fi in South America. And hard science fiction.

    1. Maybe I'll publish one someday and you can read it. That would be a scary thought. There are lots of things to be written, no? Your wish list sounds so interesting! Norway and gladiators and steampunk and cowboys and South America are all lovely things that catch my attention, so I would definitely read such things too. Because why not?

  3. These are some amazing ideas. I think that you would be able to write a fantastic Internet Chat story because you have experience with it since you're a blogger. I always wanted a book that had to deal with the Internet and meeting good, legit people on the Internet written by someone who gets it and actually knows what it's like instead of just making things up.

    I might post my own Writing Wishlist, but I plan to do it for the Top Ten Tuesday Freebie prompt on the 20th, so it will be a while.

    1. Thanks! Being a blogger is absolutely part of it, and I think the Internet has a semi-bad reputation, and like you said, meeting good, legit people is one of the great joys of spending time on the Internet. We all hear the horror stories (so and so has been murdered, stalked, etc.) but there's a lot of good out there, too, and I'd love to share that.

      If, for some reason, I am untimely in my comments when you post yours, be sure to remind me to check it out! I love these!

  4. Same with me and the first draft- the more planning the worse it seems to get :/


    I like the idea of casting an arranged marriage and internet life in a positive light especially :)

    1. It's awful—currently I'm trying to figure out how to get through good ideas without planning.

      Thanks! I hope I'll do something awesome with them. :)

  5. I love these ideas! Lots of Greek stuff going on here, and I think you're right about Percy Jackson - the industry will need a few years to recover (same with zombies and vampires).

    I do love your genetic cyborg idea (I'm a sci-fi man myself), and your Soul Reader story sounds quite excellent. I haven't seen too much Arabian stuff going on, so it might be a unique story setting to push.

    I hope you get to write all of these!

    1. Greek stuff is kind of an old passion that has never died... My room is still decorated that way. Percy characters taped by their gods. It's craziness. But you're right, different stuff has to cycle through, and it may not be the best of times. :/

      I'm excited about both, so I hope they meet my own expectations, much less everyone else's. XD Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh, a Persephone and Hades retelling? That would be awesome! I'm into Greek myths and just myths in general too and...just yes. I'm all for the retellings. I'm actually working on one myself that I simply desperately need to revise!

    It seems like we're kind of the opposite, I have to plan a lot, like nearly every single detail or my books suck! Also, my mom is basically an accountant(just on a slightly bigger scale) and I agree, a book about an awesome accountant would be great! ;)

    You have some awesome ideas here and hope you get to them all at some point!

    1. I found a retelling a few years ago I fell in love with, and I'd love to make my own name someday too! But revisions are tough, huh? We can do it! (eventually...)

      That's funny, though! If I plan, then I just lose interest and then I don't even have a book that sucks to deal with! But YES! ACCOUNTANTS! JOY! FINANCE! No one ever said that literature and math were irreconcilable.

      Thanks! I hope I get to them too—and thanks for stopping by!

  7. I want a Hades and Persephone story! And any story with Hades, really ... he has always intrigued me. (I'm a little morbid, perhaps? :))

    1. Hades is basically the god of accountants, so yeah. WHO CARES IF IT'S MORBID IT'S A TWISTED FAIRY TALE AND I LOVE THEM. And he lives in the Underworld. It's so awesome.

  8. OMG YOU MUST WRITE THE ONE ABOUT HADES. I totally would read that. I have this kind of idea about Life and Death being like human-kind-of-things and one day retiring and it being a huge comedy, but HADES, tho. Greek mythology is really cool and I'm really excited to get stuck into Riordan this year. :)) WRITE ALL OF THESE.

    1. I KNOW. I love Hades, he is great—but I like your idea too, about life and death and such. Riordan is great. Mythology is great. YES. The writing must happen. The motivation, though, may take a while longer...

  9. "Hades being a mild-mannered accountant during the day and a kind foster father at night." That is stinking genius.
    And I'd read the PJO rp one. lol Mostly because I may or may not have a couple of those myself ;)

    Alexa S. Winters

    1. XD I'm glad you think so, and I know; there's so much fan fiction we have cloistered—I can never help but appreciate the quantity, if not the quality, of others' writing.

      Thanks for reading!


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